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$10 for $20 Credit @ Onceit


Another $10 for $20 Onceit Voucher

Limited supply, get in quick - will be emailed to you

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  • What is the expires date of this?

    • Probably tonight or in the morning

      • Thanks Wakrak, I just click into it to check the T&C, look like valid for 3 months from date of purchase is the new term now!

        • My bad. Misunderstood you. Thought you meant the deal, not the credit.

        • My code has just arrived now.
          They say 3 months validity on the T's&C's but the voucher is valid for 6 months when applied to the account.

          • @bigcheese: That's good to know :)
            Has the 6 months validty when applied to the acct. been verified?
            Would you know whether this new Ts&Cs of the valid period only apply to vouchers purchased hereafter or older vouchers as well?

            • @Totto: They changed their terms to state 3 months validity a little while ago - can't recall when.
              However the last few vouchers I have applied say expire in six months when applied to the account.
              I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say verified but I have applied the voucher to my account and it says 6 months.

              • @bigcheese: Cheers. I was just unsure where you got the verification (confirmation/proof) that it is valid for 6 months once applied to the acct. as I haven't applied my vouchers yet including last night's purchase and also a purchase from sometime ago in May or June (where Ts&Cs for this states "expire two years from date of purchase" but I was advised on here that this is only if I don't apply the vouchers to the acct. Otherwise it'll only be valid for 3 months.
                Since I still have the voucher unused and unapplied to the acct., I was just wondering if the new Ts&Cs of "3 months expiry from date of purchase" also applies to the older vouchers. I can only think that logically this would only apply to the new vouchers which states the new Ts&Cs, but just wanted to confirm. And here is always much faster and helpful than enquiring with them directly haha. Hope this clarifies my query :)

                • @Totto: If you have emails from previous vouchers stating they are good for two years from the date of purchase then that should be valid, with the shorter expiry only applying to the new vouchers.
                  I did have few vouchers that I had stored up but I have applied them all now as I can see myself misplacing a voucher at some point.

                  If you're worried about it then send them a message under the 'Contact Us' section at the top of the website.
                  They do respond, although sometimes it takes a few days.

  • The site said all allocated or sold out. Another minute or so of repeatedly trying to add it and it worked. Finally got one, now what to get…

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