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Access to CSC Group Discounts for $5 @ National Party (Signup for Membership)


Sign up as a national party member, making a minimum contribution of $5 (one off) to access member discounts at Tower, Carters, Big Save, Hirepool etc

Note: you do need a postal address to receive the membership card, so be prepared for some spam.

Powered by the CSC buying group, so not sure if the deals are the same or any better than others

Armstrong - 10% off
AwaytoGo - various (unspecified)
Beaurepairs - up to 15% off
Big save - up to 25% off retail
Bill simple - 15% off
Bunnigns - various (unspecified)
Carters - up to 15% off
Coffee club - 10% off
Dulux - various (unspecified)
Elite Energy - various (unspecified)
Ezi Car Rental - various (unspecified) (+55% discount off airport fee)
Give Plans - 17% off
Graze Tyres - 5% off
Guthrie Bowron - 2.5% off paint & wood care, 12.5% off wallpaper, 7.5% off decorating accessories
Hertz - up to 35% off
Hirepool - 15% off
Ideal Electrical - various (unspecified)
Kiwi fuel cards - up to 12 cent per litre
Lorna Jane - 15% off full price activewear
Mico Plumbing - up to 30% off
Millennium hotels - 20% off
Oaks Hotels - 20% off
Noel Leeming - various (unspecified)
Office max - various (unspecified) (+ free delivery on $50+)
Pita pit - 10% off
Pit stop - 10% off
Placemakers - various (unspecified)
Repco - up to 15% off
Reward hospitality - various (unspecified)
Rocketspark - 10% off subscription
Scenic hotels - 10% off
Torpedo7 - various (unspecified)
Tower insurance - 10% off selected products
Turfrey - 10% off
Vivo - 20% off online purchases
Warehouse stationery - various (unspecified)
The wellbeing challenge - various (unspecified)
Zeno - various (unspecified)

Deal examples (screenshot)

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  • is the donation tax deductible?

    • +1

      It's a membership fee, so nope

    • It's not a charity, why would it be?

  • isn't the csc card free? it was a while ago

    • +1

      Yes, although you need to join as a business not an individual.
      CSC Buying Group

    • +1

      It is for business owners/accounts, they don't do the card for individuals according to their website.

      iirc for anyone using said code/s you are opting out of the CGA as it's treated as a business use purchase(should a retailer decide to enforce it)

      • +1

        That's a good point about business purchases and the CGA not applying.
        The only exception is when you make a purchase that is usually for household or personal use like a domestic appliance or stationery. Then you are still covered unless the supplier has specifically contracted out of it.

        • +2

          The CSC sign up terms say

          The provisions of the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993 shall not apply to CSC Buying Group.

          To me it reads as any buying anything as part of CSC Buying Group is contracted out, no specifics listed about personal/business use.

          • +1

            @Dunno: Ok - That is a specific contracting out clause then so will override my point about domestic use.
            Definitely important to keep in mind if people are buying anything that they would normally expect to have CGA protection.

            • +3

              @bigcheese: https://www.consumerprotection.govt.nz/general-help/consumer…

              Businesses can only
              “contract out (opt out) of the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) if the products or services they sell will be used for commercial or business purposes”

              So, CGA should still apply
              (And/or pay via credit card and you can always get a chargeback if anything goes wrong)

              • +1

                @Coolbro: If you specifically declare that the purchase is for business use, then the retailer can opt out.

                It is not the retailer making the decision as to end use - it is the purchaser.

                I would say that, by using the CSC discount, you are effectively declaring that your purchase is for business use, so the retailer can opt out.

                How can a vendor possibly know that you are not telling the truth, and how can they be held responsible if you have gone back on the agreement you made when you gave your word through CSC.

      • This really only matters if you get to a point where you're going to court over it. Everything up to that and you'll be treated the same as every other customer because the person you're dealing with won't understand this clause.

        • I think you'll find that will vary significantly.

          Many businesses will have it programmed into their systems, that if a CSC discount is applied (or other flags that the purchase is for a business - such as the obvious one that it is a business account!), then the CGA won't apply. When you go back and they log it into their database as a return, many systems will immediately flag that it was a business purchase, and put the process to be applied on the screen for the employee to follow, which may or may not be the same as for a consumer purchase.

          Doesn't mean you won't get any joy though - may suppliers will still refund / replace faulty goods within a reasonable period if they are business purchases, it just won't be a CGA obligation, but rather customer service / goodwill, especially if you are polite and reasonable about it.

          • @Alan6984: I've gotten free CSC membership as benefit of being an employee of an organisation in the past, and was fully entitled to use it for personal use.
            They can't contract out of that. That would be like saying the CGA doesn't apply to the various "Friends and family" or "First Responder" type deals some companies offer.

          • @Alan6984:

            Many businesses will have it programmed into their systems

            They definitely won't. I'm speaking as someone who used to apply CSC discounts and didn't even know this clause existed. It's too much effort for places to acknowledge this clause for retail items at least, and I bet there isn't yet a precedent for it being upheld - is that clause even valid? Just because it exists, doesn't mean that it's legally binding. They'll only pull it out once lawyers are involved.

            • -1


              They definitely won't

              I know of businesses that do - we used to do this ourselves (albeit not with CSC, but for other trade groups) when I owned a business that sold to the public.

              I'm speaking as someone who used to apply CSC discounts and didn't even know this clause existed.

              Not sure how you can think that it is even vaguely credible to make such a definitive statement that no business will be doing it, based on, what appears to be from your statement, a sample of one that you worked for, and the fact that you personally were not aware of the CSC discount terms and conditions.

              is that clause even valid

              The clause is valid - read the clause(s) and the related CGA section(s) if there is some specific part that you don't want to believe. Like most legislation in NZ that I have looked at, it is actually quite accessible, and easily understood. There could well be legislation that isn't, but the CGA is pretty simple,

              Just because it exists, doesn't mean that it's legally binding

              All acts of parliament in NZ are legally binding in NZ - the CGA is no exception. I'm not sure why you would think such a clause in an agreement would not be legally binding if both parties to the agreement have willingly accepted it.

              They'll only pull it out once lawyers are involved.

              If someone knows their rights (and assuming they haven't lied to get a discount they aren't entitled to) then they probably won't need to involve a lawyer at all. I have never had to myself, and if you go to the DT then you can't have a lawyer representing you there anyway (although you could consult one prior to attending the hearing if you felt you needed to). As I said above, if you are polite and reasonable, you probably won't have to go to those ends.

              • +1


                All acts of parliament in NZ are legally binding in NZ - the CGA is no exception. I'm not sure why you would think such a clause in an agreement would not be legally binding if both parties to the agreement have willingly accepted it.

                lol no it appears you've completely misread that in order to to argue, and you're also nit picking caveats for your point. It's the same with employers sticking things in employment contracts. Just because you put something in a contract, it does not make it legal or nullify current laws. That's the point and you've basically agreed there. Just because someone says "If you use this discount the CGA doesn't count", doesn't actually make it true.

                There's various tiers of being a CSC member - and as per the CSC offers, it's for "members", not businesses, so there's argument there that the opt out clause of the CGA doesn't apply to an individual buying on an individual account and not a business account (which is how most CSC discounts are handled) regardless of two parties agreeing.

                Have a good day night though. I'm sure your experience with non-CSC businesses trumps mine with CSC.

                • @chunder: Like I suggested above, if you don't believe what the CGA says, read it for yourself. Its not that complicated - almost anyone should be able to understand it.

                  In terms of the CSC terms and conditions, I defer to your greater experience, and your certain knowledge that no business in the country has systems in place to automatically record whether a CSC discount has been applied.

    • +3

      Yeah tend to agree on this one.

      • +8

        For what it’s worth, there was no political agenda on my end, this was posted as a way to access discounts. I’d hope nobody’s vote would be swung by 10% off at the coffee club.

        If you’re not interested in brand, you use this as an opportunity to waste their time and resources for your own gain. With card production, mailouts throughout the year and administration, the $5 would leave little (if any) for the party.

        If anything is questionable here, it’d be the brands that have seemingly associated with the party as a result of these membership discounts.

        • +3

          Are you able to expand on some of these deals OP? (e.g., what does the Warehouse Stationery deal entail?).

          Some of them you can access already or get a better rate for.

          Give Plants: coupscs01
          Noel Leeming: CSC
          T7: Hospitality NZ

          And, I understand your mindset in that you saw a cheap way to access some good deals and thought it was worth sharing. Unfortunately, a deal like this will always invite some controversy.

        • +8

          I totally agree on OP here, this is a genuine deal, joining a member club doesn’t mean you will follow what they said politically. If u hate them use this opportunity to waste them. Just like joining coffee club doesn’t mean you must be a coffee drinker, you can use the benefit to enjoy the hot chocolate or tea.

          • +5

            @NoMorePain: How does it 'waste them' when you're donating money to their campaign to further their cause?

            • +1

              @davew: they get bad data. they think they got a supporter/voter, but they actually got a cheapie.

          • +4

            @NoMorePain: This isn't joining a club, it's a political party. The more members the more tax money and airtime they get for a campaign

            • +1

              @Sandsy: For small parties the number of members might be an important factor in determining how much public funding they get. For National the share of votes in the last election is what matters.

  • So, too good to be true?

  • Wow how is that legal.
    To be fair I signed up to be an Internet Party member in 2014 just to get into a party lol.

    • In what way do you think that it is illegal?

      • Just a throwaway comment. I mean to say it feels weird for a political party to team up with businesses to attract members.

  • +5

    National Party can use having more members as a political data tool and this all seems very wrong

    • Would you care to explain further? Genuinely interested.

      • +2

        Last night on TV news they mentioned that the National Party had lost members. If this increases their membership then it too will be a news story and may lead people to think more positively about the party.

        It's also a way for them to send their message to people who may in turn be swayed by their, um, perspective, on the world and decide to give them their vote.

  • Yeah I'm not donating to the national party. Would rather eat a scorpion.

  • +8

    Damn conflicting deal, rather not contribute to a party I don’t agree with.

    • if I give 5 bucks to Labour too. makes it fair right? $10 for a discount card.

      • +2

        Don't forget to save $5 for Brian Tamaki's new party. That man needs some cash.

      • +1

        What about ACT and the Greens, and don't forget poor old Winny, that party that Jami-Lee Ross created (not sure it still exists, but hey).

        I think that you need to give $5 to each one if you are looking to be fair!

    • same

  • +8

    Hint: you don't have to pay money to get it. Download the app… use their website… get access to the app and discounts…

    I may regret posting this if they figure out people can just do this lol

    • +2

      What app?

    • +1

      Unsure how this works as requires a membership number to be entered, but this isn't known until card arrives?

      • you get emailed a membership number immediately after signing up

        • But you can't sign up without a membership number?

        • +4

          Guess they have changed it, I got an email to activate the account but no membership number

    • I'm wondering the same - which app do we download. A bit confused with how to sign up. Thanks

  • +2

    could someone please to me how the discount work? do we just show/scan the card at check out?

    • Depends on the store.

      For example, with Noel Leeming, you can enter the CSC Membership number into your account, so when you are signed in, you see the discounted pricing online.

  • Love the push for Nat membership numbers.

    They have been losing them on mass recently after all.

  • 10% off Coffee Club bill. show your Flybuys card

  • So I wonder how you folks with multiple discount cards handle transactions. Theres the CSC card, the farmsource card, bunnings trade and mitre 10 trade memberships, etc.

    • +1

      Often (but not necessarily always), the retailer will only allow you to use one discount at a time, so you just choose whichever one gives the biggest discount.

      You could always ask the staff member if there are any 'tricks' to be able to use more than one - you never know!

      • So if in-store, you whip out the whole deck of cards then test em out? :D haha
        Some of the discounts aren't outright percentage based like for Noel Leeming.

        • +1

          Bunnings PowerPass allows you to look up the app and see what your price will be so no need to pull out a card for that.
          Same with Noel Leeming, just look up the item on the app and see the CSC pricing.

          • @bigcheese: Whats the best Bunnings PowerPass group/discount you've found? I've got the AssetLabs one, but find its frequently pretty average

            • +1

              @Tmurder91: My work has a PowerPass 30 Day account as we buy a reasonable amount of building materials through it. It's not attached to a scheme such as AssetLabs.
              I then buy items for my own use using the PowerPass Account discount but paying for it at the time.
              The PowerPass 30 Day offers greater discounts than the PowerPass cash account which is why I tend to use that.

              I also have access to N3 which works at Bunnings but gives pretty good discounts through Placemakers too.

            • +1

              @Tmurder91: The Assetlab card has lost alot of power since it was shared on this page I think. We also have the Property investor (paid) membership and the difference between that and Assetlab can be $8 on some cheap products at Bunnings

              • @Sadie: Good to know. I'll need to look for another card as what you say makes a lot of sense

  • +1

    For those who may be interested the csc card or app also supports charities through your purchases. They receive a small I guess affiliate payment as well as the discounts and any profits they make go to charities.

  • Wait, so when does the CSC membership card arrive? I just pledge $5.00, there was no mention of a CSC membership card when joining up

    • did you find get any more info on this, get offered a card eventually? cheers.

  • +1

    Is this discount valid only in Te Puke or in Hawaii too? Asking for a friend.

  • -2

    Imagine having to give out pathetic 5% discounts to get people to ignore your policies and vote for ya.

  • Anyone who's signed up, can you share the code for repco?

    • Probably an instore deal, but could be wrong.

      • I don't think it is. I've had CSC membership in the past and it's just a static code (for online use)
        Last I checked it was CSCPARTNER but that appears to be invalid now.

  • Is this still valid? I did a one off donation but didn't see any info about a csc member number?
    Where would I find it?
    Not a national supporter but I do like discounts

  • +1

    Gave them $5 on 7 Aug, and still waiting for the membership card.. Have anyone here had their card already?

    • Same signed up on. 11aug still nothing in mail.
      Anyone else had luck ?

  • +2

    Just FYI, you get access to the Nat app… dunno if there’s a card?

    But the Tower insurance deal is 🔥
    Saved over $1000 on insurance!! Bonkers

    • Just had a look and there a bit cheaper than AA insurance and let you choose the insured value of your car. Anyone know how tower compare to AA

  • +2

    Ok so figured it out, You get to download the national party app (android or apple), enter your member number there (Go to your account page and there will be a number in the url)
    Then in the app you need to sign up and enter your member number there (because for some reason the accounts are not synced)
    Then it will give you instructions on how to apply the csc discount to each store.
    There is no csc card.

    • Thank you! I've been following this and wondering if it was worth doing - seems now it is :)

    • When I entered the number from the url of my account page in the app, it said the number is not valid. Please ensure it's entered in the right format.
      How many digits in the membership number?

      • +1

        Mine is 7 numbers, make sure you don't have any other characters (like a slash dot or space /. )

        • Mine is also 7 numbers, but still said invalid.
          Just have to wait until receive the membership card by mail to see what's wrong.

          • +1

            @wildeny: I never received a card, I read somewhere they don't send them any more

            • +1

              @metalix: Got answer from National Party Membership.
              Yes, the number on url is the membership number.
              The reason why it doesn't work when I input into app is because it's still being processed. But they didn't tell me when this can be done.

              • @wildeny: Did this ever get processed for you? I signed up on the 19th Nov and as of 29th Nov it is still not working for me. I am wondering if this deal needs to be made inactive as it does not seem to be resulting in receiving a csc card or being able to get a valid csc membership in the app.

                • @dolsen: Took them a while (few working days) to process.
                  Another person emailed me to check my record on electoral roll. I confirmed with my address.
                  Then I didn't hear from them. Not saying it's been processed or not.
                  I almost gave it up. In a week or so, I tried it again log into the app and it worked.

                  • @wildeny: Well, it's been 3 months now and my membership number is still not valid. I don't think this works anymore.

  • Can we expire this post? It's been over 6 weeks now and following the details above, my membership number is still invalid according to the csc app. It appears that this no longer grants membership anymore.

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