Torpedo 7 Hospitality Code - Updated 29/11/21

The Torpedo 7 Hospitality Code seems to have a short shelf life at the moment.
The most recent code I posted as a deal (less than three weeks ago) has already been expired so I thought I would post here.

I have worked out the newest code, so in the interests of keeping this less public you can PM me and I will send it to you.

Please note: I will only send to Cheapies who have been a member for at least a month and have made at least a post or comment since being a member.

Sorry if this excludes some people but this is my attempt to make this last a bit longer.

Remember, make sure you are logged in for discounted club $5.99 shipping or free shipping over $99.

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  • Short life alright. Just used it 2 days ago.

  • +3

    I used the code you posted earlier on the weekend, thanks OP.

    I think a lot of codes posted here have been invalidated. For example the $10 off $100 at Noel Leeming has stopped working for me even though it was accepted yesterday and I have never used it. (I'm not a new customer; just never used that code before.)

    I wonder if we should create an option of making deals visible to members only. Nothing will stop members from sharing with others, but at least it will limit the number of uses and hence the risk of being invalidated.

    • +4

      Yes I can only see that continuing - it's a constant game of 'cat & mouse'.

      Your idea of a members only section might work.
      Something for the mods to ponder?

      • Agree on a more exclusive members only section for the forum and deals - who are the Mods? Is it Neil?

        • There’s a Cheapies ‘site discussion’ & ‘talk with a moderator’ section in the Forums. Could ask there.

          Has come up a few times over at OzBargain.

    • Totally agree - perhaps to share certain deals and only with contributing or long standing members - to prevent lurkers ruining it for actual Cheapies.

    • Well done.

  • Wow that didn't last long huh! That code has saved me several hundred dollars at this point.

  • Cheers bigcheese, just send you pm!

  • Totally fair. Watched someone share the hospo code in a couple of Mum's Facebook group once as a response and then a stand alone post which the post got a lot of response especially with black Friday.

  • Sent a PM

  • Thanks for this - such a short life span this time around :-(

  • Will send a PM, thank you!

  • This a shot life, agreed it should not be shared in public. Thanks Big cheese. PM to you.

  • Totally reasonable. Shouldn't be shared around in the public. Have sent you a PM. Thanks.

  • I managed to buy an Air Tent using HS code. Thanks to Chepies! I am still waiting to get the delivery.

  • Long time lurker and first time commenter. Cheers for this

  • Thanks, will send a PM

  • Oh this is a thing.. sorry about my posts

  • Big thanks to the bigcheese :)

  • Thanks bigcheese! Just sent you a pm

  • Thanks cheese.

  • Have sent you a message =)

  • sounds fair!

  • Thanks Bigcheese…sent you a PM

  • +1

    Hey mate just made an account for this as long time lurker. I guess put me on a waiting list for a month for a PM lol.

  • Sent u PM, cheers

  • Just made this acc for the code! Put me on the waiting list please! I am a very loyalty Torpedo fan and actually shop from them every week😅

  • Thank you Bigcheese for a code. Appreciate your time. Code worked and bought lot of stuff in discount.

  • Just made acc for this as well haha.. will wait for a month

  • +14

    Just a point about all the new accounts being made in order to get the code from me.
    If you are only making an account to get the code then you’re missing the point.

    The whole reason for restricting access is to encourage people to participate in Cheapies and to try and discourage the spreading of the code far and wide, thus (hopefully) extending its life.
    You don’t necessarily have to post a deal but at least make some comments and vote for deals that others have published and made an effort to bring to Cheapies.

    Please don’t just ask for the code and then do nothing until next time.
    Make a contribution and I’m happy to share.

  • Hi could I get the code too? TIA

    • I can but you need to turn on messaging or send me a PM

      • ooo didn't know i had messages blocked. have changed the setting now. thanks

  • I totally agree with your call, to be honest i never have anything im able to share or if i do its posted way before i get online after work..i tell everyone about the site and they love it -didnt even realise i wasnt a member as usually sign up to everything and been visitng the site for a long time!if i could be added to the que for the code would be greatly appreciated.

    • +7

      Understand about not having anything to post - that's fine and many don't.
      What I would like to see though is people voting for deals that they use or find interesting/impressive.
      Also, just dropping some comments in now and again.
      There are some really cool deals that have been posted and I think that is an easy way to say thanks to someone for taking the time to share what they have found.
      That's all!

  • Would love to be added to the Q as well thanks :)

  • Anyone pm the code cheers

    • I've sent you a PM

      • Thanks mate

  • Didn’t realise T7 was this popular! What’s everyone buying?

    • It's just nice to have incase

    • I didn't either!
      Camping gear has been a common theme, particularly tents that seem to discount quite heavily with the code.
      Also trampolines.

      • Wetsuits life jacket kayak 🤣

  • yes have used for tents and buying weights , the ones that you buy then move around the garage once every month till you get there…

  • Thanks, sent a PM

  • Long time lurker but never cared to create an account til this time. I'll pm you next month 🙂

  • Can I have the code, please?

    • Did you read the post?
      Your account has literally just been created!

      • didn't pay attention to the condition. Understood.

  • Hi bigcheese just sent you a pm. Cheers!

  • +3

    bigcheese should seriously get an award for getting the most users to sign up, and for the highest numbers of PMs of the month.

    It's quite strange that when the Torpedo7 code was on the HNZ website, deals with that code got so many votes as to win monthly prizes, but bigcheese didn't get many votes when he had to spend time cracking it.

    • +6

      Thanks for the comments.
      Nearly 100 PM’s now!
      Good to see all the new sign ups.

      • Wow! I hope those 100 people reciprocate by voting on your next deal! It takes them less effort to vote than for you to reply to their messages. And that doesn't include the time you must have spent on incrementing the old code until you arrived at the new one!

      • Noice! OG Ozbargainer and 4 year lurker on Cheapies and this finally pushed me into signing up. Like insurance extras, I'm going to be right here seeing out my waiting period.

    • +2

      Was thinking the same. Need a bringer of people badge. OzBargain tends to give out prizes for different successes, but here it's just the top 5 or so deals.

  • I Agreed with @Bigcheese. Please be a responsible member and be comfortable with the discussion guys.
    Thank you🙏🙏

  • Another Lurker here, just created an account.

  • Have been in the community for a while and received daily email for a long time, originally thought has to be member to be able to receive those, it turns out no membership required, agreed to all above comments that we all should respect to bigcheese's time sharing these codes.

  • +1

    I agree with @Bigcheese. I would also like to add, that maybe Mods could start hiding those codes unless you sign in to Cheapies. Maybe be better way of appreciating people who take time to contribute.

    Also, like to add to everyone else same as what few have mentioned that voting for the deals you like/buy helps people who contribute to cheapies. And it doesn't take your that much time to do so. So please vote if you like the deal.

    Lastly, can I get the pm op. Haven't bought anything yet from torpedo, but I can definitely look for some bargains if I like it.

  • Thanks cheese! Have PMd you

  • Thanks for the code bigcheese.

    I've used it for a couple of items that had been sitting in my basket for a while.

    • You're welcome :)

  • Hi Big cheese,
    Would live the code… Will pm you

  • Thanks for offering this, long time lurker and agree with limiting the use to prolong it

  • Thanks bigcheese - can you please PM me the code? Cheers

    • +1

      I can't - you need to turn messaging on

      • Whoops sorry! Enabled now 👍🏻

  • Hi bigcheese. Can I please have the code when you get a chance. Thank you 🙏

  • Thanks bigcheese! really appreciate your efforts!

  • Keen to have it if still valid :)


  • -1

    Please could someone share the hospitality code with me.

  • Hi , I’d love the code if possible please :)

  • Hi Mate
    I've been lurking on this site for years and visit every day. My wife and I are going to go on a long multiday track and were hoping to use this to get a backpack which is slightly out of my budget.

    I know you said that it's only for existing members only but I would be grateful if you could share it with me as well.

    Thank you
    A fellow cheapie

  • Anyone have a code they can share? Would it be better than the current SASDEC21 deal?

  • I know I havent been a member for long enough, but can you let me know if the code still uses the same format as the previous codes? need a new tent and have seen the discount this code gets on the one I'm looking at,

  • Hi bigcheese, could you please message me the code as well when you get a chance. Much appreciated!

  • Just a general reminder for everyone that is still after the T7 code.

    If you don’t turn messaging on….I can’t send you a message!

    • +4

      Guys should stop asking Bigcheese to send you the code why not just send him a message and all he need to do is reply the message!

      • Great idea. Bigcheese has done an amazing job here👏👏👏

  • +1

    2 person tent comes down to $50-$52 depending on the color

    • I'm looking for a big family tent, are they usually on big clearance at the end of summer?

      • dunno how big you were wanting but the T7 12person tent price drops $1499 -> club member $1199.99 -> Hospo code $646.28 if that helps

  • Thanks for the insight! I have been a long time user of your T7 codes and I appreciate your efforts! Hopefully I can get some gear in the new year :)

  • Hm. Interesting change in sharing policy. Long time lurker, you just got me to sign up. Is this code still active?

    • Yes.

  • Sent you a PM, thanks!

  • PM'd. Cheers

  • I have been a long time follower short time subscriber! This code has been amazing in the past!

  • Used to be able to find the code in the hospitalitynz website and I posted it here on the forum a while ago. Would love to be pm'd the code please!

  • Sent you a PM too :)

  • -1

    Hi could I get the code too? Thanks

    • Hi Dear, plan to buy rent from Torpedo, can you help send me the code for discount? Thanks

      Why did you send me an unsolicited msssage?

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    Got a collapsible bucket for $8.20
    A foldable low table for $23.69
    This T7 Ecopulse tshirt for $13.32

    • Did your order arrive yet? Ordered on the 27th but mine's still processing! :)

      • This order yep (in-store collection) but another order I made later that day is still processing.

  • Good day my fellow cheapies - could anyone please DM me the latest code? I've got a few items in my cart I'd love to purchase for the outdoors this summer. Thanks in advance and happy holidays!! :-)

  • +2

    Why so new people

    Please note: I will only send to Cheapies who have been a member for at least a month and have made at least a post or comment since being a member.
    Sorry if this excludes some people but this is my attempt to make this last a bit longer

    Please follow the rule

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