Receive a Briscoes 50% off KitchenAid Voucher (Select Products) With $40 Spend Instore / Online (Exclusions Apply) @ New World


Spend $40 in store or online at New World to get a 1/2 price voucher to redeem for KitchenAid cookware and utensils in store at Briscoes. T&Cs apply.* Kitchen Aid electrical excluded. 1/2 price offer off white sticker price. Valid until 31st August 2022.

Terms & conditions

  • To receive a KitchenAid Discount Voucher you must spend $40 or more
  • Excludes spend on Christmas Club deposits, gift cards, prepaid debit cards, travel card top ups, phone card top ups, tobacco products, New Zealand Lotteries tickets and purchases paid for through charge accounts or purchases intended for wholesale or resale) in a single transaction at any New World store (in store or online)
  • For online purchases your order must be delivered during the Promotion Period. For Click and Collect orders your order must be collected during the Promotion Period.
  • Your KitchenAid Discount Voucher will be printed after your New World receipt and, for online and Click and Collect purchases, your Voucher will be included with your packing slip or your groceries.
  • Your KitchenAid Discount Voucher must be redeemed at any Briscoes store by 31 August 2022 (Expiry Date).
  • Vouchers are not valid after the Expiry Date. KitchenAid Discount Voucher is redeemable in-store only and cannot be used for online purchases.
  • KitchenAid Discount Voucher provides a discount off KitchenAid cookware and kitchen utensils products, excluding KitchenAid Electrical products, for sale at Briscoes.
  • Not all KitchenAid products are included and for a list of included products please see below. (Valid Products).
  • Stocks of Valid Products are limited and may not be available at all stores.
  • Rainchecks for Valid Products will not be provided during the Promotion Period.
  • One KitchenAid Discount Voucher will provide a discount of ½ price off the white sticker price of any one of the Valid Products at Briscoes.
  • More than one KitchenAid Discount Voucher can be used in the same transaction and, if so, the number of Valid Products that will be discounted by ½ price will be based on the number of KitchenAid Discount Vouchers presented.
  • Voucher cannot be used on clearance or already discounted Valid Product and cannot be used with any other offer.
  • KitchenAid Discount Vouchers can only be used once and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Only original KitchenAid Discount Vouchers will be accepted.

Valid products

Kitchen Utensils:

  • Strainer KIA Classic HK1395 NY Red 13cm
  • Strainer KIA Classic HK1410 Red 17.5cm
  • Strainer KIA Soft Touch HK1493 Blk 13cm
  • Strainer KIA Soft Touch HK1508 Bk 17.5cm
  • Can Opener KIA Classic HK1398 Red
  • Can Opener KIA Soft Touch HK1496 Blk
  • Garlic Press KIA Classic HK1407 Red
  • Garlic Press KIA Soft Touch HK1505 Blk
  • Pizza Wheel KIA Classic HK1402 Red
  • Pizza Wheel KIA Soft Touch HK1500 Blk
  • Ladle KIA Classic HK1393 NY Red
  • Ladle KIA Soft Touch HK1491 NY Blk
  • Wire Masher KIA Classic HK1394 NY Red
  • Wire Masher KIA Soft Touch HK1492 NY Blk
  • Euro Peeler KIA Classic HK1408 Red
  • Y Peeler KIA Classic HK1409 Red
  • Euro Peeler KIA Soft Touch HK1506 Blk
  • Y Peeler KIA Soft Touch HK1507 Blk
  • Scraper Spatula KIA Classic HK1404 Red
  • Spoon Spatula KIA Classic HK1405 Red
  • Scraper Spatula KIA Soft Touch HK1502 Bk
  • Spoon Spatula KIA Soft Touch HK1503 Blk
  • Basting Spoon KIA Classic HK1390 NY Red
  • Slotted Spoon KIA Classic HK1391 NY Red
  • Ice Cream Scoop KIA Classic HK1397 Red
  • Basting Spoon KIA Soft Touch HK1488 Blk
  • Slotted Spoon KIA Soft Touch HK1489 Blk
  • Ice Cream Scoop KIA Soft Touch HK1495 Bk
  • Solid Turner KIA Classic HK1388 NY Red
  • Slotted Turner KIA Classic HK1389 NY Red
  • Short Turner KIA Classic HK1392 NY Red
  • Solid Turner KIA Soft Touch HK1486 Blk
  • Slotted Turner KIA Soft Touch HK1487 Blk
  • Short Turner KIA Soft Touch HK1490 Blk
  • Whisk KIA Classic HK1406 Red
  • Whisk KIA Soft Touch HK1504 Blk WP


  • Frypan KIA Alum CW001974-002 20cm
  • Frypan KIA Alum CW001975-002 24cm
  • Frypan KIA Allum CW001976-002 28cm
  • Grillpan KIA Alum CW001980-002 26x26cm
  • Frypan KIA S/S CC001883-001 20cm
  • Frypan KIA S/S CC001884-001 24cm
  • Frypan KIA S/S CC001885-001 28cm
  • Skillet KIA S/S CC001886-001 26cm
  • Stockpot KIA Alum CW001973-002 22cm
  • Stockpot KIA S/S CC001880-001 24cm
  • Chef's Pan KIA Alum CW001977-002 20cm
  • Chef's Pan KIA S/S CC001881-001 18cm

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  • Also show or mention the friends & family deal tomorrow and Friday.

  • +1

    Are you kidding me? I just spent $39 there last night hahahaha

    Although spending $40 nowadays isn't that hard

    • +1

      In all honesty, the product list valid to use the voucher isnt that great really.

  • +1

    … will provide a discount of ½ price off the white sticker price

    Wouldn't you just be better waiting for a 60% off sale which happens, what, weekly? Doesn't strike me as a great deal.

    • Yes - especially the KitchenAid cookware goes MORE than 70% off from time to time.

  • +3

    As a general rule of thumb, I don't consider <60% off anything at Briscoes a deal…
    Paying 50% off is really just RRP for me

    • Fair comment

  • +2

    Seems to be cheaper on Amazon AU… Even the RRP say for example the Ice Cream Scoop is RRP $35 NZD at Briscoes and Amazon AU is RRP $25 AUD but Amazon also has an extra 40% off their cheaper RRP items so ends up being cheaper overall and eligible for free NZ Shipping if you spend more the $59 and you don't need to shop at New World or Briscoes.

    So pretty much a terrible deal.

  • 50% off the Briscoes discounted price would be a deal - but yeah this seems a bit average New World.

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