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Friends & Family Instore Sale: Rebel Sport 40% off, Living & Giving 50% off (St Lukes Only), Briscoes 50% off (Exclusions Apply)


2 Days Only sale, 50% off Storewide at Briscoes (Nationwide), 50% off Storewide at Living and Giving (St. Lukes only), 40% off Storewide at Rebel Sport (Nationwide).

Simply have to show the image on your phone or just mention "Friends and Family" at checkout.

Only exclusions appear to be the purchase of Gift Cards and Clearance items, so could be a good time to get some things (I for one am eyeing up KitchenAid products at Briscoes which don't usually go on such a big special, or even the Delonghi Coffee machines)

Also says feel free to share to anyone!

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  • Can anyone help upload Jpeg of the actual flyer? Doesn't allow to only upload a photo when publishing, had to provide a link? First time publishing :)

    • You can upload a link to your image but you need to also enter the name of the store in the 'Alternative Link' when you do this. It is just underneath where you type the URL/Image link.
      In your case the alternative link would be: briscoes.co.nz

      If you insert the image link into a comment then I'm sure Wakrak can add it to the deal for you.

      • Sorry I don't see any section titled 'Alternative Link' and not sure how I can insert an image into a comment as there appears no option to do that either? Sorry to be a pain

        Why does the upload image section not work?

  • I thought they just did an upto 70% off winter sale, no?

    • 'Up to' being the key words, yes. But that is typically only a few products whereas this appears to be a blanket 50% off storewide which captures items not usually so heavily discounted (KitchenAid provided for example above)

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        New World are currently running a promotion:
        Spend $40 in-store and receive 50% off white sticker KitchenAid Cookware and Utensils (excludes electrical).

        • Yup I am more looking at the KitchenAid mixers and other appliances which across the board rarely (if ever) go on such a large discount

  • By chance are you able to do a screenshot instead of a photo OP?

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  • Is it for any products (eg treadmill etc) except gift cards and clearance items?

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      That's what it says in the small amount of T&Cs so if you get any grief at checkout just show them the mailer ;)

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    Living and Giving stock the Instant Pot Duo Nova, 50% off would make it a great deal (any size). They also carry Lodge Cast Iron products, good to invest in some of those!

  • Yes, came to comment on instapot suggestion.

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    BES870BSS $550 maybe.

    • That was exactly my thought.
      I don’t have a coffee machine myself and it would certainly tempt me at that price.

    • Yes, good thinking. This is a very good machine if you're a coffee lover and at $550… It's worth more on TM in its box.
      I have two, one at home, one at work. I highly recommend.

      • Anyone know if this offer works with price match, since farmers has this machine on sale atm for $699.

        The T&C doesn't mention it cannot be used in conjunction with others.

        • This promo does not work with price match/promise.

  • Just to clarify, this can't be used online right?

    • Never mind… read the flyer and saw it was in store only :-)

  • Presume this will be for the full-price items and not stack on top of existing discounts?

    • Previous posts for this say it's 50% off RRP that's why it's good for things that don't usually go on sale like coffee machines.

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    rebel sports suddenly shifts majority of their items to clearance haha… btw thanks :)

  • What's everyone looking at buying or think that is worth the purchase? Trying to figure out what rarely goes on sale

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      Thinking about the Kitchen Aid Mixer that everyone raves about and potentially a Garmin Fitness watch from Rebel if I can find one in store when I go.

  • Do Briscoes sell sodastream units and the gas bottles? I can't find them online on the website, so not sure if that means they won't be instore either.

    Same deal with the normal size kitchen aid mixers - can't see them online.

    Hoping that both of these are in store and i'll grab them tomorrow.

    • Unfortunately Briscoes put all of the larger kitchenaids on clearance a while ago.

    • Heaps of SodaStream machines in store

    • Got a few things, didn't take full advantage of it like it sounds like some people are doing. Sadly the store didn't have any extra gas bottles to sell.

  • What do you plan to use the stand mixers for? A lot of baking? (With the amount of baking I do I don't see the need for anything more than a hand mixer.)

    • +1

      Mine is irreplaceable for kneading bread (I make 5 or so loaves a week), also crucial for the occasional buttercream and meringue

  • Nothing in the T&Cs that states discount is off RRP. It excludes clearance and gift cards but not items already on sale?

    • Last years f&f deal was 50% off RRP / white sticker price. My guess is that it'll be the same this year.

      • I mean sure they could try and enforce that and given that it's not for the general public they might get away with it…. BUT it's technically not in the T&C. Why mention clearance but not sale items?

        • +1

          Give it a go tomorrow and see what happens. Worse they can do is say no.

          • @Wakrak: Haha true - won't be going till Fri though. Will be interested to hear if others try their luck tomorrow

  • My family and I have now bought 3 KitchenAid mixers for $300 each. Can confirm the deal works !!

  • +2

    Bought a couple of blunt umbrellas from Rebel Sport. Thank you! :)

  • I saw people walking out with trolley load of kitchen aid mixers and Breville coffee machines

    • You’ll probably see it on trademe/marketplace soon lol

  • Got my sodastream tanks from Mt Roskill, but in the 10 minutes I was there saw 6 people buy the Breville coffee machine.
    Is it really that good? I feel like I am missing out

    • (Considering the price) one of the better beginner - intermediate machines from what I've read.

    • https://www.briscoes.co.nz/product/1055021/breville-bes840bs...

      Is it this one? So the price will be down to $250 with the % off?

    • did you buy new tanks or get refills? keen to know, might have to drop in

      • New tanks and refills are half price.

        I got two bottles refilled/swapped out for $13.49 each.

        • Thanks for the hot tip!

          • @davew: Yes, confirmed; no issue getting 50% off for sodastream refills today. (The last year or so refills are often amongst the excluded items when there’s a significant discount ‘storewide’)

    • I might have been one of them lol

  • Does this apply to discounted items? or just RRP?

    • The 50% off at rebel/briscoes is only off the white sticker price.

  • Another brand to take advantage of; Karcher


    • Just saw this comment. Got the V6 today, last minute out of town. Didn't think about it until I saw it at the place we're staying. Such a good deal!

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    I'm just curious. Why is everyone obsessed with KitchenAid stand mixers? I've always preferred Kenwood stand mixers personally and I own a Kenwood chef. But it seems all I ever here is just people going on about KitchenAid. Is it because KitchenAid is more stylish and trendy? Or are they better than every other brand stand mixer?

    • Out of curiosity, why do you prefer Kenwood stand mixers aside from the reason that you own one?

      • +1

        Both my aunt and my mum both own old Kenwood Major's which are like 30-40 old and they are still going strong. So I guess I just naturally decided to get a Kenwood aswell. They just seem more heavy duty and solid compared to other brands to me.

    • The kitchenaid is everywhere in the media - moveis, tv, etc.. The recognisability drives up the demand I guess.

      TBH, design-wise, I think the kenwood is better. The 1950s look doesn't appeal to me. The same reason I don't like smeg products, which also have that 1950s aesthetic.

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    Remember: Today is your last day to get some good deals! (cough cough: KitchenAid Mixer , Breville Coffee Machine )

    Anyone manage to convince staff that the discount should apply on already discounted (not clearance) items? ;)

    • Tried this on a sodastream crystal and it didn't work. They say discounts are only applied to white stickers and if a product has an orange sticker, they have to follow that price.

      I am sure you can negotiate to get the 50% discount if it's higher than the orange sticker discount but I didn't try to as I just did it mostly to confirm if it works or not.

      • I also tried this and was told that it "excludes clearance products and that the half price applies to the white sticker price, not the catalogue pricing"

        So although the terms state "excludes the purchase of clearance items" it also is missing that it only applies to full priced items

  • Who took the last two KitchenAid mixers at the NorthWest branch lol. They're sitting rainchecked at the front desk.

  • +2

    I bought the breville dynamic duo, dual boiler machine and grinder, for $1350, it's a great deal.

    Set it up and brewed the first coffee which tasted very average. Second cup was superb (tamped it harder). Need to work on my consistency :)

    One thing about coffee machines, they'd sell way more if they had demo days. Buying an expensive machine not knowing if it will be rubbish always seemed to be a gamble to me.

    • A good machine. Within 12 months you'll be making cafe perfect coffee 😁👌

  • +1

    I went in this afternoon to a briscoes in Taupo as we're out of town and tried to grab a Karcher window vacuum (the V6, usually $230). I was looking through my phone to get the voucher and the lady just said "let me guess. Friends and family?" 😂

    Didnt even need to show. She was super cool.

    Half price. Super happy. Thank you, OP!

  • +1

    Just logged into my Facebook so I can sell some stuff on Marketplace. First thing I see:

    Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine BES870BSS $670
    Brand new.

    • +1

      Should ask the question - ‘Why are you selling?’ and see what excuses they come up with.

    • +1

      Also ask if they have the receipt for warranty purposes.

    • Just wondering if that was your competition lol.

      • Listed mine at $660 😄

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