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6 kg of Avocado's (Seconds) for $20 + Shipping @ Grower Outlet


There’s even more to love, because, until midnight Thursday this week only Grower Outlet has 20% more avos added to the 5KG Seconds Box for free. So, $20 for 6kg! Seconds boxes all seem to have great reviews! Postage price (North Island) is $5!

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  • The $5 shipping cost is only for North Island Urban.
    Other shipping costs are:

    North Island Rural - $7.62 per box
    South Island Urban - $8.19 per box
    South Island Rural - $10.81 per box

    • Thanks for updating!

  • What's the deal with your original link OP?

    • Not sure? Still trying to get the hang of posting deals - and I'm not very tech-savvy!

    • Looks like it's been copied from an email, that's a tracking link.

      • Yep - that's exactly what it is.
        I got an email from them too and that is where it's from.

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    Im at a cross road here, its $5 a kilo for odd bunch avos at countdown so its on par, not sure if should spend $25 for 6kg or just buy as needed.…

    • Support the grower - easy decision!

    • Yeah it's a lot of avos to get through.

      Benefit of getting them from the grower is that if the quality isn't good, they are good about sorting you out with a replacement.

      But I have had several seconds boxes like this now - the quality of the avos hasn't been too good (brown insides, etc). So I'm hesitant to recommend the seconds boxes from these guys.

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        True. If the quality is good, I am happy to buy more even for my family and friends. However, if you used to get the poor quality ones same as me, you would rather go and buy from Countdown for $5/kilo or even from your local fruit shop for $1.29/each or $4 for 3.

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    Put one in your cart and go all the way through to checkout but don't complete your order - just exit.
    As long as you have entered a valid email address you will get sent a unique one use code that gives an additional 10% off within the next 24 hours.
    Once received the code then expires the following day.
    Obviously you run the risk of them selling out in the mean time but worth doing if you are considering the offer and not too worried if you do miss out.

    • Hi @bigcheese - I'm sorry to say this was turned off last week as given the nature of the deals on offer there isn't room for the extra 10% off for abandoned checkouts

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    I used to buy from them regularly from last year when it was recommended on cheapies. My last order was in March this year for these avocado seconds. They are not only the seconds but really small ones when I received them. Some of these avocado seconds went bad not long after I received them. The quality was much worse than I first bought them last year. Then they sent out the emails and stopped sending the avocados around the country due to the delays of the parcels. Sorry, I was so pissed off after the last purchase, I am not going to buy from them anymore.

    • Yep I've had very similar experiences with the seconds boxes.

      To the company's credit, they replaced a box when I let them know the quality wasn't good. But the replacement box had similar issues, so it strikes me as a recurring theme. Doesn't seem worth the hassle.

      • You were lucky that you got the replacement box and you were unlucky that your replacement box was as bad as the original box. I was totally unlucky that as soon as I found out the poor quality avocado seconds, I got the email that they stopped sending out the avocados for the season. Sadly, when the trust and confidence are gone, there is no way to go back.

    • Hi @Nekomon, I'm sorry to hear this. There were big problems late in the season last year with Covid deeply impacting the business. Our courier company Post Haste was also affected and had delays within their business. From pickers to packers, the Grower Outlet team was short across and it sounds like this impacted some of the quality control. Whenever people made contact, the issue was put right. I would strongly encourage you to give the new season's fruit a go.

      • For the people who don't bother to make contact, it does not mean the issue was put right. It means you lost your loyal customer. As an avocado lover, I will continue to look around for the good deals of avocados. As a reasonable shopper, one mistake is enough, it is not worth the hassle.

  • has $35 for 10 KG’s not seconds. If anyone was looking.

    • Hi @Timmymon - they are called "Catering Grade" on Freshstore and by the looks of the photo very much seconds or thirds. Their shipping rates are much much higher too.

      • Oops, couldn’t tell. Cheers

    • should have added this also as these are worse than 2nd grade "Avocado's for catering purposes, great for Cafes, Sushi & Juice or salad bars. Just because these fellas are a little bit ugly, doesn't mean they are not still great for eating!"

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    My box arrived today! The box is amazing! The avocado's are BIG and way better than anything I've ever bought from the supermarket! The odd one has a wee brown mark but most have nothing. Very impressed as first time ordering. I am going halves with a friend. Would post a picture but not sure how to?!

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