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Ryobi Table Saw with Stand (RTS1825RG) $169 (Usually $369) @ Bunnings (Instore Only)


I received an email from Bunnings earlier in the week advertising some deals on Ryobi tools.

One that caught my eye was the ryobi table saw with stand for $169 (usually $369). When you click on the link in the email however it took you to a broken link.

I went in to Bunnings to have a physical look and couldn’t see any discounted table saw from Ryobi. Just the RTS1825RG for $369 and the RTS1526RG for $399.

But when they scanned the RTS1825RG it comes up as $169. Staff seemed a little confused why it was discounted and no displays with this price but that’s the price apparently.

Seemed like a price error as the similar spec’d Ozito table saw is $325 and they are nearly always the cheapest option. But they sold it to me for $169

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  • OP you keep mentioning RTS1852RG but I'm guessing you mean RTS1825RG? (the product you've linked to).

    I'll change the title for now.

    • +1

      You are correct. Thanks!

  • Bunnings AU link for people that want to read some reviews.

    • Thanks for the link, the price had me interested, the reviews had me not. Seems like a rubbish product which is a shame.

  • great. looking at powerpass, don't think any left in Auckland.
    What other tools were on sale?

    • What stores did you try?

      • Just used the app, all stores are showing out of stock

        • To confirm in the Power pass app you are looking at the "RTS1825RG" ?

          • @dekodE: yes….? Shows the $169 price.
            few regional stores show low stock (The mount, Vegas, Nelson)

  • these are CLEARANCE deals. they are cheap to get rid of the stock.
    Red hot clearance deals from Ryobi
    and it was emailed over a week ago.

    the $169 saw is not on the website as i just checked

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    Confirmation you can still buy in store. Porirua has 2x left, but was on high raise shelves. So purchases at trade department and will pick up later

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      Oh that's good to know as Porirua shows out of stock on the app too.
      Maybe worth double checking in store then!

  • Got mine last Sunday. Very happy about it. I was able to find the price of $169 from both the Bunnings website and Ryobi NZ site

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