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Fuerte Avocados 4.5kg Box (15% off) $23.80 + Shipping @ Grower Outlet


3 days only - Ends Wednesday 20 July. 15% OFF 4.5kg Fuerte Avos.

Fuertes are known for their buttery and rich flavour. Perfect in spreads, guacs, or creating a creamy green smoothie. They’re packed with oleic acid which can help to reduce cholesterol and improve heart health. They also ripen faster than Hass at this time of year.

They are also included as a FREE sample in 3kg and 4.5kg Hass boxes
6 Free Fuerte in 4.5kg Mix Box https://groweroutlet.co.nz/products/4-5kg-mixed-box
4 Free Fuerte in 3kg Mix Box https://groweroutlet.co.nz/products/3kg-mixed-box

How to check Fuerte is ripe - simply see if the small, hard edge of the stem where your avo grew from comes off with a simple push of your thumb. If your stem end comes off quick and easy without too much pressure, that’s a great sign your Fuerte is prime for eating!

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    Shipping is additional.

    North Island Urban - $5.00 per box
    North Island Rural - $7.62 per box
    South Island Urban - $8.19 per box
    South Island Rural - $10.81 per box

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    Not sure how they compare to these but Countdown are doing 1kg bags of 'Odd Bunch' avocadoes for $5 this week in case you're not wanting 4.5kg worth.

  • Oos on this box but the others are available

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    I've had mixed success with these avocado boxes.

    Stopped ordering after seconds boxes I've received have all ended up average as avocados (high frequency of brown/yucky on the inside). They're seconds, sure, but supposed to be cosmetic blemishes only.

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      Sorry to hear about this @tribernate! The team always tries to make sure they are delivering top-quality produce every time. Drop a note to [email protected] and they'll put it right. Sometimes there can be the odd issue with late-season fruit but we are at the start of the season now so give it another go :).

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        Thanks Kaimai - I actually did do this with one box, and your team sent out a replacement box for free to make up for it. The replacement box was much appreciated, but I found that we had similar issues with it (issues with the fruit, same as the first box).

        Having the issue more than once kinda put me off trying again.

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    I’ve had the same too! Ended up throwing away quite a few that looked okay on the outside but all brown & yucky on the inside.

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      Also sorry to hear this one @TunaTaco. As above, the team always does their best but drop a note to [email protected] and they'll put it right. Sometimes there can be the odd issue with late-season fruit but we are at the start of the season now so give it another go :).

  • I ordered a box of this Fuerte Avocados 4.5kg Box when i first received the email which i received last week already. I have to say, i was a bit disappointed as i expected it to be in perfect condition as this was not seconds. I had quite a few of the avocados with those brown looking patches on the skin which looked as if they were seconds.

  • First box was great, the following ones not as good, looked like seconds but it's the packaging from the grower that allows them to roll around in the box and get damaged. The customer service was excellent, and refund quick (would of preferred replacement).

  • Same experience here, first box was great, second box not very good quality, had to throw away quite a few.

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