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Whittaker's Fruit & Nut 50g Bars, 36pk for $29.99 + Shipping (Was $68.40, BB 23/9/22) @ 1-Day, The Market


Not sure if you need that many bars, but just in case you do.

Might be good for sports tournaments or parties or goodie bags.

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  • It's kind of odd that they call it 'fruit and nut' when it contains only one type of fruit and one type of nut (raisins and almonds). Why not just call it 'raisin and almond'? This is like those 'premium' chip brands that call the flavour 'roast sunday chicken cooked on an outdoor bbq in Wellington' instead of just 'chicken' to sound fancy even though it tastes like regular chicken flavour.

    • +1

      David Larry is that you?

    • +4

      I think it’s because a raisin and almond is a fruit and nut.

      I could be wrong though…

    • They're Whittakers, their branding is literally "good honest chocolate", that kind of branding makes more sense for their spinoff "artisian collection" which features such descriptive names such as "Marlborough Sea Salt and Caramel Brittle in Creamy Milk Chocolate,"

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      Why do they call it Almond Gold when there is no gold in it?

    • Well they didn’t call it Fruits and Nuts, so what’s the problem? You know what it is so what’s with the pointless complaint.
      And if you can’t tell the difference between “the crispy roast chicken bits left at the bottom of the pan” and regular chicken chips, you haven’t even tasted them due to your unfathomable cynicism.
      Or your palate is really messed up.

    • I don't think some people realised that this was supposed to be a joke, oh well.

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