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Xbox Series S $499 @ The Warehouse


Best Price I've seen for one of these in a while.

Can add on the Spend $50 and Save $5 MarketClub Discount to bring it down to $494.00.

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    $474.05 at The Market with WINTER5

    The Market link

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      And it’s delivered too for this price if you have MarketClub+ membership.

  • Cheers team. Definitely a good deal currently.

  • Also great to go with this, Game Pass is $1 for 3 months at the moment if you have never picked it up before / had it expired for a while. https://www.cheapies.nz/node/34036

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    Now that game streaming is here too (on gamepass - at least the ultimate tier), the relative lack of storage size isn’t as big an issue now :)

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      Streaming has far, far exceeded my expectations, I actually can't believe how well it works.

  • It's quite often a fair bit cheaper via the market whenever they have things like 10% off codes. Noel leeming it seems to be constantly $529 recently so when the market has 10% off it's a good price.

    I picked one up a few weeks back for $415 when warehouse stationary were doing 20% off a $500 spend. Price matched it to $529 then got my new member voucher and applied the 20% discount.

    It's a great box, not up to the power of the series x but the SSD makes a huge difference over the old Xbox one, even a USB SSD for older games sees a significant reduction of loading times with some games not really having loading screens at all anymore.

  • Make sure you do the Brazil VPN trick with Gamepass. I got 2yrs 3mths gamepass for $115 a few weeks back.

    • May not need $115 and VPN even for 35months according to ozbargain https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/706139

      • Even for those with a subscription $10 for those codes converts to about 50days if gpu. Xbox live gold tip ios add the still the best way to get more gamepass for your money. I've been using my microsoyfewards tk buy the 3 months gold cards whenever j get enough and whilst rewards here isn't fruitful enough to cover all the costs it's definitely helps keep the xkst if gaming right down.

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