3 Months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 (New/Expired Subs) @ Microsoft


Buy 1 month for NZ$1.00, get 2 months free
NZ$19.95/month after that

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  • Can confirm my expired account works!

    • My expired account still displays $19.95. :( Did it display this but bill $1?

      • +1

        How recently was it expired? I have found that after say 3 or more months they throw this deal at you, so this deal is kinda targeted/something that is always there

      • +1

        Yea it shown up as $1 for first month, with 2 month free. $19+/month afterwards
        Account expired about 2-3 months ago

  • +3

    I would recommend to use this deal in combination with this kind of "trick".
    100% worth it if you can spend the extra dollars.

    • do you always need to be connected to Turkey to play? Or just when you redeem the code?

      • +1

        Buying / redeeming the codes.

        Some helpful feedback in the comments section here

        • does this still work? It's telling me that my subscription is from a different region and I can't upgrade to GPU

    • Can confirm this works - just did this now (tested with 1 year)

  • Note that Cloud Gaming is not available in NZ and using VPN is a miserable experience.

    • +2

      Xbox Cloud Gaming now available in New Zealand.


      • +1

        Yes, just heard the news. That makes this deal even better.

        • Coincidentally, I'd searched the night before and found no indicative date for availability in NZ. I found out yesterday morning by emails from Xbox and JB Hi-Fi.

    • +2

      seems that it just got extended to NZ, tested it this morning and works great to me :)

  • Is this of any use if i don’t have xbox? Do i get disney + free with it?

    • +1

      Can play games on PC too. And possibly a 30 day trial to Disney+?

      (Sidenote; there’s another Flybuys Disney+ deal. Basically $12.99 for 150 points = $25 NW dollars).

      • +1

        I don't think the free Disney+ offer is running at the moment.
        I keep on eye on the Xbox offer just to sign up and get Disney+.and haven't seen it yet.

        In saying that they seem to offer it every so often so I'm sure it will come up again soon.
        For what it's worth I don't have an Xbox either!

  • This is perfect, I got 3 months free with Legion 5 Pro laptop and that expired yesterday.

    Just successfully signed up for another 3 months for $1, so 6 months of free games. Can't complain about that…

  • You can convert your xbox live gold into gamepass ultimate for $1 so you can get 36 months of gamepass for <$150 iirc(buying via VPN)

  • Very exciting, 3 months of cloud gaming with access to all the games on gamepass for just $1. Although the time cost will be immeasurable.

    Great to run the most challenging titles without a suitable gpu like forza and flight sim. Would have preferred halo over fortnite for free though.

  • Anyone know when the special offer ends? I would like to wait to buy a Series X before claiming the offer.

  • correct me if I am wrong, I can get $1 for 3 months xbox game pc then use $1 to upgrade to xbox game pass unlimited. as a result I can get $2 for 4 months xbox game pass unlimited?

    • The smart way to do it is to load 36 months of xbox live gold on(buying via other markets where a 12month sub is cheaper) then do the $1 conversion to 36 months of game pass ultimate.

      • I know this but I won’t need that, not really a gamer:)

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