This was posted 5 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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40% off Next 2 Boxes at HelloFresh (Deactivated Accounts Only)


40% off next 2, then 20% off third and fourth box after reactivation.

Don't know if it's still working. Worked for me a few weeks ago.

Referral Links

$128 off Boxes: random (88)

Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee gets $128 off their first box.

$50 off Boxes: random (31)

Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee gets $50 off their first box.

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  • Awesome, thank you OP! Worked for me after deactivating and resubscribing.

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        None of those worked for me. I had used half of them anyway, but the others didn't work. I'm now out of code :)

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          Yeah same situation here, so I was very glad to see you post the above code. I have one dormant account with email notifications switched on, and HF pretty frequently send through 'please resub, here's a discount' emails. From the links in these emails, I grab the promo code from the URL and use that in the promo box on my main account. Then once I'm all outta usable codes on the main account, I deactivate it and switch to using the previously dormant account. And rinse and repeat! Has been pretty foolproof but the promo code emails from HF have slowed down for me.

          • @TheDealMan: How do you get the promo code from the URL? (Can you share an example URL?) I have emails with 50% and 30% off, but the URLs contain 128 character hex strings

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              @Harebrainedkiwi: One of my email links for example is the below:


              Code is: 3DJJ-41304

              edit - I think if you login it'll also show you the code too

              • @Wakrak: Thanks

                I think you need to drop the "3D" part at the beginning of your code as it is an equals sign in ascii (%3D), so just JJ-41304.

                Looking through a Hello Fresh email, it turns out there are multiple different URLs depending on which image I click on. I found one link containing …%26c%3dIY-P6RA2%26…, which when the ascii is converted to readable text is …&c=IY-P6RA2&…

                Can someone try IY-P6RA2 and let me know if it works? I got 50%-30%-10% off when I resubscribed using the email.

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          Cheers for testing. That spurred me to gather all of the HF codes on here for people to test.

          50% off
          S3-NZPS5 (50/30/10)
          HS-JQONZ7NX8 (50/30/10)
          FP-KB5EY (50/30/10)
          88-07HJM (50/30/10)
          B4-1ILFX (50, 30, 10)
          JJ-41304 (50, 30, 10)
          RG-RAJI5 (50/30/10)

          40% off
          1R-QRNG5 (40/40/20/20)
          4K-MFDWY (40/40/20/20)
          N318WMLP088 (40/40/20/20)
          VE-FSP4S (40/40/20/20)
          VL-VK24A (40/30/10)
          VL-VE29I (40/30/10)
          VL-RQ390 (40/30/10)

          35% off
          G8-EN0QQ (35/35/20)

          30% off

  • As of Saturday night when we used the N318WMLP088 code - it worked. Good luck!

  • I just tried the 2 newest codes on here….while they didn't work it did prompt hellofresh to give me another one :) don't know if it will work for others but may as well give it a go 7Z-AXC94. 30% off next 2 boxes

    • Could also try GD-16YOY


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        Didn’t work unfortunately but this did N318WMLP088

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    FYI, tried all the codes on a spare deactivated account I have and none of them worked. 👍🏻

    • Yeah the only way I could get any code to work was an email one they sent me

      • I think once someone uses the code, that's it. I used the other recent one that worked (from @bigcheese) and it didn't work for me.

        • Looks like you're right.
          Just tested again and it no longer works for me either so must be single use.

    • I was in the same boat.

      I had exhausted all the promo-codes on one account.

      I managed to get N318WMLP088 working by:

      • Creating a brand new account normally
      • Using a new PayPal account for payment
      • Cancelling this new account
      • Cancelling first delivery via live chat
      • Reactivating

      You can use any reactivation promo code on a brand-new accounts IF you request to fully cancel all deliveries via Live Chat.

      Hooe this helps someone else.

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    I just got sent this one to try and encourage re-activation if anyone wants to try it.
    50% first, 30% second, 10% third week.


    • Thanks, this worked!

  • Got a mailer with Code 'WINTER120'

    Says upto $60 off first box, $40 off second, $10, $10. Discounts based on 5 meals for 4.

    Does not seem any better than the other deals posted

  • Could also try this 30% off two boxes code, you may have luck.


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