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15% ~ 40% Discount Coupon @ Fix and Fogg


Got this email about 40 minutes ago. Looks targeted. Try your luck maybe it works for anyone? I got a 20% discount on a 4 bundle with a $32 total with free shipping down to $25.6. $6.4 off 32. 20% discount.


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    I got a 15% off code. The email says it's personalised, but for the sake of comparison, here's my code - MYSTERY-P9UN

    • I tried your code and it worked! Perhaps we just need to wait for someone with a 40% code and all get 40% haha

      • I haven't used it, so potentially still one use :)

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          It’s not. I received the same code as you in the email lol. So it looks like it can be shared :)

    • It look like the codes are good for sharing. I'm not on their database and have never purchased their product online. Both of these codes worked for me. Now waiting for a bigger discount code 😁

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      I received the exact same code in my email

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    Who has that 40% off code… :D

    • Hahaha that's what we NEED lol

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        Cart is at the ready!

  • Even the 20% code is better than the 15s ;)

    • It's already there in the post :)


      • haha yep, just that people kept talking about the 15% one

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    the retail prices on the website are more expensive then countdown i notice, you can get all these butters for 6.90 each at countdown, on the fixx fogg website there 8 bucks each or u can get 2
    Fix & Fogg Everything Butter Choc Berry 275g for 10 dollars
    2 Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter Smooth 375g for 10 dollars
    2 Fix & Fogg Everything Butter Nuts & Seed Spread 275g 10 dollars
    2 Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter Crunchy 375g 10 dollars

    i dont know if u save anything getting thesebutters at the fix fogg website
    prolly cheaper to get at countdown

    • True, my Pak n Save has some for $5.59 each this week (granola butter, everything butter…) good reminder to shop around!

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        True, my local PnS
        Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter Crunchy 750g - $9
        Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter Smooth 750g - $9

        And on F&F site it is $11.5 each after 15% discount : $9.77 each + free delivery

    • They put the price up from $10 (now 11.50) for everything butter 500g so its cheaper at pns and countdown after discount, so you would need at lease 25%.

  • Haven't been able to get 40% Off code

  • i dont think there is a 40 percent code, u can order only 1 butter and get free shipping by the way, 10 bucks and over freeshipping

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