Panasonic Eneloop Smart & Quick Battery Charger and 4x2000 mAh AA Batteries approx $40.40 @ Amazon AU


Currently at PB Tech for $58.08

Its a well reviewed charger, not the best but definitly up there.

Inlcudes 4x of the great Eneloop AA

Supports individual charging, has lights to incate charge percent and battery healthy
- Charges 1 - 4 AA / AAA NiMH Cells
- World Voltage Auto Detect 100 - 240VAC
- 4 x LED Individual Battery Control
- Protection Timer ( 270 Minutes)
or adding to your charger

If you need extra batteries, the Eneloop Pro AA are available for $18 ($23.90 shipped) but the shipping will obviously combine if purchasing multiple

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Good price if you need the fast charger as well.
    It's $53.81 at Noel Leeming with the CSCBG Premium discount.
    If you're happy with the overnight charger then you can save a few dollars - $22.80 with CSC at Noels.

  • This fast charger is fine for everyday use - I use it for eneloops and older Duracell/Energizer rechargeables and it works fine. It just doesn't have the bells and whistles (display with battery info etc) of the ones usually suggested as alternatives on cheapies

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    Discussion around better chargers.

    I still feel just eneloop batteries via CSC NL is better way to go.

  • Just Eneloop batteries via Amazon AU in case you have other items for free shipping


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    Recommend getting the batteries on its own and getting a multi battery compatible charger such as those discussed here:

    • Out of curiosity, could you explain why?

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        if you get other things like good torches, vapes, custom powerbanks etc then these multi chargers will charge them as well
        with the one in this deal you're limited to AA/AAA which limits what you can do too.

        Like my Xtar VC4 does my AA/AAA and 18650 (used in high power emergency torch) and since it charges via USB I can use it off powerbanks too.
        In future, i'm looking to get one that does 9v batteries and some of the newer rechargeables as well so I can recharge those smoke alarms and make a custom power bank (buy a powerbank case and slot my own batteries in)

        Also lets you harvest batteries from old broken devices to be used elsewhere

        They also do battery testing and some can revive batteries too

        Some good info here about batteries:

        Yes you may be only using AA/AAA now but if you want versatility and saving the environment then multi chargers are way better

      • I have this one Astrolux┬« VC04 bought for half that price.

        Main advantage it has usb-c, lightning port & micro-usb input for charging, so very convenient to use with any cable specifically iphone cable.

  • Looks like its temp out of stock.

    It was also out of stock from yesterday afternoon until this morning so if you're keen on the deal, perhaps check back tomorrow

  • Back is stock with a 1+ month delivery window

  • For me if I could wait I would buy 4x AA using cscb discount from NL (?$18-20ish) then buy a charger and DC adapter from aliexpress.

    This one

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