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Castrol Edge 5W-30 5L Engine Oil $50.99 (Limit 2) @ Supercheap Auto ($43.34 via Pricematch at Mitre 10)


Usual price on this is $107.99 at Supercheap.
Limit of 2 per customer.

Repco - $108
Mitre 10 - $105 (PriceMatch at 15% off = $43.34)

Other Engine Oils also discounted at SuperCheap until the 12th June.

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  • Do you guys normally change the oil by yourself instead of booking a car service?

    • I just get it done as part of a service.

      This deal is one that has been popular previously , hence the reason for the post.

    • Yes, Youtube helps immensely.

      • Do we not need to worry about the other stuff in the car service list, e.g, air filter check, belt check, battery check etc?

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          No offense but if you are asking this sort of question i would just take it to a mechanic. Or if you like to tinker and learn new things get some popcorn and watch a bunch of youtube videos on how to service your particular vehicle.

          • @PieAndGravey: lol that actually makes sense to me. I'll leave my cars to the professionals. : )

        • Changing your oil is easy, as is changing both the oil and air filter. Zero need to check your battery if it starts your car.

          The only barrier will be the tools - a spanner, oil catch pan, filter spanner, jack/ramp, and ideally stands should be all you need. Your ability to get under the front of your car will be the limiting factor.

          Heaps of videos on YouTube. Probably for your specific car.

          • @LupinS: If you have the tools, it's very easy to change the oil as the carmakers generally make it easy. The biggest issue I've found is the small trolley jack Repco/SCA sells is too small for the central jack point. The small trolley jacks are only good enough to jack up the sides, but you don't want to tilt the car sideways when draining oil.

            When buying a jack from Repco/SCA, ask the staff to jack up your car with a display unit to make sure that it is low profile enough to go under your car, and to make sure it can jack the car up high enough for the jack stands. You will most likely have to splurge on a quality trolley jack.

            Also the crush washer on the drain plug should be replaced with each oil change. For the first time I suggest you get a lift (or take the bus) to Repco (not SCA) during the oil change so as to get an exact sized crush washer to replace the old one. buy a few, and write down the measurements.

            And don't over-tighten anything.

    • Yeah, I decided to change myself after my usual mechanic price jumped up 30%. So far so good, the car is still running after 1 month…haha

      • how much? oil changers charged $110, the only reason i havent done it myself is i have to dispose the oil.

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          Disposal of oil is easy, you can refill the used oil containers and take it to Supercheap/Repco and they'll recycle it for free.

    • Yes, old oil comes out the bottom. New oil goes in the top. Don't overfill. Measure your oil level 15 minutes after running on a level surface.

  • Does anyone know which oil is good for Prius Hybrids?

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    • 2012-2020 model year recommends 5W-30 and you need 4.2L. Always best to check your manual though.

      • I know it's 5w-30, but supercheap website is telling me that castrol edge is not compatible with my 2014 prius. So was just wondering?

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          Supercheap have there recommendations wrong on a few parts, i have been caught out a couple of times. Never trust what they recommend and always do your own research before servicing or installing anything on your car. Sometimes they also just do not stock the best product for your vehicle and will recommend an inferior product. For example the rotors, brake pads they recommend for my car were both the wrong type and the spark plugs were a brand known to have issues with my engine. Always do your homework.

          • @PieAndGravey: Normally, I check with the mechanic first so it's a non-issue, but I just wanted to double check what's best. Thanks for the heads up.

            • @ace310: Fair enough, i like to service and work on my own cars saves a lot of money and i enjoy tinkering and being amateur weekend mechanic. But i guess it also depends on what type of car you have, some cars are a lot more difficult to work on than others. I stick with Toyota's and Fords myself.

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          From what I can find online, 5W-30 full synthetic is recommended, so I assume it's fine? On Repco's site, it recommends Mobil 1 advanced full synthetic 5w-30.

          I'm not an expert, but I can't find a difference.

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            @Ephixaa: With old (10+ year old) cars you'll want to have a thicker oil (e.g. -40 rather than -30) than the manufacturer's recommended oil in the manual, otherwise you'll get more engine vibrations. With really old cars (20+ year old) a -50 may be desirable.

            The first number (5W, 10W etc.) is the oil viscosity when cold. it's always best to have this number as low as possible (generally more synthetic = lower number) as you want the oil to be as runny as possible when the engine starts.

            Note this is a general statement for older cars, for older high-performance/European cars you'll need to ask around as they'll almost certainly have specific needs.

            And obviously you'll want to check the API rating, but the big retailers generally sell new oil.

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      Good idea to check the oil manufacturer catalogues:

      Nulon - http://www.datateck.com.au/lube/NulonAus/default.asp
      Penrite - https://penriteoil.com.au/product-selector#/recommendations
      Castrol - https://www.castrol.com/en_nz/new-zealand/home/oil-selector....

      Go with what they recommend ahead of the SCA or Repco sites :)

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      I found a 2014 Owners manual online when I first got mine and Toyota recommends 0W-20, so that's what I use in mine. You can ask on Priuschat.com forums if you aren't sure.

  • It’s a bit odd that Castrol doesn’t get the approved standard updated for this. API SL is from 2004.

    It’s obviously still a good oil, but with Penrite GF-S 5W-30 being approved for the latest API SN, having a more attractive data sheet, wider range of container sizes, and similar sale prices. I don’t think I’d ever run this Castrol oil.

    • Actually API SP is the latest, but this carries ACEA A3 which is arguably better, and also many extremely good manufacturer ratings like BMW LL01.

  • I changed my own oil for 7 years now, the things that i checked before pick up an oil were - Petrol or Diesel? Viscosity & weight number eg 5w30, ACEA eg A3/B4, go with Fully Synthetic if it's on sale, please tell me if I'm wrong before it's too late…

    • Yes, those are all things you should check. The other thing to consider is oil capacity

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