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Get $20 Credit for $10 @ Onceit


Update: Looks like you can't purchase if you have already bought the last deal a few days ago.
Not sure if they have published an old link or you can't buy twice in a week.
At this point treat it as for only those who have not purchased in the last week.

Limited to 1 per person.
Buy a voucher for only $10 and you will get an email with a unique voucher code for $20 that you can add to your Onceit account.
When all available credits have been put into carts for purchase the deal will say 'All Allocated'. This does not mean it has sold out, as some people will not go through with the purchase. In this case wait a few minutes and try again.
The deal is over when you see 'Sold Out' on the Onceit page.

Note: Please note this voucher is valid for 3 months from the time the code is emailed to you and added to your account.
This used to be 6 months so less time than previously
As long as you keep track of the voucher code and don't apply the credit to your account until you need it then it lasts 2 years

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$20 credit for the referrer when referee makes a $60+ purchase.

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  • Another one 🤣dammm thanks love saving these up

  • What do ya'll buy?

    • Last time I got a bunch of puma hoodies

  • Does it combine with that shipping one?

    • The code for this deal won’t be emailed to you for a few days so you can’t combine.
      The $1 shipping ends tonight.

  • Can you use more than one voucher at a time?

    • You can only purchase one voucher per account for each deal.
      However, you can apply as much account credit as you have vouchers to your account.

      Remember, this is not a promo code it is account credit.
      Once applied to your account though the credit is only valid for three months so better to save it up until you need it.

      • If I buy one using my account and one using my partner's account, can then apply both vouchers to my account?

  • It's live now

  • "Sorry, you have already purchased this product."

    • Not sure whether they have got the link wrong or if it's meant for those that haven't purchased the last deal?

      I have asked the mods to merge with the last deal
      It is still current but using the same link as last time so won't let you purchase again.

    • I got the same message…

    • Yep. Usually if there is second $20 for $10 deals in the same promotional period (like current May Mystery Deal), if you have bought it already in the first round, you can't purchase the second round unfortunately.

      • It's a bit crappy as they don't state that anywhere.
        I could undertstand if they limited it to so many in a month but they don't mention it in any of their T's & C's.
        They also marked the deal on the 26th May as 'sold out' and then bring it back five days later and continue where they left off.

        • Yeah I agree. Would be sooo good if they change that. 2x $20 voucher per month would be great for us cheapies/everyone especially in current financial climate.

  • So if I don’t add the code to my account it’s valid for 2 years?

    • +1

      Just don't lose the code!

  • So I messaged Onceit to ask what had happened with this sale.
    This is their response.
    So very helpful!

    Hi Bigcheese,

    Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry to hear you were unable to purchase our $10 for $20 Onceit Voucher.

    I have forwarded this onto our team who have advised these vouchers are limited to 1 per person only, although as this was a new sale our system would have allowed purchase for you.

    As this was the last day of the sale, this may have been that the voucher had sold out by then.

    Keep an eye out as we run these voucher sales often. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused!

    Let me know if you require any further information regarding this and I will be here to help.

    • What kind of excuse is that? We couldn't purchase!

      • I did go back again and say it had definitely not sold out when I was online yesterday but as you can see it’s pretty much an ‘oh well better luck next time’ stance.

        • Now it's back up still can't purchase hmm

          • @nilllskill: You can tell it’s just extended from last time by the fact it says ‘1265 people have put this in their cart’.
            That’s way more than they normally have available.

  • Still online now

    • Still available now!

    • Thanks. I’ve removed the expiry for the moment.
      Unfortunately, only of use to those that didn’t purchase a few days ago.

  • I got this on the second run. Haven't added to my account yet though. However, I also got the $1 for $12 credit. When I added that to my account there's a 6 month expiry. It currently says 5 months remaining.

    Can anyone else who has added credit to their account recently confirm?

    I guess they could have different expiry lengths for the different coupons.

    • It used to be 6 months but they recently dropped it to 3 months from when it is added to your account.
      The $1 for $12 deal did state only a 3 month validity so I'm surprised it still gives you the 6 months.

      If you want to make your credit last longer though don't add it to your account, just keep track of the code.
      That way it is valid for two years and you can just apply it when you need it.

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