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Get $20 Credit for $10 @ Onceit


Get in quick as they usually go fast.

  • Limited to 1 per person.
  • Buy a voucher for only $10 and you will get an email with a unique voucher code for $20 that you can add to your Onceit account.

When all available credits have been put into carts for purchase the deal will say 'All Allocated'. This does not mean it has sold out, as some people will not go through with the purchase. In this case wait a few minutes and try again.
The deal is over when you see 'Sold Out' on the Onceit page.

Note: Please note this voucher is valid for 3 months from the time the code is emailed to you and added to your account.
This used to be 6 months so less time than previously
As long as you keep track of the voucher code and don't apply the credit to your account until you need it then it lasts 2 years

Credit to geardropper for letting me know of this deal

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$20 credit for the referrer when referee makes a $60+ purchase.

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  • Beaut

    • Yep.
      Just in time to add to my other credit email stash.

  • ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • +1

    I got the last $10 for $1 deal. Wouldn't it make sense to redeem that and use it to buy this?

    • it does make sense so what I'm really asking is can I.

      • No you cant

        • why not? I thought it was treated as account credit, nothing I can see excluding this.

        • I've noticed you can apply a gift card amount while purchasing, perhaps you could do this if you haven't already redeemed the credit

          • @Foodie: yes, that's what I was thinking, nothing seems to disallow this.

            Only problem is I just realised the credit is for $12 not $10 so I would have a spare $2 expiring in 3 months.

            • @Bill: A spare $22?

              I had already added original credit to account and couldn't use it.

              • @Foodie: A spare $2 because $12(credit amount) - $10(cost of $20 credit) = $2 left

                Are you saying you have account credit and can't use it to purchase this?

              • @Foodie: I'm assuming you understand the credit doesn't expire for 2 years if you don't redeem it.

                • @Bill: Nah wasn't aware,
                  Please note this voucher is valid for 3 months from the time of the code emailed to you, but "and added to account" isn't clear.

                  $12-$10+$20 leaves u with $22 to use?

                  • @Foodie: Once you add it to your account it is valid for 3 months.
                    If you don't add it to your account and just keep track of the voucher code then it is good for 2 years.

                    O would recommend only adding to your account when you are ready to purchase.

                  • @Foodie: Yes, you got the calculation right, but I feel like not having that 3 month expiry is quite important. Would recommend you dive down some of the comments on previous posts explaining this.

                    What I'm asking is, have you tried and and it didn't work?

                    • @Bill: I added to my account already and it didn't allow to use the account credit.
                      When paying you can enter a gift code so I suppose if you haven't redeemed then you could.
                      When I tried with old code it said gift code was already used, so I just paid the $10.

                      • @Foodie: I think what would happen is it is just a redirect to redeem the credit and then when you try using it, it will show the same problem.

                        • @Bill: Dunno, I can't test it

                      • @Foodie: @Bill (apologies @foodie, just to add to the confusion, I inadvertently replied to your comment!) I think you are confusing using a promo code at checkout with redeeming a gift card that adds credit to your account. The $10 gift card code you would have purchased for $1 recently does not do anything when entered into the promo code box, and although itโ€™s not stated anywhere on the website that I can find, account credit will not apply to an order basket which contains any sort of gift card voucher, including the promotional ones.

                        • +1

                          @JedEnzed: Ah, to keep it going lol… it's not a voucher code, the $12 code is actually a gift voucher code. Have you attempted?

  • More than happy for someone to prove that wrong

    • -3

      So you were so sure of yourself when you said "No you cant" even though you had no substantive basis to support that you knew anything more than I already did?

      • +3

        If you have the credit, why havenโ€™t you just tried completing the transaction to see what happens at checkout, instead of acting entitled to an answer?

      • +1

        Bill I was the same as u I couldn't see the hard info that you were clearly looking for.I simply gave you a basic answer which you were not happy with.I follow this with a happy for someone to prove that wrong.I don't have anything else to say as things would get personal and this is not the place.Big fan of cheapies ๐Ÿ™‚

          • +3

            @Bill: Getting snippy with people rarely leaves us looking to others like weโ€™ve come out on top. Saying sorry when it gets pointed out to us is also usually a better option than doubling down.

  • I recommend checking amazon australia for items that onceit have on "sale" because i find most things for half the price on Amazon AU.

    • I've never found them interesting, dropped them from my radar after viewing the website a couple of times, many things seem overpriced, even with these credit specials.

      • Might get some whisky for a gift

      • Me neither. I haven't come across anything I want to buy that is not cheaper elsewhere.

  • All allocated at the moment.
    Won't be far away from being sold out.

    If you have missed out keep refreshing as there will be a good chance some be come back available.

  • Sorry this is probably a question better placed for the forums but Is there a way on cheapies to get notification emails when someone posts a deal about a certain website? I love these once it deals ๐Ÿ™ˆ

  • Voucher's arrived in the inbox now.

    • Thankyou ๐Ÿ˜

      • and to you for spotting the deal.

        • Least I can do thanks

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