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Chelsea White Sugar 3kg Bag $4.30 @ Countdown


Usual price $7.8. 1.5kg price is $2.15, cheaper than PnS rollback Pams White Sugar 1.5kg ($2.49)

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  • Thanks for this got 10 bags, so no limit obviously.

    • 30kg of sugar. Nice. I think it would take me 10 years to get rid of all that

  • And the person in the Countdown truck is gonna have to do all the heavy lifting

  • 1.5KG bag price or you just divided by 2? If bag price then it would be worth price matching the warehouse and ordering with the flour too

    • Haha, I did say 1.5kg price (not 1.5kg "bag" price), just for comparison with PnS rollback 1.5kg bag of Pams white sugar.

  • +2

    Thank you! I have a bird feeder, aiming to increase native bird population, and go through a lot of sugar so this is great!

    • +1

      Tui? I've been wanting to make a feeder for them for so long

      • Yes, Tui as well as the Bellbird. We made ours. It is so rewarding seeing them at the feeder :)

  • Any idea when this expires?

    Busy all weekend but want to pick up a few bags for brewing.

    • +1

      It’s in this weeks mailer which finishes at midnight Sun 29th May.

      • Sweet, thanks. I'll get some Sunday it is.

  • Added this to cart to remind myself to order groceries. Forgot to remove it, FOMO got me, didn't even need sugar.

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