30 Days Free Delivery Plus 50% off 2 Orders (New Sign Ups) @ Doordash


Doordash have started in Wellington and when you sign up you get free delivery for 30 days plus 50% off 2 orders.

They also have a pretty good sign up deal if you refer, get refered.

Get NZ$30 in credits when someone signs up using your referral link and places their first order over NZ$20. Your friend also gets NZ$45 off (NZ$15 off each of their first 3 orders).

I won't put my code here as I know it's against the rules, Does a mod usually sort that randomizer button?

Referral Links

Referral: random (61)

Referee gets $15 off first 3 orders over $20. Referrer gets $30 credit once referee places an order over $20.

Check the web page heading before joining. Some referrals give the old (inferior) offer of 30% off 3 orders (up to $15).

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  • Thanks OP, I've asked the mods to add DoorDash to the referrals

    • Thanks

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    PSA until the Cheapies referral is setup, don't use the Ozbargain referrals for Doordash as you'll end up with promo credit in AUD that you can't use. Found out the hard way :/

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    Are they coming to Akl as well

  • Referral is now setup.

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    Has anyone successfully signed up?

    I entered my details, and was expecting to get an email verification (say), but nothing came through. The 'signin / signup' links on the website have disappeared though, implying that I am signed in already, but there is nothing else showing (for example, a link to my account details).



    Edit: I must have just been too fast - it shows up now with a menu on the LHS. Bit odd though that their website is slow to catch up.

    • I did, i used the app, its all set up but haven't ordered yet

    • I had the same thing - when I went through to look for restaurants available for my address, that's when the menu with account info etc came up

    • yeah I've got an email about an hour after signing up:

      Welcome to DoorDash
      50% off your first 2 orders + $0 delivery fees on your first order
      Our wide selection of restaurants with 50% off your first 2 orders + $0 delivery fees on your first order means you save on delicious meals delivered to your door, wherever you are.

    • Thanks Guys - I think I was just expecting it to be near instantaneous, but their backend database / integration must just be very slow.

      Working now.


    • Same here couldn't find any menu after sign up

  • Great catch. Good to get in early & get some of that sweet referral credit, even if I'm not in Wellington should be able to use it when I'm there at least.

    • Does the referee $15 for the first 3 orders and the referrer's $30 credit expire?
      Edit: And upon redeeming 'KIAORA', does the offer stay in your account until you place your order, or does it also expire?

      • Kiaora is for each of the 2 orders, you use it as a code when used. The 30 days free delivery seems to start when you sign up (or maybe when you 1st order, can't actually see info)

  • It's saying no restaurants will deliver to me? I'm located in very central Wellington.

  • I'm not receiving the verification text 😕

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      Maybe its just swamped atm, was all instant earlier when i did it

    • same been 5 mins and nothing

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    15% cashback via Cash Rewards

  • Where do I find my referral code in the app?

    • Account - refer friends

      • Don't have that. I'm on ios. :(

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          I had to enter a Wellington address before it generated a referral code, was blank before then

          • @paratax: Thanks for the heads-up mate, finally get it to work

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    The website and the APP doesn't working very well…

  • thanks signed up for next time in town :)

  • Used them for 2nd time tonight and they charged me delivery fee (wow only $3 so even tho it's supposed to be free, bargain) anyway I complained through chat and they sorted it. So keep an eye out you don't get charged delivery fee for the first 30 days

  • I signed up using the refereral but can't see $15 off when I tried to place an order over $20. Does anyone have the same problem? Also no verification SMS to a Kogan number, changed to a Skinny number and received one.

    • Same i had to get verification of send by email on the app to get the text then it came through on the phone as well.

      But still cannot see the
      "Your friend also gets NZ$45 off (NZ$15 off each of their first 3 orders)."

  • anyone online atm,

    customer support chat is asking me for an email/number for the person who referred and actual referral link
    apparently my account doesn't even exit for them

    Anyone else have this issue
    or anyone else use gmails + to signup? ie: [email protected]

    guess we need clarity or some way of saving who's referral we get so that we can talk to them if we needs to get the credits

    • I used gmail to signup (i can also see the people's emails that used me as a ref but not sure if they can see mine as i joined before i saw the referral thing)

      Edit, oh i ddnt use the + trick

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