Click Frenzy: Mayhem 2022 General Discussion Thread

The Second NZ Click Frenzy Event has begun

Click Frenzy is one of the biggest shopping events in Australia, and last year in 2021 Kiwis finally got to join in the shopping event. This time limited event runs for 53 hours and historically, has included partners from many big-name retailers and franchises.

Be sure signup to their website here to receive their newsletter and be in the running to win some of their 99% off deals. (You can always opt out after the event is over).

If you were a participant in last year's event, simply log back in again with the same username and password.

The event will be offering you a chance to buy some high-demand items (they've teased an iPhone 13), at a very steep discount (99% off). These items randomly appear at certain times of the day (or night) during the 53-hour period, and stock is extremely limited so you'll need to keep your eyes peeled and your fingers ready to snap up these bargains.

Remember: You will need a Click Frenzy account to access these 99% off deals when they go live, so be sure to sign up for free beforehand so you don’t miss out.

Be sure to also bookmark their Instagram page as they sometimes use this to livestream events (which you need to watch to answer quizzes that unlock the 99% off deals)

How do the 99% off Deals work?

Visit their FAQ here to see an explanation

Confirmed 99% off GO NUTS Deals:


  • Apple iPhone 13 $14 (8PM to 9PM)

  • Nars Bijoux Eyeshadow palette (9 PM to 10PM)


  • Tefal Air Fryer $3 (11-AM - 12PM)

  • Smeg Toaster $3 (1PM - 2PM)

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro $2 (7PM - 8PM)


  • Lego Luke Skywalker Landspeeder $3 (12 - 1PM)

  • Airpods 2nd Gen $2 (2 - 3PM)

  • Xbox Series S 512Gb Console $5 (6-7 PM)

Click Frenzy is now over, winners will be announced on Monday. Stay tuned for the next major CF event in June (Julove) and November (The Main Event)

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    I did not win
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    I just want to click a button
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    I've won a product
This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2022

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  • +2

    Still no word on when the 99% deals are dropping.

  • Seen heaps of different deals popup over the last 48 hours. adidas, Hallensteins, ShaverShop, New Balance, Under Armour, GrabOne, Sketchers, Platypus Shoes, Dell

  • seems like most of the sales are kinda disappointing. Just outlet items which not many would really want.

  • iirc we had 8 winners last time, see how many this time around.

  • Just sign up an account, do i need to add my phone number & address into the profile? Maybe there's no 99% deal this year lol?

    • There is, also want to know, during signup how much address infomation is required. T&C's state the prize must be delivered to the address on the account but it seems like they only record a post code on my account. Will check later.

      • +1

        Same here, couldn't find a place to insert address, just postcode

        • Must be that just the postcode needs to be the same as the delivery address then

    • The mobile phone # is sometimes used by CF to SMS you with a notification that you've won something. But oftentimes it's just an email, really depends and there's no consistency as to which method they'll use.

  • Just a heads up, the website seems to have updated to reflect an 1830 start rather than 1900

    • It's 6.30pm for those who have signed up, giving you a 30 minute head start supposedly.
      If you're not signed in it will say 7pm.

  • As I’m not familiar with Click Frenzy can people share what sorts of deals they took advantage of last time round?

  • +1

    Doesn't seem like the deals are any good

  • +1

    Bonus $250 Gift Card with Purchase of Select Products $899 & Over @ Noel Leeming…

    Quite a few products in that $900 range with CSC

    • +1

      Highly sceptical they will send a gift card if you use CSC pricing

  • +1

    How do the 99% off deals work. Do you have to be active on the site? Are the questions released like 6:45, 7:00, 7:30 or just at a fully random time.

    • +1

      You just have to have the webpage open. Last time they gave an hour's range for each item, eg 7pm-8pm and it will appear sometime in that time frame

      • +1

        So they will either send you email, or annouce at IG page before it start? Where did they go live?

        • +1

          Can't remember how they notified, think maybe email

  • +1

    Usually when will they drop the 99% deal? Will they send notification prior to that? Is there any ways/steps to get notified instead of just waiting with screen on? Someone who participated last year share please~

    • +1

      Yea, they give a time range but none received so far

      • Ah good to know, save me waiting in front of my screen for the next 53 hours

        • +1

          they send an email saying between 10-11pm etc for this item

  • +2

    It all looks pretty average really - hardly a frenzy!
    Bit disappointing so far

    • +1

      Was the same last year. 99% deals = good, everything else = meh.

      • Yeah deals are looking not so good at all, I just want to try this 99% off thing.

  • +2

    According to their email, there will be 99% deals between
    8-9pm for a IPhone 13
    9-10pm for a Nars Bijoux Eyeshadow palette

    • +1

      Just received as well, don't think I'm going to bother with the eye shadow, but we'll see

    • I did not get any email from them yet, am i do something wrong? lol

      • +1

        You may not be on their mailing list, but don't worry about it, all the important bits will be posted here

        • That's weird i have make sure i ticked the "agree to receive marketing communications bla bla..", will just keep checking back here!

    • That’s great, good luck to everyone. Hopefully one of us wins.

  • +3

    How do the Click Frenzy 99% off deals work for the Australia event?

    It’s easy, follow the steps below for your chance to grab one of them!

    1. You must be logged into your Click Frenzy account during the event. Don’t have an account yet? For Australian users, create yours for free here.
    2. Make sure you've accurately completed your address details in your account profile, as this is where your Go Nuts purchase will be shipped to if you’re successful!
    3. Logged in users will receive a pop-up notification each time a Go Nuts deal goes live. This notification will include a question that you will need to answer within 30 minutes. The pop up will appear on your screen no matter what page you are on in the site.
    4. It’s important not to click anywhere outside of the pop-up screen before answering as this could also cause the pop up to disappear. Once the pop-up disappears, unfortunately there’s no way of getting it back.
    5. Answers will be ranked by accuracy first and speed second.
    6. If you are successful, you will be contacted via mobile from Click Frenzy with a unique discount code to complete your purchase at a 99% discount on the RRP! Please note, it may take until 11:59pm (AEST) Monday 30 May 2022 for all text messages to be sent.
    7. You must complete your purchase before 11:59pm (AEST) Monday, 6 June 2022.

      HOT TIPS

    • Make sure you’re opted-in to receive all Click Frenzy emails. Within these emails, we’ll be revealing the approximate time that the notification for each Go Wild deal will be sent!
    • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, we’ll also be dropping hints throughout the event on when you can expect a pop-up to go live!
    • Make sure you enable browser notifications from This will ensure you don't miss any Go Wild notifications which are imperative to score a deal! To learn how to enable browser notifications on Chrome click here. To learn how to enable browser notifications on Safari click here.
  • I also found when entering mobile number it will show up in account info but then when navigating away and back the mobile number will disappear/that section will be blank

  • We can only win 1x 99% from this event for each address/ip/family is that right? Just thinking should i ask my partner to join me..

    • +1

      Only 1 per household/ip unfortunately

    • +1

      Yes, you can only win once, but playing doesn't guarantee you win, so 2 people will double your chances.

  • For the address is it only the post code? or is there a place to enter full address. I heard you need to add the address in order to be eligible to win

    • +1

      Yep, seems like just the postcode, but must be correct postcode

  • +1

    Think they will wait till the last 5 minutes…

  • +1

    It's up

    • Did not get a pop up, what should i do?

      • same

      • I only just disabled all of my extensions so could be unreal timing in that it just popped up as soon as I reloaded the page (with everything disabled) or my extensions were interfering with the pop-up.

      • +1

        Refresh the page.
        That's what I had to do

        I had disabled all adblockers before hand but it was only because my daughter told me to refresh the page that it came up.

        • refreshing worked thanks

          • @kiwiicheapies: did you guys not see the link I posted?

            • @Bill: I saw it but I had gotten the pop-up just before you posted it

        • I had to refresh as well. They really expect us to sit there mashing F5? lol

        • Refreshing didn't seem to work the first time or maybe I didn't wait long enough but I found someone posted the survey monkey link so used that. Probably too late to have any chance of winning but I did get to enter. I had it on 3 browsers and none of them showed it without refreshing. (After I filled out the surveymonkey I got it by refreshing.)

    • God what a mess compared to last year where it worked with the same extensions..Oh well I'll give up on this comp lol

  • That was a long wait

  • Wonder what the ZM code was

    • what did you enter in? Whats the answer to the question?

      • vans

        I posted the deal for it and still went and looked it up, facepalm

      • Vans

        • oh I only saw the question after submitting (I got the popup again), I thought the question was on the survey lol

      • Vans. I went through last years questions and did a bit of homework

        • lol.
          That's pretty much what I did (but without last years questions)

          • @bigcheese: 😄 your daughter might try and claim the iPhone now if you win.

        • I usually check the page (which doesn't show the click frenzy promotion), so I only saw this click frenzy promotion at like 8:15, I looked at the time and date on when this promotion was starting and then read on about the 99% deals. Luckily I did check the main page or else I would've completely missed this.

  • +1
    • +4

      Can't believe they just used a survey money redirect

  • Silly question, do you have to put +64 for the phone number?

    • nah, the code is manually read by people, god forbid they're idiots

      • Who knows with these dumpties

        • +1

          I bet u the site owner is making these surveys from his basement.

      • lol and no email stating you have enter the deal right, so far i havent get any email from them except the sign up one

        • they only contact the winners at the very end

    • Who knows if they're going to send the code by phone or email anyway. The website T&C says mobile, the survey said email.

  • Damnit, I sat on the website for a full hour and missed it cause I wasn't clicking enough. Should have checked here.

    • I don't think it matters if you click on the site or not

    • I think you can still enter now just click that link Bill share?

      • It closed a minute ago

  • +1

    Didn't they say somewhere that you don't have to refresh to get the popup lmao is this run by 5 year olds

  • Can you keep entering for all the 99% off deals throughout the Click Frenzy? What if you win/get selected for more than one, can you choose which one?

    • You can keep on entering cause they don't announce the winners until it's all finished, but you get whatever prize you first get notified of

      • Thanks Bill. Haven't had a crack at this before, and I'm new to Cheapies so everything is all new. I might be selective in the ones I try for I think.

  • Did you have to fill in the popup plus the survey monkey? I don't get it.

    • The pop up take you to survey monkey

    • No, the pop up is just a link

      • Oh got it, thanks Bill, didn't realise it was survey monkey initially lol how amatuer.

  • +1

    Oops didn't realise we had to keep refreshing haha rookie mistake 😅

  • The makeup one is up

    I think the answer is 30%

    • What was the question? Strange that I didn't get the popup this time

    • just got it

    • Definitely think it's 75%

      • How'd you find that Bill?


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