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Dell S2722QC 4K USB-C Monitor $524.3 (30% off $749) @ Dell NZ


If you are after a good 27 inch 4K USB-C monitor, this is probably the best price you can find on the market.

Top brand, even though not the premium U series but should be good enough.

Usually when 4K and USB-C upstream charging comes together, it won’t be cheap and you rarely find them on sale.

Also worth checking if your employer has a purchase program with Dell too (ANZ does for example), you may be able to add a further discount on top.

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    Standard sale price but a good monitor nonetheless.

    The student discount is working again too.

    Brings this monitor down to $487.60

    • good one

    • Tried applying for a student code at the link and at first I got an error. Tried again 30 mins later and got a code. Then tried the code and the price of the monitor goes up to 599.20. Definitely some weird stuff going on with the discount codes…

      • +1

        Did it come with two discount codes? 20% and 7% off?

        If so, the 7% code is the one to use.

        • Ah, sweet. Thanks so much!

  • I bought the S2722DC which is the 2560x1440 version of this display with the downstream charging etc (was on sale for $388 each) I would recommend it over the 4K at 27 inch size because otherwise your font at 2x scaling (I use a Mac) is far too small. 4K I think is best at 30 inch or bigger

    • I have full HD on 13 inch laptop, 2K on a 24 inch (Lenovo ThinkVision T24h, which is another pretty good one but no longer selling), I think 4K on a 27 inch would work for me quite well

  • After my last two ordering experiences from dell, I won't be buying from them again until they sort out the insane waits.

    Last monitor we purchased on Feb 28th, after tonnes of back and forward, it finally arrived on May 10th.. The monitor before that took almost 3 months.

    • I'm in the same cycle right now. Delayed 1 month so far. What's the point of listing it as 'in-stock' if the truth is the exact opposite. If a better deal comes along on NL / The Market (unlikely), think I'll cancel my order.

      • what'd u order?

        • Dell 27 Monitor - SE2723DS - $371.25 (April 3).

      • Last year I ordered their Alienware R12 package deal. That took about 3-4 months to arrive (including delays). Because of the 'inconvenience' of the delay, and as a gesture of goodwill, they offered me a free Alienware gaming mouse…which the package already came with. The extra mouse took another 3-4 months to arrive (to the point that I'd forgotten it was even coming). What a joke.

        Anyway, I gutted the machine for the parts and stuck it all into a custom build.

    • Wow they are still at it. Look up dell reviews online this is standard.

  • Bought this during the last sale for work. Pretty good monitor for the price. Comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable which works great with my XPS 13, less clutter without a HDMI adapter.

    • Do you remember how much did you pay? Looks like thus price isn’t its best as per other comments

      • I paid high $4xx from memory

  • I got this monitor in March - ordered 10th, delivered 20th (they did send me an email on the 14th telling me it was delayed until May 25, then shipped it on the 17th).
    Docks with 1 USB C, works well. The only issue I have is there are only 2 USB ports, 1 is detected by my laptop at boot, the other requires me to unplug/replug the mouse to have it detected after reboot.
    Paid $377.99 as I had a $70 Dell rewards voucher from buying a laptop.

    • So it was on sale for $447.99 last time? Exact the same model? Unbelievable

      • I believe it was the DC model at that price - cheapest I’ve seen for the QC is $488ish with the 7% off codes that they had running before

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