Meal Plans and Recipes Auto-Shopped through the Supermarket - Free while in Beta @


Grossr is a meal kit alternative, where you choose recipes or a meal plan, and then auto-shop the ingredients through your local supermarket (with click and collect or delivery). We have about 70 recipes to choose from, more added each week. You can scale any recipe to the servings you need, remove staples you already have, swap ingredients you don't like, and add other supermarket products to the same shop. The service is free while in beta, so you're just paying for your normal supermarket products.

We're in beta so feedback is great!

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    Good idea but where's the deal? Being a beta tester for your new app isn't exactly what I'd class as a deal worthy of Cheapies. This would be better posted in the forum section.

  • +6

    I like the concept but do you think a meal plan called 'grossr' is the right name?
    Something gross is seen as disgusting - not something that conjures up something edible!

    • Play on the word grocery..

      • Yeah, I think we're all on board with the attempted homophone.

        It's just a very poor name, agree with @bigcheese

  • Grocer has similar homophones to grossr

    • Grossr sounds very early noughties in the old Web2.0 days.

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