Continental Soup Hearty Beef & Chicken Noodle (2 Pack) $1 + Shipping / Pickup @ The Warehouse


Saw this whilst browsing for deals on The Warehouse - $1 for 2-pack = 0.50c a soup. Can Click & Collect, but even with the $6 shipping it's $1.60 a box = 0.80c a soup, pretty decent!

Available in Hearty Beef or Chicken Noodle. Seems to be a 'new' product on the website, not sure how long it will be up for. Good to grab as the weather gets colder and costs of food keep rising…

Update: 11/5 'Tomato' flavour is now available as part of this deal.

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The Warehouse
The Warehouse


  • Currently 2 for $4 at Countdown for the 4 packs so it works out the same price if you're looking for a larger range of flavors.

    Pretty sure the last time I bought these they were 99c on special, though that was a couple of years ago. Prices are getting crazy.

    • wow that's pretty sneaky. They're currently $1.99 for a 2 pack at Pak n Save, so same same yeah.

      • Isn't that twice the price?

        • +2

          Sorry 4 pack! Typo!

    • +1

      Good to know there's a wider range of flavours at Countdown, ty for link! Still personally would rather shop at TW lately as at least they're attempting to do something about the rising costs…

  • +1

    Good deal BUT works out the same price as countdown….. These boxes are 2 Serves for a $1…. Countdown are $2 for 4 serves (based on buying 2 boxes for $4)

    • Oooo good to know! Thank you

  • Update: 11/5 'Tomato' flavour is now available as part of this deal.

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