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XIAOMI Mijia 24 in 1 Multi-purpose Precision Screwdriver $28.7 Delivered (AU Warehouse) @ Banggood


The XIAOMI Mijia screwdrivers kits come to us, with new design, 24pcs screw bits and one screwdriver,
in an aluminium alloy package box with magnetism. Easy to operate, durable and portable.
It can be widely used in most household electric appliances.

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    I have this and you can get it cheaper from Aliexpress.

    • Do you have a link? I can't find anything cheaper after shipping and GST.

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        I purchased the 63 bit version of the above from here:


        For NZ$23.31+GST delivered and am extremely impressed with it. Bits are strong as are the magnets.

        The 24/25 bit version which looks identical to this post is NZ$14.50+GST delivered. Ordered 16th Jan, received 29th Jan.

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          There's one on amazon au for less https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B09PF4T23S $20.34~ nzd after shipping and gst.
          I ordered one but it hasn't arrived yet so unsure on quality.

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          Based on comments and pictures, they're not selling Xiaomi.

          • @Nythic: Sorry if I misrepresented the AliExpress product in my link above. While I said "version" I meant equivalent.

            I did not believe it was Xiaomi however the product I received from AliExpress was of a high quality and appears to have identical functionality to the Xiaomi branded product. The reviews on Aliexpress are also excellent.

  • How’s the use-ability on these?

    The main screwdriver looks quite hard to get a good grip on for tight screws.

    • +1

      Not bad, there are ridges down the length of the shaft that help but if I had one complaint it would be that grip can be a problem with tight screws. Otherwise this set is my favourite screwdriver set ever. And this is definitely a good price.

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      It's OK, my main issue is that the handle's a bit fiddly to get out of the case because it's held in place with strong magnets
      The bits are very strong and the variety is great if you work with small electronic devices with weird screw types.

      • Thanks for the heads up team.

        Have ordered 2 sets, will sell them worst case :)

  • +1

    Using the new user coupon will get the price down to $25.6

  • WARNING - No Wiha logo on the box.

    It's supposed to be a colab between Wiha and Xiaomi. Wiha make really good tools. My original version has Wiha logo on it. The Wiha version is made from really good steel or carbide or whatever it is that makes them really good. The clones had cheap tips that are not as durable. I note this version is missing the logo, mine has the Wiha logo on it.

    Q&A on banggood suggests that they dropped the Wiha logo on the case, but the bits still have the wiha logo.

    • The collaboration between Xiaomi and Wiha ended, hence no Wiha logo.

      I have heard that they are still decent quality but not quite as good

  • Got this for $29 w free shipping from Kogan/dicksmith last year.

    • Anyone tried this?

      • Yep, it works as intended!

  • +1

    I bought one of these sets in 2017, still going strong. Was/am very happy.


    The ones linked so far all seem to have just normal Torx, whereas the one I have the Torx are all Security Torx, which was a lifesaver when I had to remove screws from an IBM SAS drive.

    • Did you link the correct one? No security torx in that set

      • The newer ones without the Wiha logo has a different setof tips. I had to get a Y000 tip as it wasn't included in mine, but it is in the newer one.

      • There is, they just label it Torx.

        I actually bought a set of the ones from Amazon linked earlier and it has already arrived, and despite it saying Torx it's also Security Torx.

        So I'd probably guess all of the precision sets coming from China are Security Torx and they just say Torx because what's the point of supplying normal Torx drivers these days?

        EG Surprisingly hard to find an example where they show you the ends of the pieces but here's one:
        Says Torx but you can clearly see it's Security Torx.

        And these ones as well:

        And Supercheap doing the same thing:
        Although the SCA ones are Security Torx Plus, and not Security Torx. So that's even more confusing. Then they just call it Torx.

  • I have this kit for about 2 years now. Good quality.

  • I have this, bought from PB Tech a couple of years ago on special. It’s a great kit and my go-to for small parts. Note that PB are official Xiaomi resellers so mine is genuine; I can’t speak for the Banggood edition.

    Edit: I have this one, and found it a good value. If the Banggood one is the same build quality, it’s definitely worth $25.

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