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65" LG C1 OLED $2996.10 + Shipping ($95, or $89 with MarketClub) @ The Market


Price is $3329, using the 10% off code brings it down to $2996.10. Without MarketClub+ shipping was $95 to Dunedin and it it's $89 if you are a MarketClub+ member (thanks Wakrak)

Pretty good price, crazy price actually, and from what I've been reading the new C2 that's replacing the C1 doesn't offer any major improvements in picture quality over the C1 plus some quick maths using overseas prices it looks like the 65" model of the C2 could retail in NZ for somewhere in the vicinity of $4500 (tv is $2500usd retail on LG site which converts to $3867nzd, add 15% gst and you get $4447)

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    $2996.10 + $89 large freight charge = $3085.10 delivered with MClub (standard -$6 normal shipping).

    Edit: So it can either be $3085.10 with MarketClub or $3091.10 with no MarketClub.

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      I love how it has "Ships free with MarketClub+" in bold black letters at checkout then underneath it in faded grey easy to miss lettering "Bulky surcharge applies". Devious buggers.

  • 55 inch c2 is $4,699 at noel leeming. your completly wrong about the price speculation. and yes they are ripping us off.

    • Yeah the early adopter fees are a bit ridiculous. That's about $1500 higher than it should be going off the RRP of the 55" in the states. Going off that price the 65" could be upwards of $6000 in NZ!

      • That's a great price with 50% off RRP at $6,000. I'd expect 65" C2 $6,200 to $6,300 or higher as LG pricing for 2022 has increased. For example, 55" C2 $4,700 vs C1 $4,500 and 48" C2 $3,850 vs C1 $3,600. I don't think TV pricing in NZ is comparable to overseas until they're at these heavily discounted levels.

    • That's the introductory price. Q70 rrp is north of $3300 but regularly sells under $2k

      I'd just wait, happens all the time… when Sony 1000xm4s were new they sold with a $200 markup across all retailers but now sell with almost none.

      Or you go and get a csc card or a discount card with nl and shave a literal grand off of that price

      • Yes I know, that's why I said in the comment directly above "the early adopter fees are a bit ridiculous".

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    LG is gonna have to heavily discount C2 once QD OLED rolls out from Sony and Samsung which are superior to the normal OLEDs.

    LG isn't the only game in town anymore.

    • Has stock been allocated to NZ? The entire 2022 production of QD-OLED TVs could easily be sold in USA. I don't recall any 48" OLED TVs available in NZ when first available in 2020.

      Don't hold your breath for QD-OLED to impact on OLED pricing in 2022. It's more likely a few buyers will substitute with S95B given Samsung has set pricing at G2 levels. Also buyers are limited to 55" and 65" QD-OLED TVs in 2022 with smaller and larger sizes not expected before 2023.

      • Sony has previously brought master series lineup to NZ so I'd have no doubt they will do the same with A95K.
        Also the yield for QD OLED isn't bad ATM either.

        Whoever can afford a high-end OLED probably isnt going to be fussy about spending a extra 1-2k for reduced burn-in and higher brightness.

  • Gotta add some other costs of doing business op. Shipping and distribution is expensive here, wages are higher, shops still (in a rather dated and friction inducing way) still pay commission and you have things like cga too propping the price up a smidge.

    At a guess I'd imagine the 55 to eventually sit at around $3k

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    Stock now 4 was 22 last night.

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered. Does anyone know if NL's installation service is any good? I am looking to wall mount it with concealed cables.

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      Congratulations you must have ordered the last unit. I checked not long before you posted and one was available.

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      Howdy. Worked for them for a while (in store as well as occaisonally in home when they had some techsol absences.

      They'll run over wall conduit but if there's not already in-wall routing or in-wall conduit then they wont do concealed cables. It is rather pricey at around $350 and rather annoyingly they don't offer a wall-mount-only setup service sans the 'tv setup' service.

      Honestly, wall mounting a tv can be a right pain depending on the TV, because the C1 has all of its mounts and guts a bit lower than LED tv's you have to place the mount a bit lower than typical. Noel Leeming's guys honestly do a pretty solid job and they do have (99% of the time) a high degree of workmanship (Even if it is just a few screws in the wall).

      As I always say with HN, Smiths City, NL, go in-store for as much as you can. Its no secret that they (all of these) really like selling their services so booking instore would have made both a salesperson happy (not that Im advocating at all that this is a necessity… but it is what it is), as well as probably getting you down to their minimum selling price.

      Things may have changed in the (18 months or so) since I left NL, but those hospitality codes that go around this forum normally give you a great price on accessories… like wall mounts.

      • Awesome, thanks so much for your detailed response.

  • Looks like LG 77" C1 is next target for clearance. Pricing has dropped to $6,097.00 or $5,487.30 with 10% coupon on TheMarket. Stock is 2 on TheMarket and 5 on Noel Leeming apps/websites. Checking on PriceSpy the RRP was at least $10,000. For reference the RRPs for C2 are $14,000, $11,000, $6,200, $4,700, $3,850 and $3,350 for 83", 77", 65", 55", 48" and 42" respectively.

    • fun fact is NL 83' C2 is even cheaper than Sony 83' a90j with csc code. i would like to see 77 c2 to drop more. it is a good time to get 83' c2 now

  • 65” came as WBC (normal non-evo) panel

  • Mine’s not delivered yet! After many follow ups with Themarket and NL, they finally advised that the tv was damaged during transit(cant believe it as they provided a wrong tracking number yesterday). Now they are offering Sony A80J for the same price. Looking at rtings, there is not so much difference between C1 and A80J. Any comments folk on should I go for A80J?

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      Yeah definitely grab it.

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