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Purex Toilet Tissue 24 Pack $9.49 (Instore Only) @ Chemist Warehouse ($8.54 via Pricematch at The Warehouse)


Purex Toilet Tissue White 24 Pack

An essential item you can never have enough of right? Currently for ~$13 at my local supermarkets and at The Warehouse.

YMMV but managed to price beat at The Warehouse which brought it down to $8.54 for a 24 pack!

The link above has an incorrect photo but here's a link to the catalogue showing the discounted pricing

The Warehouse link

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  • Great, bought 5 pack for my family and girlfriend

  • Thanks OP. Emmie at the warehouse price matched for me. So Cheap!!

  • Did you guys price match with the link or the catalogue?

    • Catalogue is more accurate and should be accepted too

    • I price matched with the link.

    • Thanks, did you guys manage to get a live agent now I have no luck :(

      • I did my live chat before i posted this deal and also got Emmie who price matched for me

  • anyone got free ship codes? =D

    • +1

      Try this? FDREF091344

      • thanks invalid sadly

        • Oh weird. It’s working for me. Have you used it previously? It might be one use per account

          • @Martz5: im not sure maybe..

          • +1

            @Martz5: The free shipping codes are one use per account.
            However, you can just checkout as a guest and it will work for normal online purchases.

            If you are wanting to pricematch with live chat then just create another account and use that email to login.
            Remember the free shipping code FDREF091344 is only valid until the 28th April.
            After that, no more free shipping (apart from the one off codes they are issuing now) ☹️

  • Had a read of the Chemist Warehouse reviews for this toilet paper, they are fantastic!

  • Are the warehouse same quality as these ones?

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    At $8.54 it's $0.3558 per roll (24 rolls) and $0.001779 per sheet (200 sheets). Considering that 8.6 sheets of toilet paper is used per use of bathroom (on average), then that means that a bathroom visit (in toilet paper) would cost $0.0153. However, a respectable toilet visit also includes the use of a hand cleansing product (hand soap etc). Let's say that you get 2L worth of Palmolive Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash Refill Lime 1L hand soap from The Warehouse for $10 by using the current multibuy offer (two 1L bottles for $10). Since 1.5mls of liquid hand soap is used on average per handwashing, this would mean that it would cost $0.0075 per use of hand soap per handwashing per bathroom visit. This means that the combined cost of a bathroom visit (for toilet paper and soap) at these good prices would be $0.0228. To put this into perspective think of an NZ $5 note, in fact you probably have one of these in your wallet. A single New Zealand $5 note can be used at many vendors across the country to buy goods up to $5. To put this into perspective, a five dollar note can be used at The Warehouse to buy a Active Intent Sports Cricket Windball as it costs $5. That may sound like a good deal, but it is nothing compared to the fact that at a price of $0.0228 per bathroom visit, with $5 you could fund 219.3 bathroom trips!

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      So in a few less words:
      This is cheap toilet paper.

    • Ummm… 😬😂
      This is possibly the best comment ever made on Cheapies 🤣

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      Then there’s the 40 toilet rolls pack for $10.

      • But they feel like sandpaper. I much prefer the PaknSave ones but prices fluctuate quite abit from $9-$12

    • bookmarking this to read it while in my toilet seat tomorrow morning.

    • 2 ply, no thanks.

      • Don’t like the finger in the bum?

  • How about this from Pak n save -


    It's cheaper than this, however it's got 180 sheets per roll.

    • This used to be the cheapest, even cheaper than the 40 pk ones, but the price went up recently.

  • Interesting to see people having success as above. Chemist Warehouse had a similar deal a month or so ago, for even cheaper I think it was $8.99/24pk. Warehouse chat person said though because it's an in-store offer only, it could only be price matched in-store as well. Thought it was bollocks but didn't bother arguing as Warehouse tends to stretch the terms of their Price Promise. Will give it a go tomorrow though.

  • They won't price match :( as instore only deal apparently

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      Could argue that it’s available at your local CW store (looks like it’s available in a lot of CW stores). Try a different agent maybe?

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      try a different agent and use the online catalogue instead. because catalogue applies to all store n not just local ones

      • It worked thanks

  • cheap toiletpaper, YMMV

  • Thanks. I was in store, tried my luck and it worked. Max 5 per order.

  • Kiwisoft White 2 Ply Toilet Tissue 18pk - $5.49 at PnS Clarence St, Hamilton

  • Pricematched at Warehouse Westgate

  • Am I the only one who's slightly disgusted at Chemist Warehouse pricing on "essentials". Online I can purchase 100 Ibuprofen from CW for $3.99 however when I go instore they only have stocked 20 for $2.99.

    I asked to speak to a Manager and queried how they can have stock in their distribution centre of 100 for $3.99 but can't manage to get it into their stores only to be told they have requested it but it never arrives. He also volunteers that they make next to no profit on the 100 packs.

    I then point out that's probably why they've only got the 20 packs to which he wouldn't respond. I then asked to purchase 5 boxes of 20 tables for $3.99 which he refused and also stated I could only purchase 3 boxes of 20 for $5.97 at a time.

    All this was happening in front of a queue of customers agreeing and nodding while standing next to a giant sign saying "Chemist Warehouse - Stop Paying Too Much". The irony was wasted on the "Manager".

    I don't expect them to sell at a loss however when they won't replenish the bulk packs but only sell the small packs at 4 times the unit price there is something rotten going on. They are just taking advantage of "supply issues" to rip off their customers.

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