Free Samsung Reward with Signup to Eligible Power + Broadband Bundle for a 24 Month Term @ Trust Power


Is this a good deal?

Their 800 Mbps internet plan is 109/mo. I will need a static IP which they charge $5/mo for (I am currently with big pipe who charged a one off $50)
For a house near Pakuranga in Auckland the lower power user rate is 0.25 per kWh and a daily charge of 0.60

I'm currently with powershop who seems to charge 0.25 - 0.35 per kWh and has a daily charge of 0.69 - with the expectation that you use their power packs to get savings discounts.

One of the options with Trust Power is that if you pay $300 then you can get a fridge that sells at Harvey Norman or Farmers for $1999 at the moment with the Easter sales.

My current math is:

$2000 worth of fridge
- $300 top up to get the larger model of fridge
- $120 ($5 extra for static IP over 2 years)
= 1580 savings

Unless the cost in power worked out to be 1580 more expensive than I am paying currently, I don't see how this could be a bad deal - or neutral.

Am I missing anything? Thanks

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    if you change your broadband every 12 months, you might get 7-8 months(currently skinny is offering 4 months free) free, calculate this as well.

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    This sounds more like a discussion than a deal. You should use the forum for this.

    With that said, I wouldn't recommend TrustPower. I've used them in the past and was a contract for 2 years. Got a 50' Samsung TV as part of the deal. The power prices weren't that good to be honest, you don't actually save much and you can easily get a fridge or TV or whatever from elsewhere at a good deal.

    Regarding internet, never had issues with them and they're stable. But so is every other ISPs that I've been with and I've used a lot. Chorus upgraded 100Mbps to 300Mbps for most people (myself included) and most people don't even need over that. I'm hosting a server and some other stuff at home, play online games with my wife (with low ping) and stream TV shows left and right and 300 Mbps is enough for us. I don't really think you need 800Mbps. For reference, I'm with MyRepublic and have been with them for 2 years. No major issues, quite stable and I do speedtests regularly and I get maxed out at 305~310Mbps, so yes I'm getting the rated line speed. I get a static IP as well for free and I pay $65 per month. Unlimited download of course.

    For power, I use Meridian and I'm a low user plan. Daily charge is 34.5 cents/day and rate is 25.78 c/kWh.

    I'm not saying the plans I'm on are the best, but what I'm saying is your "deal" is not really a deal, especially when you're locked in contract for 2 years.

  • You're not really saving anything you're essentially just hire purchasing a fridge over 24 months through a utility company.

    Take into account sign up bonuses and deals for ISP and power companies and what they'd save you over 2 years if you changed companies after the first 12 months and this deal doesn't look that great at all.

  • Agreed with others, worth doing your maths first upfront first, looks as though you may be paying $1,000 more over 2 years on broadband compared to skinny and trustpower has consistently company with the highest electricity rate. also the fridge had been in promotion in the past, so probably not worth the current price unless you need one urgently. see priceme price trends..

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      Correct this has been discussed a lot in the past.

      It looks good on the surface which is where most people (including my Sister for example) stop , but if you take into account the fridge is RRP and you can get it cheaper (and you can be sure Trustpower is not paying that - and getting a huge discount) - then add in the much higher prices for everything and the lock in - (as mentioned Skinny is 20 a month cheaper to start with and you get 4 months free - thats like $800 difference alone) you are buying your fridge with your own money. My sister pays some crazy price for power like 1/3 more than I do as maxed out the "freebies" previously and is locked in for a couple of years. Maybe if you cant afford a fridge and really want one - this could be considered a strange version of hire purchase without the credit issues

      Overall - This is a great deal…. for Trustpower.

  • Did you post here too or is someone else continuing the query to other audience?
    Nothing wrong but this should have been more like a forum discussion.

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