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LG C1 4K OLED TV: 48" $1798, 55" $2338, 65" $3328, 77" $5668 + Delivery @ The Market (Requires MarketClub)


Original Coupon Deal

Sale price from Noel Leeming stacking with 10% off for MarketClub members at The Market

The cheapest they have ever been

Auckland is $89 Delivery

Not sure how much other areas are

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    I noticed there’s a 55” on trademe with brand new screen. Seems like a good price. Search if interested.

  • If you have an older tv, try calling Sony for a trade in deal. I got a 77” XR77 A80J which is the C1’s direct competitor for $4999 shipped. Getting delivery tomorrow.

    • what's your old tv?

      • A 6-7 yr old 65in Sony kdl850c which is now dead.

        • that's cool, ill check with Sony

        • ok, called Sony and they said they will only do trade in if the products are not repairable. I guess your old TV is till under warranty or consumer law that why they provide the trade in option.

    • How does that work? Are they going to take your old one away? Did they say price for a 65 A80j?

      • +1

        Yes they will take old one away.
        65 A80j was $2999.
        It may depend on what TV you’re trading in too?

  • This is the best price since Black Friday. I got a LG C1 55" for $2331.80 last year.

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    I own the 65 inch C1 and once in a while I'm just awestruck at the picture quality it can produce.
    Truly worth the money !!!

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    Ohhhh nice. I wish I had a spare 5K!

  • Just a heads up, Sony will price match their TVs sold on The Market. I'm not in the market for an OLED but their X85J LED range is the cheapest its been. For example, 75 inch X85J is $2519 delivered.

    • I will try that, thanks

    • Fail - "As the requested price match does not match the retailer's current advertised price or stock online, we are unable to validate your pricing request. As a result, we are rejecting your request at this time."

      • Call the Sylvia Park store and talk to one of their salesman. Really helpful guys

      • I called them and they matched the price on The Market with the 10% coupon applied. Just asked me to email the store a screenshot of the page.

  • Damn I paid 4.5k for my 65inch C1 about a year ago :(

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    I got an 55" a80j for $2.4k last boxing day. Its great for watching content. I dont play next gen on OLED cos don't want to risk screen burn as i can play for like 4 hours at a stretch and all my online games have static content on the screen. I wanted the LG but the same size model was roughly $2.8k. If you look at rtings they are pretty similar though, but the obvious upside to the LG is more HDMI 2.1 ports. These are being discounted to make way for the new models though i.e. LG has C2 out already (way more brighter i think than previous models, although the C1/a80/a90 is a great improvement on the OG OLED models). I think Sony's new OLED line up is still using the same XR chip that is in the a80j though. Guess what im trying to say is both are great really and i'd go for the cheapest one.

    • I did some research, 77 & 83 a80j is using a better panel compared to 55 & 65 one.

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    Is anyone using the LG C1 as a daily driver with their PC?
    Would like to get some ideas. I'm a developer and could use more real estate instead of my 2x 27inch monitor.
    Thinking of getting a 48inch C1.. but i'm told that the TV has a bad rep for burn in.

  • Any idea if we'll see 43" OLEDs incoming?

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    How are you guys stacking 2 coupons?

    • Only one coupon may be used per transaction on TheMarket.com

    • It's one or the other. 5% off or 10% off.

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