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  • Minimum spend $0.01
  • Excludes purchases of alcohol, Apple products, R18 games, PlayStation 5 consoles,  e-Gift Cards, donations , and shipping costs (if applicable). 
  • Expires 19/Apr/2022.


  • Minimum spend $0.01
  • Excludes purchases of alcohol, Apple products, R18 games, PlayStation 5 consoles,  e-Gift Cards, donations , and shipping costs (if applicable). 
  • Expires 19/Apr/2022.
  • MarketClub members only.

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  • S20 Fan Edition available for $619.20 for MarketClub members

  • Noel Leeming has dropped the price on quite a few of their televisions

  • Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones down to $358 with this discount. Not cheapest ever (got down to just over $300 on boxing day) but cheapest for a while - worth getting now?

    • +2

      Might just come down to how keen you are for them. The TV I bought three weeks ago is now $200 cheaper but I've definitely enjoyed having it these last three weeks, so not too fazed. Could always wait until the 18th/19th to see if a Zip discount pops up as well.

      • What TV did you get out of interest? I'm in the market for one

        • Got the LG UP81 55"

          Not a TV that sets the world on fire but decent enough screen, has webOS which we like, handles the sun & has a good stand. Shit speakers. What also influenced our decision is that we had $1000 JB Hi-Fi credit and didn't want to overspend on an item that we know will be used sporadically. It's come down to $1099 over at NL.

          This thread over on Geekzone is a good place to start.

          • @Wakrak: Cheers. We're after a 75 inch and have been keeping an eye on the Sony models. Been looking for a while and the NL price drop combined with 10% off seems like it's a good time to buy.

    • Hoping for a Series X drop before the 19th

    • Might be better to price beat pb techs $530 at warehouse.

      • I forgot they only price match technology so they reduced it to $529 to match pb tech on the second attempt. But warehouse stationery does have $5 off every $50 spent that stacks and that got it down to $479. Probably not worth the effort for $5 saving though.

  • Looking at T&C, looks like these coupons can be used unlimited times before the expiry date? Nice.

  • I've been eyeing up a new LG Neochef microwave. Noel have a good sale on them at the moment so an extra 10% off at the market.

    • I got one of these by accident as it was the only large size microwave that would fit in the microwave cubby in my kitchen.
      Pleasantly surprised with it, however it is annoying I can’t set the time without turning it off at the wall (or in my case the switchboard)

    • Got this one in May 2020 for $246 from TheMarket

      So wont be the cheapest but close enough.
      Haven't had any complaints about it from family, except for the jingle initially and clock resetting method

      • Seems you can turn that jingle off


        Been researching that model too(and will probably get it) and stumbled upon this vid

        • Yeah you can turn it off but there's no alternative for when its done, also after a while they got use to it so didn't really matter

  • Considering risking buying from these Skyphonez people https://themarket.com/nz/p/google-pixel-6-pro-5g-12gb-128gb-... for $1081.48

    • +1

      They're also selling the Nintendo Oled Switch which comes down $528.30 after 10% off

      Don't know anything about the company though.

    • Was looking into this as well today. But didn’t pull the trigger after reading google reviews for the store

      • Yeah me too, still mulling it over. I guess we'd deal direct with The Market if there was an issue with the phone?

    • I got a $500 budget but could push it up a bit to the $550 mark with this phone from these guys too! Looks to have decent specs for the price.


    • +1

      The seller is in AUS so does not have to comply with GCA etc, themarket is just a platform they can sign up to sell on.

      • That's good to know, hopefully einfo.co.nz drop their price in the coming days to at least match the $1200 non-discount price.

      • +3

        Purchases are made from The Market though, not directly from the vendor. If The Market is NZ registered surely they would still be held to CGA? Especially as returns etc have to go through The Market

        • +2

          themarket reps confirmed it would be covered under cga.

    • they were selling a phone i was after (blackberry key2) on TM few months back and their actual store was in aussie, not a local store

    • +2

      All the pixels I’ve owned have been plagued with the common issues - so I would highly recommend buying from a NZ retailer to make it easier when you inevitably have to get it fixed

  • +2

    Thanks! Just bought a Madd gear scooter for my daughter for $118😃

  • +2

    Thanks for this, finally bit the bullet and bought an OLED switch and pro controller. Switch came out to $557 from The Warehouse (not risking buying from skyphonez or whatever they're called) and pro controller was $98 from Noel Leeming after the 10% discount - cheapest I could find, especially with free shipping from the Market Club+ 1 month trial

  • +1

    Just received this for a new account by email, not sure if this the same deal as OP posted as its 20% off?

    "EASTER Deals! UP To 20% SITEWIDE*

    • +1

      Perhaps for new members only?

      • EXCLUTO code doesn't work here. Anyone able to confirm with a new account?

        • Could be a spelling error and should be EXCLU10?

    • +1

      It's just a spelling error.
      Here is a screenshot from the email with that exact wording, except it is EXCLU10 not EXCUTO

    • Do you mean you signed up to the Market as a new member and got that ?

      • Yes, I signed up last month but still haven't bought anything. But I am not sure if you will get the same 20% off deal if you sign up now. No harm to try. Make sure you use the random refferal link up there to get extra $20 voucher code.

    • +1

      Aren't these just the standard "up to X% off" deals they often have. There's no code but certain stores like 1day will offer 10% off their goods and then the 10% code stacks on top. It's happened a few times and I don't think it's anything special for new users.

  • +1

    Sorry I just copied the text from Google lens, didnt check it again. It should be EXCLU10

  • Anyone here bought from Home of Brands before through the Market (or direct)? Any feedback good or bad? Want to buy an expensive item from them using the 10% off Market code, but never dealt with them before so wanted some reassurance. Cheers.

  • I wonder if you can claim the $50 cash back on the philips xxl Air fryer if purchased through the market. It's $498 at the market so with the 10% off and cashback you could get it down to $400.

    • +1

      Pretty sure I got my printer from warehouse stationary via the market and xanon offered the cash back. Philips may not be the same deal obviously but it has happened in the past and I think your invoice does say the original seller on it.

      • Sweet. Might give it a go. The misses wants an air fryer.

        • Hi is the Philips the one to go for? Do you know much about generic air fryers vs Philips

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