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Scanpan Impact Cookware Range ~70% off ($39.99 to $99.99) @ Briscoes


After a little discussion with @Huntakillaz in the $14 Zip frypan deal I decided to monitor the prices of Scanpan cookware at Briscoes, and I was somewhat surprised to see ~70% off the Scanpan Impact cookware range with the "hot price" label. The frypans look to be 3-ply from the description, and all Scanpan cookware carry a 10 year warranty. (However YMMV as the warranty excludes "damage caused by normal wear and tear".)

Compared to this previous deal from 2019 it seems that the price for the 20cm frypan has gone up $10 from its all time low, but stayed the same for the 26cm & 28cm. These prices will probably be the cheapest it will ever get before inflation bites. Deal does not include cookware sets or kitchen gadgets.

Here's the link to the search results:

Here's the full list:

Scanpan Impact 20cm Fry pan
Was $159.99
Now $49.99

Scanpan Impact 26cm Fry pan
Was $189.99
Now $49.99

Scanpan Impact 28cm Fry pan
Was $209.99
Now $59.99

Scanpan Impact Saucepan 20cm 3.5Ltr
Was $209.99
Now $69.99

Scanpan Impact Saute Pan 28cm 3.2Ltr
Was $289.99
Now $79.99

Scanpan Impact Saucepan 14cm - 1.2Ltr
Was $139.99
Now $39.99

Scanpan Impact Saucepan 16cm 1.8Ltr
Was $159.99
Now $49.99

Scanpan Impact Saucepan 18cm 2.5Ltr
Was $179.99
Now $59.99

Scanpan Impact Steamer with Lid fits 16cm 18 cm and 20cm saucepans
Was $159.99
Now $59.99

Scanpan Impact Stockpot 24cm 7.2Ltr
Was $279.99
Now $99.99

Scanpan Stainless Steel Roasting Rack
Was $269.99
Now $99.99

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    Honestly the 'now' prices seem just reasonable but the was prices are insane.
    This high/low pricing model is annoying. Yet my Wife worked at Briscoes for a while and said sometimes people will come in and just buy up large even though things are not on sale.

  • Awhile ago I bought this H&M platinum 3 piece set 25 yr guarantee at hot price around 70% off so like $90 + the small 1.2l scan pan pot at $40, this range H&M pots very similar quality to scanpan and a lot cheaper, my only gripe they have a flat lid and I would prefer curve style https://www.briscoes.co.nz/product/1043807/hampton-and-mason...

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    Yup things go on sale and the prices drop ridiculously, its stupid af,
    but a true cheapies watch it like a hawk and pounces when its the right time

    Fyi: 3ply is base only not all round (meaning heat loss is substantial on the sides)
    "Scanpan Impact features a heavy impact bonded base with a disk of aluminium enveloped between 2 layers of high quality stainless steel to provide optimal heat transfer and retention"

    $14.99 Simon Gault Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Steak Griddle & Wood Tray

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    • Thanks wakrak

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      Thanks, added.

    • Thanks mate - used it :)

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      You can also use the $10 off code (minimum $50 spend) for new accounts
      Code is: WEL-RPAB22R73U

      Means you can pay the $6 shipping charge and then save $10 if you spend over $50.
      This is for new accounts only but easy enough to create another if you wish to use it.

    • Thanks for this!

  • Good prices but really only 20% off retail

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    Ignoring price, these are actually really good.
    I have the 28 and 26 fry pan. Stuff sticks (like eggs), but it cleans off really easily and the pans always look perfect after.

    To get anything better like full 3 ply is a significant price difference.
    I have a 26/28 3 ply Le Creuset non-stick set and they are not worth it.

    • I have a couple of these model too. The pan itself is good, but, I find the handles to be fairly unergonomic compared to similar Circulon pan.

  • Yes, I got the stockpot for $79 in 2018 (now $99) so I guess that was a 70% off deal as well on a lower normal price in 2018.
    What I've seen though is to keep an eye on the sets.
    The scanpan set is currently at 40% off but these too can go cheaper for an even bigger saving than buying individually.

    Don't forget that with briscoes you can add items to your cart leave for a day or 2 and you will usually get a free shipping offer.
    Be careful you don't leave them longer than the promo period though.

    • Just remember the free shipping code is not unique, so if you leave something in your account right now you will not get a different code to the one in the post (this month).
      If you have already used the code then you need to create another account to use it again.

      What I’ve found is that if you leave something in your cart you will also get an email when the price drops to less than it is in your cart in an effort to try and get you to buy.
      Could be a good way to get a notification for when the scan pan set you mentioned drops lower.

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    For cheaper than Briscoe (and a lot better selection of higher quality items) I often use peters of Kensington which ships to NZ for $12.


    • Good tip, thanks

    • I think shipping is now $20 to NZ

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    These prices are pretty similar to Amazon Australia once freight from Aussie is added

  • Just wondering has anyone here tried any of the Raco Bravo pan's? If so thoughts?

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    Got the 20cm pan for $40.10 couple months ago using 10% price beat from Briscoes by comparing it to livingandgiving.co.nz.

    Livingandgiving also has 10% price beat and free shipping for orders over $25. So you can buy from them instead and get a lower price than briscoes. I have never bought anything from them so trust but verify.


    • +2

      Living and Giving is run by Briscoe Group also. They run Briscoes, Rebel Sport and Living and Giving

    • Just beware that Living & Giving is now down to just one physical store in all of NZ, and so I wouldn't be surprised if it soon goes online-only or disappear altogether. The latter case might complicate warranty claims when compared to buying from Briscoes itself, as they're sure to keep their stores running long-term.

    • Wanted to pricebeat briscoes at livingandgiving but they don't have any live chat or email..

      • In order to claim the price promise, please bring proof of the competitor price to any one of our stores and they will be able to assist you with this claim. Alternatively get in contact with us and we will be able to place the order over the phone with you.

        0800 548 464

        Monday - Friday
        8:00am - 6:00pm
        Saturday - Sunday
        9:00am - 4:00pm

        • Thanks for that! Curious I have never pricebeat via phone before, did you just tell them you want pricebeat against bricoes and they will go lookup for the item on both website? Usually via live chat or email I just send the url..

          • @Geoffgo: Exactly that. You’ll have to pay over the phone too.

          • @Geoffgo: @Geoffgo, that is copy paste from their FAQs. Haven't dealt with them before.
            They seem to have just one store in Auckland, I think. See comment from Avantime above

  • What do you folks do with your old frying pans? I have 2 that I never use anymore.

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      Sell or give away.
      Olio is a good app for giving away freebies if you're not wanting to use facebook.

  • Thanks OP got this frying pan:


    with the free delivery code from above too :)

  • We bought a whole set of scanpan back in 2003….and still looks brand new today. Fortunately was suitable when induction came along too.

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    Anything's gotta be better than the Circulon scam

  • If anyone has access to Consumer NZ, there are some reviews of this and other pan brands here.

  • can I use the $10 off $50 spent in store?

    • No.
      Online only.

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