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Iron Power Tower - Deluxe $174 ($0 Pickup, $69 NI / $109 SI Delivery with T7 Club) @ Torpedo7


I have this and it's pretty good.
It's 59% off. Full price is $429

Lots of other fitness items on sale too due to Easter

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  • Where do you get the $109 delivery cost?
    I get $79 as a guest or $69 as a club member.

    • I am logged in and it shows $109 for me. Need to go to checkout for that I think.

      • Right you are.
        Didn’t have my address details in the profile I used.
        It’s $69 for North Island and $109 for South Island (Club pricing)

      • Cheaper south island shipping via the market with market+

  • +13

    Looks like it can take more pieces of clothes to air dry, better than my existing treadmill.

    • Lol! Haven't tried that.

    • +1

      I used to own something similar to this back in the day. Can confirm it made for a good clothes hanger!

    • +1

      Looks like I'll be getting rid of my Ab King Pro air dry for this!

    • +1

      Hah, I have a dumbbell turned on its side with a bit of wood over it to act as a side table. I couldn't find a table to actually fit the spot, and this worked perfectly

    • this is exactly what i did with this item, it was also $120 years ago before No.1 Fitness Penrose got bought out buy torpedo7

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    $10 off with WELCOME10 and a new account

    • thanks for sharing that

  • $245.50 delivered on The Market for me. Might be the way to go if you can't do pickup and have vouchers.


  • Looks like T7 has reduced the price of a lot of items tonight even though this sale started 2/3 days ago. This shirt was $14 this morning, now $9.19.

    Some jackets are at a good price.

  • Such a good price.

  • Showing as $300.30 (30% off) now…

    • Interesting! I just ordered one before the change and wonder whether they'll honour it.

      BTW, Market still shows $174 if you are keen

      • They have just changed this now too, The Market price has increased

    • +4

      lol. Below is a screenshot of the previous price. I've complained to T7 in the past about random price changes midsale and their resolution was to make up the difference with a voucher. They basically gave me a free $70 voucher. YMMV.


      Offer ends midnight Tue, 19 Apr.

      • I asked in the chat this morning about the price difference and discount change during sale and showed them this screenshot. She gave me a voucher for about $120ish for price difference between the prices to be used by end of today. But can be applied to anything.

        • Good result. They just said sorry to me and left it at that.

  • Thanks OP - just ordered thru The Market due to the price rise using T7s website direct.

  • @OP if the deal has expired (Price increased significantly) please don't edit the title and increase the price as it will cause the deal votes to become misrepresented. Please click the "expire" button in this case. Thanks and regards

    • Cool, got it. Thanks for pointing it out.

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