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Playmax X3 All Blacks Edition Gaming Mouse Pad 500mm X 1000mm $4.99 (Was $20) + Shipping / Pickup (Free Delivery $20) @ PB Tech


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Prety good deal if someone is in seek out there for something casual or gift ideas.

Already got 2, or else wouldve love to get 1.

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  • "Free freight promo codes can only be used with orders above $20"
    Anything else that's good value at PBTech?

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    Could again try your luck pricematching at The Warehouse but don't be surprised if they turn you down because this is a 'special offer'.

    Feedback on these All Blacks x Playmax mouse pads:


  • its gone already or pickup only.
    Edit back in stock

    In Others Basket :

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    Pity it has the logo on it 😂

    • black vivid

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        its the mouse going over that area, you have to rotate it around.

  • Bought one! Thanks :)

  • I bought one maybe last June. And I use it at work and its not bad. Definitely wouldn't be using it as my main mouse pad if I were gaming.

  • I bought two last time. They are really good! Considering this is the X3 version so it's super big this is an amazing deal!
    Playmax mousepads are really good quality all of them and the material they use is the same in the x1, x2, and x3.
    Would highly recommend at this price.
    I even made a review video about my x1 mousepad lol: https://youtu.be/IvDTOtuVOXc
    Also for gaming its perfectly good. Its super smooth and I've played many games on it like Valorant, CSGO etc. :D
    Just flip the all blacks logo to the other side (top left) and you will be set :D

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