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Referrer receives $100 credit, Referee receives $150 credit (Over 12 Months) @ Powershop


For each friend or family member you invite to join Powershop via our Switch Your Mates promotion, where that person:
•is not already a Powershop customer; and
•has not received credit for signing up to Powershop within the last 12 months; and
•who signs up their main home to Powershop on or before 31 March 2022

You'll get $100 credited to your Powershop account (Referrer Credit). Please note, this offer is only available for a limited time and is subject to change at any time without notice.

You'll receive your Referrer Credit once your invited friend or family member has switched to Powershop. Your friend will receive a credit of $150, payable over 12 months as follows: their first credit of $25 will be paid once they’ve switched to Powershop, followed by a $10 credit in each of their 10 following monthly account review periods, and a final credit of $25 in the final account review period of their first year as a Powershop customer (Friend Credit). If your invited friend or family member switches away from Powershop within 12 months of becoming a customer then they forfeit their right to any remaining credits that would have been due under this promotion.

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Referrer receives $100 credit. Referee receives $150 credit.

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    Think this might be pretty standard? The referral link on Cheapies says the same thing.

    Referrer receives $100 credit. Referee receives $150 credit.

    Or has this offer just been available for a while?

    • +1

      You could be correct - happy to take down if that's the case. I got notified through the app, and referral deal appears to expire 31 March 2022

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    Nice deal man! thanks for posting

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    You get $150 when you sign up anyway, so this is a good way to gift fellow Cheapies (IRL or otherwise) who probably uses Powershop.
    The price goes up by ~5% and daily charge doubles next month for "low users." Thanks government…

    25.00c Uncontrolled
    17.74c Night
    69c daily charge

  • This is a long standing deal. Powershop just roll over the expiry date.

    Do be cautious that having $150 off would still be more expensive than cheapest option elsewhere. But you can do price guarantee for powershop to match the best deal. However, after a year, they take more than a month to calculate price difference and only give you credit back on difference. No refund. And the next year price guarantee won't start unless you made another request. So has to be cautious on how to use the credit to purchase powerpacks if you choose to leave power shop. As unused future powerpacks purchased from credit won't be refunded. So not a great long term option as almost impossible to get the best deal with them if you stay long term despite their guarantee. Also they are prone to make errors on price guarantee so ask for their calculations and check carefully.

    Ps their price guarantee would only match the rates but not the upfront credit such as Mercury or contact $200 joining credit.

    However this may be a good option during summer as their rates are lower.

    • pm me your z referral sign up url

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