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IdeaPad Slim 3 Gen 6 14" (Ryzen 3 5300U, 4GB DDR4, 256GB SSD M.2, No Operating System) $576 Delivered @ Lenovo (Requires Signup)

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Came across this deal when looking for a laptop for my son for school.

To get the price

  • customize laptop and remove Windows 10
  • Popup will appear offering a 10% discount for new users
  • Signup

$899.00 - $259.00 (OS) - $64 (10%) = $576


  • AMD Ryzen™ 3 5300U
  • 4GB DDR4
  • 256GB SSD M.2

The amount of RAM isn't ideal, but it does come with a spare SO-DIMM slot so can be upgraded. Unfortunately with the 5300U there isn't an option to upgrade the soldered RAM to 8GB. To access the 8GB option you need to upgrade the CPU to the 5500U.

Don't forget to upgrade the Wi-fi to, its a free upgrade from

Obviously you'll need to source an operating system, I'll leave that up to your imagination.

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  • My order has just shipped and cost $643 with an extra 4gb of RAM and the IPS screen upgrade.

    • You can also activate if you have a different device with win 7/10/11. Use step one to add the iso file and enter the product key from your different device. There are plenty of win 7 getting thrown away and product keys are a couple of bucks on some websites

    • Find it a bit odd really but the option to remove windows isn't available on the Australian site version of this, only on the NZ one.

    • Thank you for this.
      My windows 10 legit key wouldn't activate as it would always error when trying to authenticate after changing hardware.
      Not prepared to cough up more money considering I wont be using my old PC again.

      • Haha glad to be of help!

        I always used to buy those $5 grey market keys from eBay - but recently the prices have gone up and have used this tool a handful of times without issue.

  • -1

    What about buying grey market keys for Win10 $5?

  • +1

    I don't get the 10% discount popup. Any tricks to this?

    • +1

      People were having issues with this when that webcam deal was available

    • Same cant get the popup!

    • +1

      Managed to get it by clicking around the site a bit; it pops up in the bottom left-hand corner. I guess you sign up by email and they send you a code…

    • +3

      Try code CUPONZ instead. Better discount.

  • +2

    How did you guys get screen and soldered ram upgrades?, it doesnt matter which processor I pick I can ionly have 4gb, and there is no option for IPS only TN or VA

    • You can only get the RAM upgrade on the 5500U processor, so have to upgrade the processor first.

      • I’m not seeing the RAM upgrade option on the 5500U, nor am I seeing an IPS panel under any CPU config. :(

        • +1

          Looks like the RAM option is gone :( the WVA panel upgrade for $23 is an IPS panel. I believe WVA (wide viewing angle) is just Dell/Lenovo speak for IPS.

          • @PANiCnz: ok, WVA in my mind translates to VA panel as a normal person would assume? who comes up with these custom initials that overlap with existing technologies on the market.
            Might have to give this one a pass as I cant get more than 4GB soldered, don't really want unbalanced ram

        • it's 4GB soldered + 4GB upgrade for the 5300U. May as well get the 8GB upgrade for another $50 if you go for the 5500U.

    • select the customize under IdeaPad Slim 3 Gen 6 14" AMD and choose/configure to whatever from there

      • There is only $GB soldered available under all processor versions

  • +6

    I found a better code. Brings title price down to $544.


    • +1

      This code is better for higher tier upgrades as well.

    • Just an FYI - this discount code no longer works

    • Of course I miss out on this due to iso life. Any new ones peeps?

  • +5

    Not sure if this warrants a separate post, but using the above code the Legion 5 Pro with 16gb ram, 512gb ssd and nvidia 3060 graphics comes down to $1,720.61, which is a great price.

    • +1

      Go for it. Hardly any deals get posted on weekends so the more the merrier 😎

    • Yes indeed, scored one thanks both ;)

    • That's a good deal. I got the 5 Pro late last year and loving it so far.

    • @Alan6984 what do you think of the legion 5

  • +1

    possible casback of 3.5%?

    Migth be worth trying as it's an extra ~$20 off if it works(terms exclude coupon codes but sometimes works)

  • just purchased, thanks for posting

  • Anyone know how to work out which other Lenovo laptops have the option to order without an OS?

  • +1

    IdeaPad Slim 3 Gen 6 14" AMD

    Part Number: 82KTCTO1WW


    eCoupons Applied:
    CUPONZ -$133.09

    Ships in more than 8 weeks
    Hide Specs
    Save for Later
    System Specs: ( Edit )

    Processor : AMD Ryzen™ 5 5500U (6C / 12T, 2.1 / 4.0GHz, 3MB L2 / 8MB L3)
    Operating System : No Operating System
    Operating System Language : No Operating System Language
    Onboard Memory : 4GB Soldered DDR4-3200
    Selectable Memory : 8GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200
    Total Memory : 4GB Soldered DDR4-3200 + 8GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200
    Solid State Drive : 256GB SSD M.2 2242 PCIe NVMe
    Optane Memory : None
    Display : 14.0" FHD (1920x1080) WVA 300nits Anti-glare, 45% NTSC
    Graphic Card : AMD Radeon Graphics
    Camera : 720p with Privacy Shutter
    Color : Arctic Grey
    Keyboard : Backlit, Grey - English
    Wireless : 11ax, 2x2
    Surface Treatment : IMR
    Palmrest : PC/ABS
    Battery : Integrated 38Wh
    Power Cord : 65W Round Tip Wall-mount
    Language Pack : Publication - Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English
    Warranty : 1 Year Depot
  • Also OP, feel free to change your deal and add the coupon I found. Up to you of course.

  • Is this they say the best cheapest gaming laptop for now?

    • no games will run bad you need to have at lest 8gb ram running in duel channel even better if it was duel channel 2x8gb for 16gb of ram

  • Just picked up one of the Legion 5 Pro 16" for $1,754.21… that seems crazy cheap for a 3060 Laptop with decent CPU and Screen.


    • Which one?

      • +1

        My guess is this one

        • I'm seeing $2294.15 inc GST - Not sure what CUPONZ does, but maybe 5% off?

          If so, that's down to $2,179.44.

          How do you get to $1,754.21?

          • @Alan6984:…

            This One ^^^ and with the CUPONZ it ended up as $1,754.21 in the cart :|..

            Web Price: $2,699.00
            After Instant Savings:
            inc. GST & delivery

            • @scmnz: Odd that I bought this exact same model (82JQ00KHAU) and it came out as $1720.61 for me.

              Price was $2699 with
              Discount of $978.39
              Final price $1,720.61

              Kiwiwallet also seemed to record the purchase so hopefully will get $60.22 cashback too (in about 6 months time).

              • @felixfurtak: Is it still considered a valid purchase for cashback if we add CUPONZ(code not authorised by them) ?

                • @upbeat: No idea, will have to wait and see. I was also wondering whether Cashrewards would work for Lenovo NZ.

                  The site is so it could well work even though it is aimed at Australian market.

                  If so, 7% cashback for Legion at the moment is tempting.

            • @scmnz: Has your Legion been dispatched yet? I bought one but haven't got any updates since the order.

    • A run through of how you did this would be neat.

      • nvm. The code has to be applied at the end at checkout. Came to 1720.11

        • So what is the effect of the CUPONZ code? Is it more like 25% off?

          Seems a bit pointless having a discount code, but not making it clear.

          If I was comparing Lenovo to someone else, Lenovo might lose the sale due to appearing more expensive than they actually are?

          • @Alan6984: Website I found it on reckons

            Shop with our exclusive code now to get 25% off your purchase of Legion gaming notebooks now!

            And to be fair to Lenovo, it’s not a code that they advertised. It’s from Cuponation.

            • @Wakrak: Thanks Wakrak.

              • @Alan6984: @Alan6984 pulling the trigger on legion 5 or going to wait?

                • @upbeat: Still sitting on it - I got into a big project, which meant I didn't want to change my primary machine through Jan / Feb 2022, and buying something and have it sit around for a month or two didn't seem to make sense, but I am about to finish up, so I'll be likely making a decision in the next week or so.

                  No idea how long the CUPONZ code will work?


                  • @Alan6984: Just thought I'll tag you here, in case you missed it, since we both have been looking for a laptop deal since boxing day

  • Any codes working for monitors?

  • Awesome deal for someone who needed it.

  • Bought legion with 3 year warranty. Thanks guys 1824$

    • Was your Legion dispatched yet? I. Ordered one too and its still has a delivery estimate of 30 Dec 2022, even though the website said it was in stock and would dispatch early March.

      • if you check your order status now it may have updated, mine was saying mid may, now it's saying mid april

        • @kiwiicheapies. Oh true. did you happen to order legion as well?

          • @upbeat: nah I got the ideapad slim 3 with ryzen 7 cpu

            but the expected delivery date seems to change a lot. so if you check your order status on the website, it's probably not gonna say 30th December anymore

            • @kiwiicheapies: Oh wow, just checked and slim 3 Ryzen 7 is all sold out now. How much did it cost you after CUPONZ discount?

              • @upbeat: Sub total: $1,142.55
                coupon savings: $171.38

                total: $971.17

        • Mine says Jan 2023 :P lol

          • @tripp: bruhhh no way hahah

          • @tripp: I guess they don't want to honor the deal so they set a ridiculous shipping date to let you cancel the deal.

            • @jessexb: I did notice the 2 hold chargers on my card, 1 for zero the other for the 1700, both have now been released from my credit card. Will see what happens.

              • @tripp: Please update us, haha..

                • @jessexb: So gave them a call this afternoon, the ETA is just a random long time away that they put on it. They told me that the units are currently in transit (I'm guessing from AU to NZ) and then will be charged and sent from NZ warehouse. When i called it was AU that picked up the call.

      • @felixfurtak dude?!

        • My Legion Pro order was saying 31st December 2022, and I didn't get any updates until today showing it had been dispatched. Delivery ETA is now tomorrow!!

          Package seems to have come from logistics centre in Highbrook.

  • Anybody know why there is only 4GB RAM additional option (and no 8GB) for the AMD 5300U ?
    Can I buy 8GB SODIMM from somewhere else and add it myself to the AMD 5300U ? Or is there any hardware limitation from the mainboard or cpu in term of max RAM ?

    • +1

      You want to look for SODIMM DDR4 3200, so something like this or this.

      • So i can buy RAM a bit cheaper and install it myself

  • Hum …. The CUPONZ seems to not work anymore … I get "Sorry! eCoupon not found. Try again?" when trying to buy the IdeaPad Slim 3 Gen 6 14" AMD
    Was working yesterday :-(

  • Yes the code has now been disabled, I expect that they did not know the code was still active and should not have been able to get the discount

  • End up buying a Thinkpad for 1150…

    Like the Ethernet port and business build, with the hope it will last for years
    Looking around on internet, seems to be a good deal

    • Just receive the laptop today. All excited but then found a bright pixel in the iddle of the screen !!!
      What I do now ?? I tried to go on their support website but it is confusing as hell !
      Anyone have experience with dead pixel and Lenovo ??

  • I bought the Ideapad slim 6 15" with 8GB soldered + 8gb Ram for $799, backlit keyboard. Unfortunately the wifi card is only the 11ac. The cart was for $973, got a discount of $173, so in total I paid $799. I chat with the rep and said that my 20% coupon was expired and can they give same discount and at the end the rep give me $174 discount, which is around 17% discount.

    • Ryzen 3 or 5?

      • AMD Ryzen™ 5 5500U (6C / 12T, 2.1 / 4.0GHz, 3MB L2 / 8MB L3

  • Yep same story I bought the Legion 5 the non customised version and stated shipping early March. On my order slip have this -

    Delivery Method

    Standard Shipping
    10-12 days (Metro cities)
    12-15 days (non-metro cities)
    6 - 8 weeks (for CTO models)

    Expecting end of this month as worst case outcome from the info they gave when ordering.

    • Same here, mine just shipped from local logistics centre. ETA seems to be tomorrow.

  • HI all
    Mine has just shipped :)

    • @tripp Mine too but it's coming from hongkong. What about you?

      • Consignor:
        AUCKLAND, HIGHBROOK, New Zealand

        Delivery expected tomorrow by 5pm

        • @tripp @felixfurtak @fatboyj can I ask you guys something?

          Why didn't you opt for legion with extra 3 year premium warranty for extra 100$?

          • @upbeat: CGA.

            • @fatboyj: Not for three years, that's for sure

              • @upbeat: What is the premium warranty anyway? I expect the laptop to last minimum 5 years.

                • @fatboyj: I agree.

                  Without getting donkey-deep into how long a 'reasonable' period of working should be, I can say with absolute certainty that it is at least three years (I would not argue with five myself) in which case the CGA is already covering you for the three years you'd be paying extra for.

                  I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T61p here which is now about 13 years old, and it is running absolutely fine. Currently running Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS. Once 22.04 LTS comes out, I will update it to that, but even if that won't work (no reason to think it won't but you never know), I will just update it to 20.04.4 LTS and leave it with that - support is good to 2025, by which time, if it is still running, it will be about 16 years old. The battery only lasts a few minutes now, so it needs to be plugged in before booting, and left plugged in, but that's entirely expected.

                  There will always be outliers, and I think we can assume that my T61p is one of those, so it doesn't mean anything in terms of how long a brand new machine might be expected to last, but IBM and more recently Lenovo have made excellent quality laptops for twenty years or more. I certainly think that it is reasonable to expect to get at least four years, hence paying extra for a three year warranty seems like gifting the money to Lenovo for nothing.


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