The Low Quantity Thread

Limited Quantity

If your deal has limited quantity, please mention it in the description. If the quantity is too small then your deal may be removed. As a guideline, less than 10 quantity of items is not enough for a deal unless the item has a high price.

This is the thread for these deals.


    • Are they labelled clearance or ya had to ask the staff?

      • All of the price tags have either normal price, sale or clearance on them, just walked around looking for clearance tags.

        • Cool thanks will give that a go

    • What store

      • Moorhouse but they were both last items. They still have the Bose Home speaker 300 for $100

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    Just pop in to try my luck at my local NL, couldn't find any of these deal post here 😂

  • Any good deals at Westgate, Auckland?

  • Go Pro Travel Kit (AKTTR-002) $35.66 via CSCBG Main…

  • Anything left/available at new lynn store? Or anywhere close by?

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      you'd be best to go instore. You can sleuth on the NL website for availability… but the guy posting NL deals is really risking his employment with them posting skus that arent typically accessible to the public. Hoorah for internet anonymity I guess.

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        Hahaha! True. The staffs in Sylvia Park were a bit suspicious when we were asking SKUs which are not in their website. They were like, “How did you know about this?” 😂

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          "A mate who works at another store".

        • I mean at the end of the day, if they’re for sale someone’s going to buy them anyway. Not sure why they’d have an issue with it.

          • @Latex Fist: I can see a world where some stuff gets reduced to bundle up

            • @Grandma: most definitely will be in the next 2 weeks as it gets close to 1st of october

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    Managed to get a Panasonic 2.1 soundbar For $74.97 at NL ormiston
    SKU: 152506

  • Heaps of last sizes clothing with free shipping…

    e.g., Under Armour t-shirts $10.99

  • Picked up a demo / opened box Dimplex 40L dehumidifier + Air purifier from NL Papanui for $254.97

    Model: GDDEYS40A
    RRP $849 from the sticker

    It comes with a carbon filter and a HEPA filter, couldn't find much information as it might be retired model?

    Here is the menu from dimplex website and pretty much that's all I could find…

    Staff scanned a barcode with U-05571112 with their handheld device - Not sure if it is the SKU, or try 144345, this one from my receipt
    The staff did tell me there are still 4-5 units national wide, sorry forgot to ask which store but you would try your luck, heard that they are all opened box

    Hope it helps

  • Countdown gore has the nutrabullet baby on clearance for $51.60.

  • [Wellington] Free Deepwave session during Mental Health Awareness Week.

    Free DeepWave sample session available during MHAW, available at the following times.

    Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th September - 08:00 till 10:00
    Thursday 29th and Friday 30th September - 14:00 till 17:00
    Saturday 1st October - 10:00 till 15:00…

  • 2018 Mac mini only one in stock. Not too bad specs.

  • +1

    Found this Samsung q90r 7.1.4ch Soundbar for - $404.97 at Westgate NL. Not sure on the stock, didn't ask. It has pretty good reviews if anyone wants to try it.…

    If anyone finds a good deal on a Soundbar with Air play, eARC & dolby please post. Above doesn't support air play else this was perfect.

  • Noel Leeming, Moorhouse

    Eurodomo Seville Undermount Sink Small Single Bowl $50.97

  • KingfisherGifts have a box of toffee milks for $46…

    pretty expensive but they have been since covid really, was $31/box in Nov 2019. They are really hard to come by these days as whittakers does really limited batches. Free shipping with $60+ spend.

  • Some very specific and random parts, but also some decent prices

    Cambro Drying and Storage Cradle 7 Slot $5.63 (95% off)…

  • In the same vein of very specific & random parts, has the HD 650 / 600 / 6XX earpads in stock in NZ (part no. 050635), bloody godsend.

    • $70 for them
      or did the price go up?

      • Yeh 70 bucks online, 62.50 from Senn but oos, so cheapest in NZ that I could find at least.

        The top bloke at DVT knocked the price down by quite a bit when I went in store to buy em, happy days. Don't know if that's replicatable tho so ymmv

  • +1…

    e.g., Converse Space Jam Pro Leather Low Pre School Shoes US 11 $9.95 + shipping

    Cheap gears, but as always with Foot Locker, don't be surprised if it's not in-stock / item page doesn't work / order gets cancelled.

  • Oos

  • Heaters on special at Bunnings Silverdale at the entry today: 1000W and 1500W Arlec oil heaters $10 plus a few nicer oil and convection heaters for $20.

  • The Ci Commercial Series Ci115QCT is best suited where high quality music and speech reinforcement applications require hi-fi performance

    $82.14 Acquire

    • +1

      $74 at PBTech
      1 unit left with supplier

  • +1

    Something a bit different. From Meguiar's (car cleaning products)


    WHAT: What happens on the Night?

    Our Meguiar's Training Specialists will present a live demonstration on how to properly care for your car whether it's a daily driver, weekend cruiser, hot rod, classic, muscle car, or exotic - we'll cover all the steps from car wash to polish to protection and everything in between.

    • We will provide some refreshments
    • 20% discount on Meguiar's products on the night!

    WHEN: 6pm, Wednesday 12th October 2022

    WHERE: Smits Group/Meguiar's NZ HQ
    Auto Refinish Training Centre
    63 Greenmount Drive, East Tamaki

    COST? FREE!!
    However, we do require a minimum of 25 people with a maximum of 40 people to attend, so please make sure you confirm your spot, if you have friends who would like to come share this email with them, so they can register to secure their spot. We'll be in touch a week prior to confirm you can still make it.

  • +2

    Pal Disinfectant Wipes - Bucket of 1000 Wipes
    $14.83 + shipping

    The Pal TX disinfectant surface wipes are ideally suited to de-contaminate any surface in food handling areas or food production equipment, allowing you to maintain and high level of hygiene at all times. The tub contains 1000 wipes, making it perfect for use in busy commercial kitchens and food preparation areas where a clean environment is essential.

  • JMP Marine 8350K Rubber Impeller Kit $3.40 delivered (was $98.99)…


    JMP Marine 8350K Rubber Impeller Kit. This is a rubber impeller kit for engine cooling pumps.


    • Dimensions: 95 x 101.5 x 24 mm
    • Number of blades: 12
    • Insert Type: (12) Spline Drive
    • Impeller Type: 1.58 LBS

    Replacement for:

    • CAT 2485561 or 248-5561
    • CAT 2820683 or 282-0683
    • CAT 1095324
    • CAT 1095327
    • CAT 1230492
    • CAT 1239785
    • CUMMINS 4019403
    • CUMMINS 4933743
  • In-store only.

    Babywise Fragrance Free Baby Wipes 20 Pack - buy 2 get 1 free

    3 packs = $0.96 = 60 wipes for $1…

  • +2

    Phil & Teds Go™ v1 Buggy Travel Bundle $599 + shipping

    • go™ buggy, traveller™
    • travel cot
    • lobster™ chair
    • parade™ carrier
    • go™ all-weather cover set
    • a travel system belt & a universal travel bag…

    Seems like alright value? low stock online.

    • +1

      The lobster™ chair is awesome, we took one everywhere with our kid till he got too big for it, even used it at home sometimes.

      • shame im actually only after that chair😄

        • Got ours off trade me fairly cheap, it's a bit had it now.

    • OOS

  • Soccer goal net

    (4mm Poly) - Mark Harrod Premium Heavy Duty Knotted 16x7 (4.88 x 2.13m) Net

    $3.92 delivered (was $105.99)…

    • Oos

  • 😣😣😣😣bugger missed that was something I needed

  • +4

    Originally posted this as a deal but the rules state that a 3rd party seller must have at least 50 ratings (this product has 3).

    Could be a price error or the store playing tricks?

    lehom 32 Note Glockenspiel Xylophone Vibraphone Percussion Instrument with Carry Bag A$6 Delivered (Was A$117.46)

    • "deal snagged" it says, would be intresting tonsee what happens next

      • +1

        Also snagged, why not for six bucks?!

    • +5

      Ahahaha never thought I'd be buying a xylophone this morning but here we are…

    • 100% claimed

      • +4

        Your neighbours will thank you 😂

    • $6.91 has been taken out of my account 😁

      • Order has been dispatched 😁😁

        Coming from Moorebank, NSW. Arriving 27 September.

        • +2

          Who knew a week ago that we'd soon be proud xylophone owners? Not me.

          Now to brush up on my Wintergatan tunes… 🤣

      • +3

        $6.90 from mine and delivered this morning! Thanks for the awesome find! The office loves it and boy did it bring back a lot of memories from year 6 music class lol. Quality is awesome too. Proper stand akin to what a snare drum would sit on and the keys are in tune.

        • Good to hear. That arrived quickly. Looks like mine is at the airport.

        • Received this afternoon also! The stand is definitely the best quality part, but I have to disagree on the quality of the rest. Maybe you got a good one, but on mine the notes seem to get flatter as you go up the scale, a few notes didn't even play without screwdriver adjustment. But hey, can't really complain for seven bucks.

          This one is going to the local preschool 😁

        • +1

          agree with this. good quality.
          if you hear baby shark being played all the time, hi neighbor..

    • Juat sold mine for $90

  • Oh man have been looking for a mirrorless camera but was too slow on the NL clearance train. Hopeful cheapies will spot out another for me :)

    • +4

      Username checks out

    • wait when was this

  • Phil & Teds Dot and Navigator Snug Baby Carrycot $47
    Select stores only (have to call and ask)…

    RRP $329

    • gone already?

      • Must be. Was there at 10pm last night.

    • It says 329 for me

      • Hi jackvdbuk,

        It says 329 for me

        Who / what are you replying to?

        If you are trying to communicate a dollar value of $329 (rather than, say, a quantity), that price was posted more than nine months ago, so almost no chance the deal is still valid.

      • You're about 10 months late.

        • +1

          Yep my bad, the comment above brang me to this page and was ready to jump on the deal. Side note now its ten months old, if someone wants to move theres on let me Know ha

  • Foot Locker - Nike Kyrie 7 Grade School Shoes $9.95 + shipping

    • Sad couldn’t checkout

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