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Limited Quantity

If your deal has limited quantity, please mention it in the description. If the quantity is too small then your deal may be removed. As a guideline, less than 10 quantity of items is not enough for a deal unless the item has a high price.

This is the thread for these deals.


      • yeah I'm looking for a cheap server case too

  • Vans Pride Classic Slip-On - US11

    $4.99 + shipping…

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    Noel Leeming having clearances of stock including display stock happening this week

    Got this camera from queenstown on its way to welly now, One of the phone agents was awesome enough to sort it for me, Cousin scored one too…

    other agents maybe straight up NO, so just try your luck or goto a store and see if they can do a stock transfer…

    • Just trying my luck at picking up one of the S5 or S6 apple watches on clearance for under $300. Not looking promising though lol

      • Were you able to get one?

        • +2

          No go sadly.
          Agent confirmed that they are EOL and so clearing stock and theres basically nothing S5 or s6 left except for the higher priced stuff.

          Only thing left was the S5 GPS+LTE,40mm Stainless Steel for $329 which isn't toooo bad.

    • If the store is nearby and local I suggest driving down and grabbing it rather than trying to do it over the phone

      Also just scored a OnePlus Nord 8, 128GB Grey Onyx 😅…

      • Product not found now, did you just bought it in store?

        • +1

          Most stuff is oos most places but you can call the store that still showing some and have them to confirm stock and then called the online team to make payment and have it shipped

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        OMG my Oneplus Nord is brand new still sealed 😍

        Epic for $186

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    Not sure how good these are but seems cheap…

    • Not sure if its the same model or not but Linus Tech Tips did a review and looks like many use the same internals. So spending lots doesn't mean better

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    Deals in store only at Noel Leeming, ask me for more.

    • HP Omen 15.6" 300hz IPS Gaming Notebook, i7-1087H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, RTX3060 6GB - $731.98, available @ Whakatane, Tory St, Richmond, Hornby & Timaru
    • HP Omen 17.3" Gaming Notebook, i7-10750H, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, RTX 2070 Super 8GB - $843.18, available @ Hamilton, North Link
    • Dell 15.6" Inspiron 3000, Ryzen 5, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, $449.97 available @ Silverdale
    • These are crazy deals would be great if you could message me more or post them here

      • +2

        I'll see what I can find and post them. These are first in first served, don't waste time calling the call centre, head into the store tomorrow. Most, if not all aren't on their website.

    • +13
      • Huawei Nova 5T Purple - $179.97, available @ Gore, Moorhouse, Nelson, Mt Maunganui, Te Rapa, Te Awamutu, Matamata, Silverdale, Wairau Park, Lunn Ave, St Lukes
      • OnePlus Nord 8+ 128GB Grey Onyx, $179.97, available @ Wairau Park, Dunedin George St, Hamilton, Silverdale, Whangarei
      • Huawei P40 Silver Forst, $74.97, available @ Warkworth, Henderson, Newmarket, Silverdale, Wairau Park, Westgate, St Lukes, New Lynn, Lunn Ave, Royal Oak, Sylvia Park, Ormiston, Manukau, Papakura, Pukekohe, Te Rapa, Hamilton, all Tauranga stores, Rotorua, Taupo, N. Plymouth, Hawera, Napier, Hastings, Invercargill, Dunedin stores, Queenstown, Moorehouse, Riccarton, Northlink, Northwood, Richmond, Nelson, All Welly stores
      • p40 still available?

      • +3

        The Nova 5T and OnePlus Nord 8+ might be the better buy over the P40 for those who really need google services. I've seen some workarounds to get google services on the P40 but they're not the most reliable so it may be best for those who are more tech savvy. At $75 I'd still buy one for the camera alone if you have an older phone and no dedicated camera (the reviews from a few years back said the camera was pretty good)

        • Yup I have a p30 and still waiting for a decent replacement that can match the camera for under $800

          for $75 its a no brainier for camera and using as a spare dine in & takeaway deals phone or even as a spare for selling stuff on FB marketplace/trade me and you don't want people to have your actual number

        • +2

          Good point. It looks like Huawei or Google has patched the workarounds from xda threads (thread locked)

          Can anyone with the phone confirm GPS and whatsapp is working ?

      • I assume normal P40 not P40 Pro?

      • +1

        No P40s available at Newmarket or St Lukes. Staff said they couldn't find it even though it's showing 1 in stock. Said other Auckland stores had either 1 or display stock only and they wouldn't sell display stock.

        • I thought the price of these were for display stock? I managed to get a p40 and it was a display model

          • @Is2u: Which store? Went to ormiston and manukau. No p40 display according to staff

      • P40 not available in Sylvia Park, went there today.

      • Awesome, thanks for this. I thought I was nearly a week too late for this, but I called through to Silverdale and they still had one OnePlus Nord display model which I managed to snag for $180. Not brand new but still in excellent condition and has a warranty so I'm pretty happy.

    • Them be some crazy good deals… Assuming staff will be getting people to snap thenm up for them pretty quick. Whether they are supposed to or not.

    • +1

      Is it possible to get the model numbers or product code for the dell and hp 15.6 laptop. The staff might want them. Thanks if possible

    • Hi,

      Where is NL Hamilton North Link?

      Nothing comes up in Google Maps, and the NL site only lists:

      NL Hamilton (Cnr Ward and Anglesea Street, Hamilton 3204)
      NL Hamilton Distribution Centre (152 Collins Road, Melville, Hamilton 3204)

      • +1

        Might be Hamilton &

        100 Langdons Road, Northlink Shopping Ce
        Christchurch 8052

        • Doh - You are almost certainly correct :-)

      • @Alan6984 any luck with the hamilton branch?
        called up but they couldn't find it

        • Nah - I figured by the time I got there, it would likely be gone, so didn't bother.

    • So is the HP Omen 15.6" Or Dell 15.6" Inspiron 3000 available?

    • Starting your Cheapie career with a bang. Rate it. Thanks for the deals.

    • Are there any deals for action cams?

    • +2

      I missed out on laptops by 5min.
      But got BOSE HOME SPEAKER 300 for $101.97 from Papanui. There was one more left.
      And 27" HP AIO for ~$450

      Alienware R11-R13 pc's from 1k to 1.4k

      This site is killing me (my wallet. my bank account).

    • Huawei Nova 5T Purple - $120?! Just paid 179 🤦‍♂️

      • aww, yeah i was like this is 179 right? guy looked it up and was like oh actually its $120 now so I was like oo even bitter!

        @Geoffgo nah they've taken most links off for stuff thats mostly gone, best bet is to call nearby store and ask if they still have it if you can get through

        • Gutted wonder why it wasn't at Mount. What store was that at or was it phone? I'll hit them up asking how come haha

    • Couldn't find it online, is there a link for Huawei Phone please cheers

  • +2

    Got the Dell 15.6" Inspiron 3000, Ryzen 5, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, $449.97 from Silverdale - staff didnt know it was that cheap. Got it for my partner but as its full size , she may not like it - if that the case will be haooy to resell what we paid.

    • Whats the exact model number? should be on the bottom of the lappy?

      • +2

        Model is Inspiron 3585 - Hope thats the number - SKU - 189699

    • Let us know! Would be keen, need a lappy for study

  • +1

    Missed out on the P40, had just sold as I walked through the door to Leemings, oh well, still managed to get one of the Oneplus Nords for $180 and a Dell G3 laptop (15.6" i5-10300H 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD GTX 1650) for $600

    Not much in the Dunedin stores, they both have their floor model Lenevo M7 tablets reduced, $77 for the 7" one and I forget the price of the larger model but it was about half price what everyone else is selling them for.

    • wow that is a great deal on the laptop my same specs laptop cost me $1105 last year when i got it on sale

  • +2
  • HP Envy Creator 15.6" Intel Core i7 Hex-Core Processor GTX1650Ti 32GB RAM 512GB SSD $806

    Staff told me only a few left at Palmerston North, Silverdale, Westgate and Sylvia park

    • Why are there no laptop specials in the bay of plenty :( i need one haha

    • Went to Sylvia Park today but they said they don’t have it already

  • +3

    I wonder how many upvotes i would have got had I posted this stuff as a deal
    With all the convo gong here🤔

    But then also only the die hard cheapies usually see this so means more for us 😁

  • +1

    I got the Huawei P40, but I can't get the phone out of retail demo mode lol….

    • Are you able to disable in developer options?

      • +1

        It's not in demo mode in the developer option, it's the annoying "Retail Demo" app and the "Huawei p40" app that I cannot remove. I tried this guide on youtube but I still cannot uninstall it.

    • Do a factory reset, hold power plus volume down.

      • +1

        It doesn't work, when I do a factory reset from settings, it goes back to demo mode lol

        • You'll need to take it back and the store will need to contact the Huawei Rep to have it removed. Should have been checked prior to selling it to you.
          *Edit - I'm told the demo cannot be removed from P40 series. Sorry

          • @NoelDeals: Are there any p40’s left? Desperately need a new mobile as mines smashed to smithereens lol

    • Which store did you get it from?

      • +1

        I got it from Hamilton store

        • +2

          If thats the case thats dodgy AF, they should have advised before selling that its stuck in demo mode and can't be used normally.
          99% people would not buy it then.

          I'd complain to comcom if they don't fix it or refund you

    • +2

      The staff member called the rep when I was there and the rep told them that they are working on it and should be able to be done in 1-2 weeks. They said they would contact me when that’s able to be done and I can bring the phone back in.

      • nice, thanks for the info! Which store did you get yours from or who did you talk to? Just in case the sales in Hamilton doesn't know this they can check with the person you talked to

        • This was at the Silverdale store

      • Oh good to know! I have the same issue.

      • Have they contacted you to get your P40 sorted?

      • +1

        After few weeks of mucking around with the phone, the store in Hamilton told me their "repairer" can't get the demo mode off, and there is no Huawei rep anymore so they forced to refund me the money. Just wondering how many people out there bought the phone and actually had the demo mode off or was this just a complete waste of our time :(

    • Got a Huawei GT2 Pro brand-new in sealed box a couple of years ago and it was in demo mode and that cannot be reset, they are models specially designed only for demo in store. I suppose they're designed like that so the stores cannot sell them before they become officially released. Got a brand-new replacement anyhow.

    • I ended up returning it 'cause of this and Huawei said there's no way to fix it.

  • I got a ex display g3 Dell laptop….with a hardrive loaded of photos and videos of a family…..and a little service sticker I'm kinda thinking it was a repaired one

  • +12
    • Samsung S20 Cosmic Grey 128GB, $359.97, Available @ Tauranga, Silverdale, Sylvia Park, Dunedin City
    • HP 15.6" AMD Athlon 3050u, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD Laptop - $695.98, available @ St Lukes, Silverdale, Kerikeri, Te Rapa, Mt Maunganui, Featherston St, Nelson, Richmond, Blenheim, Moorhouse
    • Canon EOS 800D DSLR Camera w/ 18-55mm Lens - $296.97, available @ Henderson, Paraparaumu, Silverdale
    • Canon EOS m50 Mirrorless Camera w/ 15-45mm Lens - $218.97 @ Masterton & Moorehouse
    • +1

      Thank you so much for these deals I scored the dell laptop. I also tried the Apple Watch Series 5 Nike and was able to order it but it got canceled 30 mins later. Are all the Apple Watches gone as sometimes products don’t show on the app?

    • +1

      Just picked up EOS 800D from silverdale, had to ask staff as it was behind desk. Thank you very much!

      • I had rang them an 1 hour ago and they said they couldn’t find it at all. That’s a great deal.

      • I was there this morning and the staff couldn’t find it. That’s a very great deal indeed

        • I was lucky, it doesnt come with battery or charger but still!

  • +2

    Thought I'd try my luck in Leemings again today, the staff were a bit clueless yesterday when I was in there asking about ex-demo phones.

    Nabbed myself a OnePlus Nord 12+256Gb and OnePlus 8T 128Gb for $530 all up, phones weren't ex-demo but ones that customers had returned within the 14 day exchange period. Pretty happy, from looking around online those 2 phones would usually cost around $1500 in NZ.

    • how do you find returned stock? were they on display or did you ask if they had these items in stock?

      • I saw them sitting behind the counter and asked what they were. Right time right place I guess ;)

        • Nope of these phones or laptops have any stock in my local store, should I pop in to try my luck? Is yours one showing OOS but at the back of shelf?

        • Are the prices on returned stock the same as clearance prices? or are they lower? i assume the warranty is the same as if it's new?

          • +2

            @justaddwater: I wouldn't have the faintest idea about the difference in prices, you'd have to ask someone who works at Noel Leemings about that one. It's not the norm, I wouldn't expect you to be able to get your mate to go in and buy a Galaxy S22 then return it a couple of days later so you can go in and buy it for 70% below RRP!

            One of the guys did mention that the OnePlus phones were imports, the 8T I bought came with a Samsung fast charger because the original one had a US plug, and he also said something about how Leemings weren't going to be stocking OnePlus phones any more, so I'm guessing that those 2 things probably contributed to the lower than usual price.

            I do know that the warranty is 12 months.

    • Damn! Nice score!

  • Went in to NL this morning to get the Canon M50 (but one of you cheapies already had it on hold lol) but have picked up a Surface Laptop 3 for $500 and a Dyson Hot and Cool HP04 for $230

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