Any HelloFresh Free Box?

I would like to try out HelloFresh, but they seem quite expensive. Anyone has a spare code for free box please?


  • I would like one too.

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    I have stacks of them, happy to send you one. Need your email to send them

    • Have pm you thanj you :)

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      Lol, so that was popular, gave away like a dozen, and still more DM's coming in - cupboards looking a bit bare now. But knowing HF more will appear soon enough.

      Enjoy them to the ones that got them.

  • @Meridian I have yet to try one of the HelloFresh boxes. Could you please send me one?

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      I’ve got a few free too so happy to send to you (and others) if you can PM me your email address.

      • All gone now. Will repost if I get more to share.

  • I would love to try one as well if any has a spare one going

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      Yes I have one - pm me!

  • Keen for one too, please!

  • I've got 3 boxes + $100 credit for new sign ups. PM me with your email if anyone wants them, first come first served.

    • Yes please. Although, I can't see the option to PM you.

    • Nice offer @UnitedWeFall
      I don’t need one but people can’t PM you as you have it turned off.
      Go to ‘My Account’ - ‘Settings’ - ‘Messaging’ and then allow private messaging.

      • Ah, I'm an idiot. Thanks, done.

    • I believe the offer you are referring to is 100 total off 3 boxes Vs 155 off one box as is the new sign-up

  • Wonder how they make a profit with so many freebies.

    • According to Wikipedia, "HelloFresh SE is a German publicly traded meal-kit company based in Berlin, Germany. It is the largest meal-kit provider in the United States"…. that probably means they are…..super rich…haha

    • Haha, they are a publicly traded company worth 9 BILLION USD right now after a massive fall during the 2022 stock plummet, their peak last year was nearly 20 BILLION USD. No need to worry about them going out of business.

    • They probably running at lost currently in NZ to take the market (killing local My food bag). Once done, no more free voucher, or at least no that aggressive.

  • Anyone still have free box left?

  • I would like one too if anyone still have free box left

  • Me three if anyone has a box available

  • Question: I've selected my meals (free box) and paid the delivery today, HelloFresh will delivery the free box to me in one week later. If I cancel the subscription plan today, will this cancel the free box? when is the best time to cancel the plan for avoiding the 2nd week getting charged?

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      Definitely don't cancel today or you will lose the free box.
      I wait until the box is delivered and then cancel the next one.

      If you're worried you can always go in now and just skip the next order.
      That will give you plenty of time to cancel without affecting your current delivery.

      • Thank you @bigcheese :)

  • I have never tried a hello fresh box and would really love to have a free code if someone has one available please

  • I'm a bit late to this, but if anyone has one of those free boxes, I wouldn't mind having one. Would be quite helpful for covering meals at uni.

  • Would love a box if anyone has any going.

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    I would just like to thank those people who are passing the codes to others.I know it probably won't get to the people who have or even mean anything to most but it means alot to yer here's a
    thanks with no strings attached 👍 😊

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      You're so cute, upvoting deals you don't use, thanking people for things you don't personally benefit from. Your spirit doesn't go unnoticed :)

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        🙂I liked that comment thankyou sunshinenz.With everything else going on in the world at this current time if I can make someone smile from a comment I will happily

        • Thanks team, nice comments.

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    Hi all, I've just reactivated my account and got 3 free boxes - flick me a message with your email and I'll send to first 3

    • Still get 3 free boxes available for whoever wants, just flick me a message

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        You should start a new thread to get more attention.

      • Can I ask for one please.

        • Send me a message, cheers

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    I also have had more appear - so if anyone is still looking for one - let me know - you have to DM me and send a email address (cant be some sort of proxy/fake email - like mailinator etc - that some of you use or whatever, they just get rejected - just needs to be a normal email address)

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      Ok thats enough lol .. - so many DM's ill pick some out and send them through later on. Who would have thought people on a site like this would like free things.

  • Can I ask for one please

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    I have sent out a lot of freebies - i have now run out (for now) HF is pretty generous with them. So im sure they will be back - usually once people claim them

    I have $100 off codes if someone wants one of those - thats not as good as you will have to pay something, but still a healthy discount - DM if you do .

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    I've got three free boxes to give away. - leave email address below or pm, first in first served..I think I have to give them away today.

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      All gone :-)

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    3 more arrived - first in first served - comment against this post - and then DM me your email. If you see there are more than 3 - then they are gone. There seem to be 100x lurkers to posters so sorry if you miss out. There will be more im sure.

    • Long time lurker here hahaha. Would love to be given the opportunity to try thanks

      I can't dm as I have to wait a day.

      • +1

        Sure, you can have the last one.

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    I've just signed up and been given/have $100 off codes if someone wants one of those.

    Just let me no. DM if you do

    • Hiya I’m interested but unable to message you

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    I have x3 free hello fresh boxes available, they are for first time users. If you're interested


    and I'll message you with the codes.
    Please don't flood my inbox.

    • Hey mate, can we please have one? Many thanks.

    • Yes please! Many thanks mate 😊

    • yes please

    • All gone.

  • 6P-QLFDZ
    50%/20%/20%(iirc) off 3 boxes - might be a deactivated account offer but will be useful for some people

    theres also a number of 50% off codes posted in old deal threads here that work for this purpose too, they take ages to expire

  • Anyone has a free box, I've never tried hello fresh and would like to see how good it tastes?

  • I have x3 free hello fresh boxes available, they are for first time users. If you're interested


    and I'll message you with the details.
    Please don't flood my inbox.

    • yes please

      • Hi. Can you please turn your messages on.

        • Sorry, done thanks

    • @bullseye do you still need a box?

    • Hi, can i have one?

      • +3

        You could at least say ‘please’ for an offer like this!

    • Yes please! If you have any left

    • Hey mate, can we please have one? Many thanks.

      • Hi. Yes. Please turn your messages on.

  • Yes please

    • Please turn your messages on

  • Hey, could I please have one too? Would be much appreciated :-)

  • Hey team, my family have been hit with covid this week. If there are any spare boxes, I'd really appreciate that. Thanks in advance!

    • Pm me, I have one unused code

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    I've got three free boxes - first to PM with their email address will get them. Must be a new hello fresh user to claim.

    • All gone

  • if anyone have a spare free box code, could I have one please. never try it before, wondering how those food taste like. Thanks

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    I would absolutely love to give a free box a try too. Never tried this before so if you anyone has free box codes lying around you would make my week! :) cheers!

  • Super keen to grab a box, would be appreciated

  • I would love to try one as well if any has a spare one going

  • If anyone has a free box code anywhere would love to give it a try too. Thanks

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    If you guys are on FB and are looking for a free box, might be worth asking for one here

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    I've got two free boxes, PM me with your email address.
    Must be a new user.

  • I have 2x “free first box (upto $125) then $20 off next 3 boxes” vouchers for first 2 people to PM me

    edit: all gone!

  • I'll have some free boxes in a months time. Just did the GrabOne: 4 people, 5 meals, 4 weeks. $403 total.

    • Do they come on a predictable cycle?

      • The free boxes? I think it's every 4th box maybe?

  • I have 3 free box codes. Comment below or send me a message. f.i.f.s.

    • One remaining.

      • All gone.

  • +2

    3 more to give. Send me your email address.

    • All allocated.

  • +1

    I have 3 free boxes. Comment or flick me a message with your email address if you're a new HF user. Cheers.

    • I am keen please

      • Hi Gamzallup, can you pm me your email address please? Thanks

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      Welcome to Cheapies grazziani! I think you have to enable PM so people can send you a message

      • +1

        Thanks Geoffgo. Just enabled it. Cheers

        • +1

          No problem mate! I can see this is your first comment on cheapies and you make an account just to share some HF freebox that's bloody awesome!

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