This was posted 1 year 8 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Protein World Whey Protein Concentrate 1kg $15 @ Chemist Warehouse ($5.99 Shipping / Free Shipping Orders over $50)


Just saw this on the CW website. Great deal for protein powder. $15 per KG - not sure if it is close to the 'best before date' but Whey does last a while if stored correctly.

The photo says 1.2KG so it may actually be more than 1KG.

Two flavours available:
- Chocolate
- Vanilla

Nutritional Information

As per usual with Chemist Warehouse, shipping is a flat rate of $5.99, but free for all orders above $50

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  • Just ordered some other protein powder but grabbed a couple of these to see what they're like.

    • wat ones did u buy

      • The chocolate and vanilla.

  • Shot g

    • May the gains be with you :)

  • For reference this is 30 servings.

    Other brands (Nz muscle is usually on the fairly priced side) for 1kg is around $35-40 each, so awesome deal!

    Just a call out for those that are lactose intolerant, concentrate may not be the best for you, you may be better off spending a little more and getting isolate (probably not on sale though)

    • +1

      When I add to cart is says $30 each in cart, possible error in the process of being fixed

      • Looks like it's fixed now, managed to get one though :)

        • OK sorry for the spam,

          It seems if you either click and collect or add more than 1 it will change the price back to $30. (rather than $15)

          If you add the protein to the cart then select click and collect from the delivery method when buying it, it will let you click and collect at $15.

          I had to use incognito mode because I had checked stock before purchasing.

          • +3

            @TSUKE: Cannot get it to register as $15 anymore… even with your steps

      • +1

        I ordered a chocolate and vanilla last night with a bunch of other stuff with free delivery and was charged $15 for each pack.

        • I think it was part of their 1/2 price sale that ended at midnight.

          I didn't pull the trigger last night, so am a bit annoyed with myself

          • @Plug: Same,was gonna go in last night to check but thought id leave it till today. :(

          • @Plug: Wouldn't be surprised if it's on sale again in the near future. They no longer have this specific product but Protein World products are currently 45ish% off at Chemist Warehouse AU.

            The product in this deal was posted on OzBargain back in September.

  • Order cancelled :(

    • +2

      Really? Did they give a reason? I missed out on this unfortunately :/

      • Supplier/stock issues from the email. Accidentally liked your comment BTW. Don't know how to remove haha

        • +1

          Aw that stinks. They should have at least offered a pickup option.

          And that's okay, I don't mind a +1 every now and then ;)

  • My order got cancelled saying that item not in stock but items are listed on double price now

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      Should message them back… "so why is it still on your website?"

      • +1

        I just did this and told them im happy to wait for stock. See what they say

    • +1

      I got the option to wait for it to be instock. So I did that and I'll go into store tomorrow and if its there see if I can pick up then and there

      • Lets know how it goes.

        • Sweet just picked up 2 bags, exp 2023

          I went instore to see if there were any bags but they were all gone at the Auckland G.I store. Asked if there were any out back, and the person who helped me thinks it won't be coming back instock hence the clearance.

          5min after leaving thinking I lucked out, I get the notification that my bags were ready for collection.

          • @TSUKE: I ordered 4x chocolate, looks like it has just shipped.

  • They just cancelled my order, even all the other stuff i had ordered.

  • I just had my 2 bags cancelled, and the shaker I ordered cancelled. It didn't mention anything about an option to wait for stock or to pick up. It also didn't mention the status of the rest of my order. The shaker and chocolate powder are still showing available in stock and available for order. All seems a bit fishy. I've gone back to them to ask why it's cancelled if it's still available to be ordered, and why it's taken so long for them to figure out they had no stock.

    • +1

      Keep us updated, I'm sure others would like to know how this ends ups.

    • Heard anything back?

      • Sorry, as below, forgot to hit reply here.

  • Yes I did. As follows -

    "We do our best to maintain our stock and order with enough time for this to be replenished before running out completely. However, sometimes it is out of our hands due to the supplier being out of stock or issues with the Ports where our consignments are delayed and we are unable to provide items for the order.

    If a product is likely to be out of stock for some time then we do try to remove it from the website to avoid disappointment, but do not always catch these in time.

    We apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you.”

    A very generic response, which answered zero of my questions as to why it was still showing in stock after having cancelled my order. Thankfully they didn't charge me an extra $5 for shipping as my order then come down under $100.
    I feel like maybe they had a lot more orders at the half price than they had expected and ran out of "allocated stock" at that price.

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