Toshiba Canvio Ready 2TB B3 USB 3.2 Portable HDD $71.30 (Normally $109.00) @ The Warehouse


Toshiba Canvio Ready 2TB B3 USB 3.2 Portable HDD $71.30 (Normally $109.00) at The Warehouse.

Normal price: $109.00
Special price: $76.30
$5 off $50: $71.30

As of posting this deal there are x10 units in stock online, but a ton of stock in-store throughout the country.

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  • Here's the last Toshiba Canvio post.

    Slightly different product but some good feedback.

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    The 4tb one is $122 if you take advantage of the $10 off $100 spend along with the free delivery code. Good price for a storage HDD. For portability, I would just pay a bit more an go with a SDD if you don't need that much 'on-the-go' storage.

    • or extra game storage if on console. I suspect 4tb might be a bit over kill

      • I just saw one of them is USB-C, might get it for my ipad pro m1

        • The USB-C component is just a cable that is micro-B to USB-C. The advanced and basic are identical hardware wise, one just comes with a USB-C cable and the advance comes with password protection software etc.

        • I purchased the 1tb Canvio Ready B3 last week and can confirm it did not come with a USB-C cable even though on the product page it says it does!

        • @saxasianguy did you buy it?

          • @2juicy: nah i didnt, the better of half me convinced myself its a want rather than a need lol

  • All Canvios are on sale from 1TB-4TB

  • fyi usb c model only has usb b to usb c cable, other model come with usb a to usb b cable

    just like you expect really

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    It's a shame apparently these drive don't come with sata interface of the internal drive… Makes data recovery difficult

    • Looks like they are following WD, seagate still have sata interface.

  • I bought this when it was on sale last year, it's very handy and so worth the price. Using it as out old memories back up

  • What device use USB c? Is it faster than the USB 3?

    Seems inconvenient to me as can't connect to pc with USB c

    • Laptops like Macbooks, tablets & phones. This is a portable hard drive. Many modern motherboards also have USB-C, and you can buy USB-C to USB-A adapters.

  • I just returned the 4GB one I bought the last time they were on sale, in December.

    It was unbelievably slow on writes. Read the reviews on Amazon before you spend any money on these drives.

    • It depends on the controller, some faulty usb ones are slower than a pen drive hence why i avoided this.

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