This was posted 1 year 5 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Vogue 40cm Carbon Steel Paella Pan $4.48 + $8.00 Shipping (91% off) @ Nisbets


Large unseasoned carbon steel pan. Potentially good for cooking outdoors or on a BBQ. You can find instructions online on how to season a carbon steel pan pretty easily.

They also have 32.5cm pan: Vogue Carbon Steel Paella Pan 325mm for $3.33 (92% off)

Product information:
Made from highly quality, ultra-strong carbon steel, the Vogue 400mm paella pan has been expertly designed to help you create large quantities of delicious paella. With the distinctive paella shape and size, the pan provides you with plenty of capacity for a large events, whilst the strong commercial construction gives you the reassurance that it's built to last. The carbon steel material ensures even heat distribution throughout the base of the pan, preventing hotspots which could lead to food waste. For best results, this pan should be seasoned before use.

Product features

Capacity 6.95Ltr
Dimensions 73(H) x 400(Ø)mm
Material Carbon Steel
Weight 2.32kg
Heavy duty
Even heat distribution across the whole pan surface
Strong metal handles
Can be hung from handles or stacked for easy storage
Even heat distribution
Excellent energy efficiency
Please note: not dishwasher safe

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    40cm pan = 9 available.
    32.5cm pan = 12 available.

    $10 off $50 spend with code 10WELCOME

    • Shot bro!

    • Maybe these are just purchase limits? Still able to add 9 of the 40cm pan to my cart.

      • I think that it may not be not a live stock system, perhaps waits for a human order confirmation before it removes stock from availability. Which likely works fine during regular business sales, when it's not being flooded with cheapies deal hunters.

        If so we may see a lot of order cancellations.

        • My order doesn't show up on the credit card anymore. I assume my order has been cancelled.
          I got in around 11:50am so possibly others too.

          Ah well, I've heard carbon steel is good, but will have to wait for another deal to try.

  • Got 2 small ones ,great deal thanks.

  • Great deal, thank you.

  • Will this work with induction cooktop?

    • +3

      Will work but not very well, induction cooktops create hotspot like electric hobs, best used with gas as the gas flame hits the sides of the frying pan or wok creating a large even heating area.

  • Got 1 for each. Thanks for the share 👍

  • this will rust like a *****

    • +2

      You would want to season it before using, and maintain it ongoing.

      If you did let it rust, you would be able to just scour it off (I wouldn't use wire wool or similar though!) and re-season unless you'd let it go for a long time.

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    Out of stock itemsThese item(s) are currently out of stock, see estimated ship date(s) below

    1 x GD074, Vogue Carbon Steel Paella Pan 400mm
    Estimated despatch: 24/01/2022
    1 x GD073, Vogue Carbon Steel Paella Pan 325mm
    Estimated despatch: 24/01/2022

    Bought one of each, thanks OP.

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      the site states its in stock, i hope it is.

  • wtf I was charged 3x =z

    • +1

      x = z/3 ?

      • =z is just a face/smile…

        I was charged 3 times for the same order, theres 3 different records with the same price on my cc =(

    • GST?

      • Not sure how you got to GST from 3x = z, but…. okay.

  • Got few items. Thanks for the post.

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    Nothing yet, no delivery, no updates

  • Got the other item i ordered in the same order. No communication or tracking was sent prior. No sign on pans. Packing slip makes no reference to the pans either.
    If i dont hear anything for a week i'd like at least a partial refund on the shipping costs, as the shipping was more than the 1 other item i got.

  • No progress for 2 weeks. Emailed them and just got told they out of stock and would refund us, so disappointing

    • Ahh? So they won't automatically refund if we don't get in touch? OMG

      • Got an automatic refund but no communication that the pan wasn't coming

      • they put a charge on my card but canceled it. checked my statements and saw no withdraw.

  • what about double charge? I got 2 lines in the statement.

  • Saw the refund on my card and emailed asking about the order. They said out of stock so automatically refunded, no communication about this until I asked.

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    so after not hearing from them about the out of stock items ordered ,this morning i checked my letterbox to find they sent a catalogue.nothing i ordered online came with advertising later on as the address was intended for the order only. what a cheek.

  • I never received these pans, emailed yesterday and was told they were out of stock and so would refund me - a bit concerning it took a month and me following up for that to happen!

  • No contact. Was only advised the items were out of stock and they couldn't fulfil my order a month later after I contacted them about it.

  • Absolutely shite company
    no comms
    Order doesn't appear on website completely vanished
    Dodgy or

    • Website is still there? The product is back online again…haha

  • Same story here. Refund will be processed in 4 biz days fingers crossed

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    Paid with PayPal, lodged dispute, then escalated to a claim, finally, PayPal refunded. I believe the company has never responded in the whole process.

    • Completely forgot I'd also paid by Paypal so just lodge a dispute too.

      • +1

        Yep, remember to escalate the dispute to a claim within 20 days.

  • I got an email today.
    "We apologise that we are unable to fulfil below order because the supplier no longer manufacture them. And we don’t have alternatives to offer you at present. I have cancelled the backordered items. As payment hasn’t been charged out for these items yet, no refund is required.
    Sorry about the inconvenience caused. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
    Kind Regards
    Sales and Operations Support , Nisbets New Zealand"

  • Did anyone else just have their order cancelled with no refund?

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