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$5 off Products $5.01 & Over (Exclusions Apply) @ The Warehouse


Happy New Year Everyone!

To kick this year off I have a deal that was originally planned to be kept a secret, in the hopes that it will never end. But taking a look at the terms and conditions1 it is clear that it is not a possibility as all good things must inevitably end. As much as I would like to quietly keep this to myself for the rest of its life, it would be a misdeed to the hardworking boys and girls of this site not to share this omnipotent power. Don't worry, before you hastily try to use this, fearing an imminent rectification, I have reason to believe that won't be necessary.

Similar to the post by Wakrak I have a feeling of which it was some kind of test prior to publishing this. The difference being there are pretty much no restrictions, you can combine any items you want. Though I have found this unuseable for gift cards.

As this explains "The voucher is valid for one month after signing up" this means it will be useable until January since the last signup date is 31/12/21.

This deal is from signing up to The Market and you get a one-time coupon to use in the app to get $5 off. Previously since you had to sign up to The Market, this required a verified number2, which meant you were limited to the number of mobile numbers you had available. No more! Your only limit now is your own imagination. I have managed to extract the coupon in the form of a promo code!

Old Tutorial:
1. Register for a new The Warehouse account
2. Fill your cart with items to a total of >=$5.01
3. Use the promo code to receive $5 off your order
4. Jump up in glee!

New And Improved Tutorial
1. Fill your cart with items to a total of >=$5.01
2. Use guest checkout
3. Use the promo code to receive $5 off your order

The reason I had not figured this out earlier was at the time of posting I had only made one purchase using the code.
Also to top up your total by a dollar you can buy the sim which I have found useful
First of all to use a unique email address for each account, use the "+" feature, then for organisation, once you receive your first email, select filter messages like these and set a filter to add a label. All your emails will be organised for when you need to collect.

Secondly, to assist in your searches, of the 34,455 different products available to you, I have a few links to make this easier.

All products: https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/search?pmin=0.00&pmax=99999.0...
All products under $5: https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/search?pmin=0.00&pmax=5.00&sr... With this just change the "max" to whatever you want your max to be. Also, you can use the sort by options to sort by highest price to lowest etcetera while being in the price range you have set.
Food products in order of lowest price to highest price: https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/c/food-pets-household/food-dr...

Thirdly, in the event you are short by a couple of cents, eg the item you are wanting to purchase is $5 the cheapest item you can add to your cart is this notebook for 9 cents. Credit to bigcheese for this tip
Alternatively, your other options are here

Now you can go all crazy like last time making 160 orders and all, no one can stop you, but I can't see how that can last. Since this is a genuine coupon The Warehouse is offering, it would probably not be possible for them to just stop it, as it doesn't expire for more than a month for the many people who did sign up to The Market like me. To track if people did receive this in coupon form in the app, would be near impossible I would say as I bet the coupon shows up as the promo code anyways. The only solution to patch this would then be comparing whether the account has a linked The Market account or to exclude new registrations.

The promo code is only able to be used once per account.
It is not able to be used in conjunction with any other promo code.
Feel free to try and if you succeed share how you did it

  1. $5 welcome voucher applies to new members who sign up to MarketClub between 20 October 2021 to 31 December 2021. The $5 welcome voucher can only be redeemed for purchases made in The Warehouse app or in-store with a minimum spend of $5.01. The voucher is valid for one month after signing up and cannot be used with any other basket level offer in-store. 

  2. Original plan was
    Use my current number to sign up for the warehouse on the app and make a The Market account on the app.
    I get a $5 off $5.01 spend. I buy 6 sim cards for $1
    Use those new sims to repeat.
    Infinite sims for $0.17 each
    This has since been greatly improved 

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  • Well its dead in a week i bet!

    • Still worth sharing to those that are able to get in their purchases in time. This one is more of a genuine coupon code rather than that glitch you posted so it's probably going to be more difficult to stop people from making their purchases. Also if they do try to change the code or something they are most likely to offer that code to the people in the app which can then be shared again.

      • They'll probably make the code unique somehow… but will take a few days at least given their past track record, plus another few days thanks to the public holidays

        • Yea but that's a given when they see a sudden spike of thousand of orders using this code. The question is if they can stop all those that have already made their orders. Other than in person stopping when they get suspicious of someone collecting 50 orders, if they are going to bother trying to filter all the genuine ones.

      • -3

        Either way it is due to expire in the app in a month so there's no use to try to hide it

        • Do people have trouble understanding why it is going to expire in a month?

          It is meant to last a month for all signups, meaning if you signed up on 1st of November it would expire for you sometime around 1st December.

          That was not what I was referring to.

          Since the last date for signing up to get this offer is 31/12/21 that means the code must be usable for that person until January therefore that is the final date at which it is no longer active for anyone. I have stated the code may not be expired but rather a "virtual" expiration in app, but they could also just expire the code

  • Great detailed post OP. Great stuff

    • -1

      This reveals illegal activities enacted by TWG and legal remedies/ resolution.
      This only applies if you have paid money as part of purchasing an item from TWG because the payment of monetary sums is what creates a legally enforceable contract for the purchase of goods.

      • oh dear what exactly does this mean? now im kinda scared cause I did like 4 orders

  • +8

    How about people not abuse these kinds of deals or suggest how to..

    Warehouse Group has been super generous in the past to people here with pricing errors/stacked discounts/free shipping codes/upgrading ps5 skus free etc and this type of stuff will lead to a site ban req or actual cracking down on codes/offers.

    It's clearly intended to be a one-off discount for a platform(TheMarket) that has no free shipping unless you spent over $45..

    • You seemed to have no problem with the deal almost exactly the same posted a month ago. I have stated dissuading the same thing that happened last time. Also, it is not intended for The Market, it is a The Warehouse coupon. I don't know where you got that from. There is no free shipping involved

      • +3

        Sorry I misunderstood the post, thought when you said in OP 'This deal is from signing up to The Market and you get a one-time coupon to use in the app to get $5 off' you were referring to that platform rather than The Warehouse. I can't edit that comment to reflect that it's not what I thought.

        Not my downvote on your comment, I feel like if people neg comments they should be required to reply much like when you neg a deal post rather than being nameless.

        As to your comment about me not speaking up about this on the last deal I did.

        Dunno on 01/12/2021 - 20:14
        TWG has ate losses on multiple deals here for thousands of dollars each time out of goodwill, it was only a matter of time before they got sick of it and took action. It's clearly an error, if you didn't get the goods in your hand they are allowed to refund you..

        • I'm pretty sure these losses are not painful enough for them to want to do something to fix them. If I'm not wrong, TWG has their own IT team, probably busy working on stuff that generate way more revenue then fixing some pricing bugs….haha

          • @akrotohur: I think it's not a sweep under the mat now

          • +1

            @akrotohur: They'll definitely get to this if they figure out what is happening. They've fixed every other loophole.

            • Using app codes from two different weeks in browser = fixed
            • The ability to use any app codes on browser = fixed
            • The ability to do the app/browser cart hack to figure out the codes = fixed
            • $5 off for click & collect = fixed
          • @akrotohur: Mistakes like this have the capacity to empty stores entirely of certain inventory. They can't be without pain

            • @Plug: Just like the free shipping code bug, not "painful" enough (eg. not a big red negative on the balance sheet yet) to want to quickly fix it, probably buried in a bug list somewhere, until someone from the management jumps up….haha

        • Fair enough! You clearly have got me there, I didn't bother checking whether you had actually posted a comment. Since you did you are completely in your right to criticize this as well.

          I agree totally that if they are not wanting to provide you with the goods they are totally in their right to refund your order. I think you would have to be pretty entitled to expect them to must fulfil your order. I hope the people who utilise the code are buying useful items, rather than whatever free sh*t they can get their hands on.

          I'm unfortunately not daring enough to make dozen and dozens of purchases, how the hell are you supposed to collect that, you can't do them like one at a time because you say your name and the order list has your name like 80 times. With everything, it's probably best to just take it easy.

    • -1

      TWG is not generous when they are not paying some of their contractors. They mislead consultants into bidding for work and into interviews and not paying them a dime for their advice. Clearly, if the TWG was operately like a proper business they don't have to resort to unethical practices like this. TWG is no saint and should not be treated as one.

  • +4
    • This is the code given for signing up to giveit. They just didn't bother changing the name over to MClub.
    • As such, this code has been around for a good year or so.
    • It used to work on gift cards but they stopped that 4 months ago.
    • Your tutorial is almost right. There are easier ways to utilise this.

    Source: I've had this code for a while now. I personally thought it was best to keep it out of the limelight but I can't fault you Bill for discovering the code and then posting it. My only suggestion is that people use click & collect whenever possible.

    • what are the "other ways" wakrak 🙂

      • Guest checkout

    • +4

      maybe this is one for the forum..

    • Yep, I figured it out last night but was too tired to bother updating. I figured that there must have been a good-sized handful of people who knew about this but kept it to themselves.

      I originally planned to not post it and just quietly keep on using it, but that was before I figured the code was going to be expired next month. If it was going to be long-running of course I wouldn't have ruined it for the few, but being that there's only a month left anyways sharing it with the many is going to be far more fruitful than withholding it till the end.

      When they expire it, would they have expired the code, or just expire the voucher in app? I guess we'll never know

      I only discovered this yesterday, at the time the deal was purchased I had only made one purchase.

      • It only expires in a month if you use your original method. This code has been around for a year +.

        • What do you mean by the original method? By following the correct way to do it but that ended yesterday, that's why I assumed it would expire in one month as it lasts one month for the last person to sign up? Please take a look at the terms and conditions, it looks to last one month from now.

          • @Bill: I get what you're saying now. 31 December 2021. The same thing was said when giveit was retired but the code still worked. I don't think the physical code will go away, just the $5 voucher in the app.

            edit - My guess is that this will more than likely disappear now (if TWH figure things out). They'll make the last six numbers/letters of the code random just like they did with the rest of the in-app offers.

            • @Wakrak: Yeah, I kind of regret posting it now. The post hasn't garnered the type of response I was predicting. There's definitely that chance it would have never been expired and they just keep it in the back for when they want to do a promotion. I thought since there's only a month left might as well make the most of it, but if the code wasn't going to be removed then this post would have made sure of it. If you had messaged me about this and told me not to share it, or if anyone had messaged me and let me in on the action, of course, I wouldn't just spoil it for you. I had no idea the number of people who knew about this, I was intending to do a selfless act of kindness. Perhaps I have jeopardised the unlimited free stuff you have been getting for "around for a year +", but it wasn't even that hard for me to find this out. I stated above "When they expire it, would they have expired the code, or just expire the voucher in app? I guess we'll never know"

  • +11

    Just a thought but maybe this should be taken down from here and moved to the forum so the deal does not get removed by the Warehouse due to people taking advantage of it with a 100 plus orders.

    • +5

      There will definitely be people doing 100 or so orders. Just can't help themselves. Frantic.
      273 people are on Cheapies right now and the majority are more than likely staring at this page.

      • Yeah, I tried my luck at the 100 orders last time and received around 10 of them. Even that didn't sit right with me so I let this one go

      • nachos works for warehouse. this deal will be gone soon.

    • Good thinking but too late

    • Yeah, this is technically more like a hack, not a deal.

  • Time to empty the local warehouse shelves ? I wish they sell some beers 🍻

  • Fixed already? It doesn't work for me.

    • Yes they fixed it. That was fast!

      • hmmm works for me as guest checkout

        • Thanks. Strange it doesn't work on my account but works for guest checkout.

          • @sunshinenz: You probably took advantage of this offer ($5 off $5.01) when giveit was around.

        • do you guys use different email addresses when checking out as guest? when I check out as guest and put in my email address, the price changes back to normal.

    • Still works for me, just tested it

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Plus now I know about the + feature in Gmail (such a time saver!).

    • +1

      also, a slightly lesser-known feature is that you can add a full stop to your email and it works the same. This can be a less conspicuous way to alter your email. for example you can use [email protected] and it looks less suspicious than [email protected]

    • +1

      It's much better to use Bulc.Club. It's a free forwarder service and hides your real email address.

      For example, I can randomly sign up to websites with these addresses on the fly. I don't have to create them at all.

      [email protected]
      [email protected]
      [email protected]

      Any emails sent to them will be forwarded to my real email address. My real email address is never exposed.

      Also, let's say you sign up to Trademe using [email protected]. If one day, you start to receive emails from e.g. [email protected], then you know that the [email protected] is misused by Trademe, i.e they probably sold your email and info to 3rd parties (for Ads targetting or whatever). You can very easily just block the [email protected] address in your Bulc.Club account.

      Whereas if you use something like this:

      [email protected]

      Then it's very easy to see that your real email is [email protected] and they can just keep spamming you with ads from different mail servers. It's much more work to block them and your real email is always exposed.

      There are other features with Bulc.Club as well. The backend mail server has a database full of community reported and blacklisted domains. This means that if a domain is known to be dodgy and malicious and is reported by other Bulc.Club users, then you'll be notified of it and can choose to block it by default, or allow it. You can configure it so that the entire domain is blocked, but certain emails from that domain is allowed.

      For example, allow this email:
      [email protected]

      But block everything else from @domain.com

      There are way more features, but you can do some research and discover them yourself.

      Also, inb4 this gets downvoted by Bill (OP of this Cheapies deal), just wanted everyone to know that this is the type of person he is. Such a sour and pitiful person who easily holds a grudge against people who has proven him wrong in the past, including this time (see my comments above regarding free shipping).

      @Bill - everytime you downvote me, just know that to me it's like a slap to yourself. It's your way of acknowledging that I am right but you just don't want to say it. Downvoting is the only thing you can do and this makes me laugh everytime. Thank you for this, it's perfect!

  • +3

    Lately cheapies will be on high alert at twh due to couple of recent hacks/deals. Another reason not to post something like this for everyone. Maybe we should be having a forum post similar to torpedo to reduce the risk of getting it fixed.

    Everyone thinking of doing too many orders remember that you might get that look when you go pickup. There is even a possibility of orders getting cancelled as happened last time.

    Please be generous and order responsibly so that we can have better luck finding deals in 2022. And not getting blacklisted somehow. I know how that could be done, just not posting here as associated people will get ideas around that.

  • Still works sometimes it seems but also for people who don't want to pick up, the free shipping code also works. Not sure how many people could create 100+ delivery orders for $1 or so

      • +6

        Ok what is your problem

      • +7

        Your new years resolution should've been to work on your social skills & be a bit less cringe… or maybe it shouldn't, considering how you're acting already on the 1st lmfao

          • +8

            @Chaoscreater: Cringe. For your sake I hope you're like 13 instead of an adult in society lol

              • +5

                @Chaoscreater: No sadly I am out of the running for the edgiest cringelord. Currently a person by the name of chaoscreater is in the lead by a great margin. Why continue to be an ass when you're self aware, or did you actually think chaoscreater was a good username ?

                  • +5

                    @Chaoscreater: Have a nap bro it's not that big of a deal. Noones tryna hurt you stop getting so offended lol

  • +2

    Thanks op. I learnt my lesson from last deal that was similar and have tried for 1 purchase this time around.

  • +3

    Good lord. The comments are always a bloodbath on the exploitable deals. 🍿

    • +9

      Naah Chaoscreater has gone off his meds again or still or the glass barbie from NYE, he'll calm down once mum brings him some tendies.

      • +3

        Hahahahaha I like that

        • +3

          He's only trying to suit his name she picked
          Just playing ☺️

      • +4

        Pity TWH doesn't sell tendies.

  • +2


  • +2

    thanks OP. you know it's a good deal when the drama starts

  • no longer working, says invalid now

  • officially expired now

  • Ahhh it's no longer working. I'm still trying to order some more items :( is it working for anyone else??? It says invalid code

    • +1

      Ahhh…it's been cheapied?

    • +1

      Yup shows invalid code, but I found that there's still a way around it.

      • -1


          • +1

            @Chaoscreater: Now you're going to get 100 direct messages 😄

            • +3

              @Wakrak: Only 100?
              That’s nothing!
              Try 220 and counting….

              • +2

                @bigcheese: Well yeah don't think your inbox is going to slow down anytime soon from all the new folk wanting Torpedo7 codes. You would have had a few hundred dollars by now if you charged $1 a message.

            • -1

              @Wakrak: "Mark as Read".

          • -1

            @Chaoscreater: The only clue I can give is to try 2 different codes at the same time and in different order.

          • -1

            @Chaoscreater: Please sir :)

          • @Chaoscreater: I would love to know how you got it to work. It currently shows as invalid for me even when trying to use two different codes (the free shipping and free $5 credit) in different orders.

            • +5

              @shortwonder: Don't bother the guy is having you on, some sort of weird cringe power trip.

      • Can you let me know how please???

        • No point trying, someone mentioned they have started cancelling orders.

  • Same here invalid.

  • Welp it was fun while it lasted….

  • anyone else gets texts from twh saying that their orders are cancelled? :(

    • I've actually just picked up 1 of my orders, still 2 waiting, but haven't heard anything from TWH

      • ah damn lucky

      • got all my orders picked up today in Newmarket, smooth process as well

    • +1

      Oh hi not yet

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