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Sample Single Serve Protein Sachet Delivered from Nuzest


For a limited time, we’re giving away any of our single serve sachets for FREE!
Our supplements are all plant-based and perfect for filling nutritional gaps.
We get it, it can be tough finding that PERFECT protein or greens powder as it can get costly & time consuming.
That’s why we’re giving you the chance to try before you buy!
Use the coupon code ‘FREESACHET’ at checkout.

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Nuzest NZ


  • Can choose from either


    all RRP is $4.5

    they are bloody expensive, must be very premium

  • Offered me 30% off after my purchase then sent an email for 20% off in exchange for a referral.

    They seem to be pretty impetuous with their pricing.

    • No such thing as 100% free :)

      • Not sure what you mean? I was referring to them giving large discounts frivolously.

        • +1

          Oh I thought you meant after using this promo code

    • Do you mean you can get 50% in your 1st order?

  • Thanks OP, ordered real coffee flavour

  • Thanks, I've been wanting to try their stuff

  • Got 30% off.
    Website keeps hammering you with offers off new discounts before you complete the sale.
    Kept reverting back to renter shipping details.
    I got so frustrated they almost lost a sale

  • Always wanted to try this!

  • My order is on its way 🚐

    • My order has arrived!

  • The flavour was good, but the texture was super grainy even after I shook it violently with my shaker

  • Received the coffee flavour I ordered. Didn’t quite like the flavour. Too grainy as ZayVier said above. Idk maybe i’m used to the delicious whey protein shakes as opposed to plant based.

  • Expired now. Code doesn't work

    • confirmed, just tried it.

  • I like balance plant protein more than this one which is cheaper as well than Nuzest. I found this more grainy

  • Got the coffee flavour. Tastes like powdery maple syrup.

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