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$600 Trade In Boost towards iPhone 13, + Join on a $40/Mo Plan and Receive 2 Mo's Free Credit @ 2 Degrees


2-degree new offer
1. 2 month plan free
2. iPhone trade in 600 boost

If u dont have old phone trade in or old phone has damage, just go to warehouse purchase Samsung A02 cost $164, trade in $149+ $600 boost

** Pay Monthly deal: Join on a $40 plan (or above) to get 2 months free credit or a freebie.**

New Pay Monthly/Business customers only on a $60+ Pay Monthly Plan or $58+ Business Choice Plan when you buy interest free and Trade In. $600 repayable if you end your eligible plan within 12 months. Trade in on selected smart phones only.

Offer available for a limited time or while stocks last. Phone balance repayable if you end your eligible plan. Phone must meet trade in criteria including being fully functional with no damage, cracks or other defects that go beyond normal wear and tear. We reserve the right to amend or cancel the offer at any time. Plan, promotion, trade in and interest free T&Cs apply.See 2degrees.nz(2degrees.nz) for full T&Cs.

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  • Looks like you have to buy the new phone first then do the trade in? Do they pay you cash or just put money on your account?

    • Credit your account.

    • They will assess the eligibility of your phone and if okay credit it to your account after you signing the agreement. I traded my iPhone 11 128g for a 12 128g few months back. Didn’t pay any extra and even got additional $41 credit. I’ve also heard that some dudes signed the contract and then the mobile was deemed ineligible for a trade-in and then they will have to go with the higher price plan withno new phones.

      • Yes, if old phone has damage, better buy new samsung A02 to tradein

        • Exactly.

  • +1

    Discount seems very small/non existent. You pay $2250 over 12 months in handset repayments minus $600 trade in credit = $1650. New cost from Apple is $1799. You also get tied into $40 a month plan with low data.

    • +2

      But the thing is if you buy directly from Apple, you still need to pay for monthly plan every month

      • Correct, I miscalculated, so this is a deal

      • +1

        can't you just get the phone and go on prepay? i'm sure that much cheaper "New cost from Apple is $1799" +$16 a month or if you get a kogan deal it'll be cheaper?

    • black friday they have first 6 month plan half price, but right now no this deal

      • In other words, one monthly plan payment of $40 less than the Black Friday deal. But still a good deal tho

    • I signed up for the Black Friday deal.
      Cost of phone & $60 plan = $2199 +$420 = $2619
      Cost after trade-in my P30Pro = $1845

      Direct from Apple Store = $2199 + $165 (50% off Kogan Mobile Deal) = $2364
      Otherwise a comparable Kogan plan will cost you $420.

  • Just be careful the estimate of the value of your old phones shown at their website may change over time. This is a “nb” kind of info but they put this info at “q&a”.

    • Weirdly enough someone I know traded in a galaxy S8 was offered 250 got 450 even though it was a USA not NZ one

  • +1

    Only if you sign up for the $60+ plan. It would be better if it was the $40.

    • I thought the headline says $40 or more, is it wrong?

      • +1

        I went to the site and saw it in the t&c. Make it less a deal for me. Would love to grab it at $40pm.

  • Worth noting you can do some of these deals at retailers who do Mobile contracts
    PBtech does 2degrees
    Harvey Norman does Spark
    And Noel Leeming does Vodafone

  • Used this option, thank you!
    Managed to get both promos, 600$ + 120$ discount.
    Very happy.

  • Struggling to get my head around this - if I go for this, trade in phone and then want to quit the contract…what do I have left to pay? The balance of the remaining phone plans + phone repayments or just the phone repayments?

    Would be hugely grateful if someone could help on this one.

    • +1

      Why not an outright purchase from a retail or Apple store?
      For Trade-in boost you need to stay on an eligible plan for 12 months.

      • Gotcha, I didn't realise you had to stay on for the 12 months to keep the boost. That certainly clears it up, thanks!

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