Atomos Connect 4K Capture Streaming Dongle $69 (Was $115) + Shipping @ Photogear


Team this is 40% off Photogear's already lowest price for this 4K capture to 1080p60 streaming dongle. It is $149 at Rubber Monkey and more at Photo Warehouse.

These have a 5-7 day lead time from the supplier, but at this price I don't care when it arrives, just the fact I can order a primary and have a backup unit for less than buying one item from Rubber Monkey!

About Atomos Connect 4K:

The Atomos Connect 4 HDMI to USB Converter is for 4K video/audio capture. Connect, covert and stream with up to 4Kp30 input and 1080p60 output. Universally supported with Skype, MS Teams, Zoom, Twitch and Youtube. It's simple operation allows automatic conversion to UVC over USB with no drivers required.

Key Features:
Connect, Convert, Stream
Atomos Connect, our HDMI to USB converter that allows you to take 4K (up to 30p), HD (up to 60p) or 720p (up to 60p) sources and output the same resolution and frame rate up to a maximum of 1080p60 ready for connection to the USB input on a computer and out to your choice of streaming platform.

Simple operation
Simply connect the HDMI output of your favorite camera, console or Atomos monitor recorder and you’re ready to go LIVE! The Connect 4K automatically converts your input to the widely supported USB Video Class (UVC) standard.

Universally supported
Supported by any CDN/Social platform that supports UVC: Skype, MS Teams, Zoom, Twitch, Youtube & many more.

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  • While I certainly can't attest to how the quality of this one compares - but there are a lot of YouTube reviews of the $15 AliExpress capture cards that look pretty similar to this and have all been very positive.

  • +2

    Yea nope looks and smells like a rebranded AliExpress capture card that can be had for less than $20

    Edit: Stream Professor says so

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