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Oculus Quest 2 128GB VR Headset AU$509 approx. Delivered (+ Bonus $100 Promotional Credit for Future Eligible Order) @ Amazon AU


From OzBargain

Customers will receive $100 promotional credit for a future eligible order when they purchase an Oculus Quest 2 Headset sold by Amazon AU. See full T&Cs and eligibility criteria.

Promotion terms

These terms and conditions apply whereby customers who purchase a Oculus Quest 2 256GB [B08FSZ8QWH] or Oculus Quest 2 128GB [B08V51TP2C] “sold by Amazon AU” on from 00.01 AM (AEDT) on 21 November 2021 to 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 29 November 2021 (“Promotion Period”), will receive by email from Amazon Australia, confirmation of a $100 promotional credit that has been automatically added to their account as a discount for use by 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 31 March 2022 towards a future Eligible Order (the “Offer”). Qualifying Items does not include any Excluded Items. When used in these terms and conditions,

1) “Eligible Order” refers to a purchase on of any items that are “sold by Amazon AU” and excludes any Excluded Items; and

2) “Excluded Items” refers to any products on sold by third party sellers (even if fulfilled by Amazon AU or sold by Amazon US or Amazon UK), digital purchases such as e-books, subscriptions such as Prime video and audible, gift cards and postage or delivery rates.

To redeem the Offer, customers must purchase a Qualifying Item during the Promotion Period. Once that Qualifying Item has shipped, the promotional credit will be applied to the customer’s account and can be used as a discount on the customer’s next Eligible Order via the Amazon AU app or

The Offer can only be redeemed once per customer. Offer is valid until the earlier of 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 29 November 2021 or while stocks last. The promotional credit will expire at 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 31 March 2022.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks Wakrak, ordered. I had ordered direct from Oculus on Friday, but they had not even processed it yet so cancelled that.

  • Man I want to get those VRs but I'm afraid it doesn't work out for people with glasses.

    • I have glasses so time will tell. It does come with a piece to move it further away from face for people with glasses.

    • You reckon? I play my Quest 2 with glasses and it works out fine.

    • I’ve borrowed my brothers PSVR, a unit that came out in 2016? I think?

      Anyway, been wearing glasses my whole life, might as well have been born with them, I’m 41 now, and vr is fine with glasses bud!

      Just make sure you have a cleaning cloth nearby and take breaks, or else the headaches can get you :)

    • There are prescription lens inserts you can buy which fit into the headsets. - they are quite pricey though.…

  • Anyone can give me referral code to save another $47?

    • Hi there, I have a code for you - can you please PM me?
      You need to add someone on FB for 30 days or more for both people to get the credit [and it's easiest to refer someone you've already added on FB].

      Note, I'd PM you but I think your PM's are disabled.

    • Where do you apply the referral code? is it for Amazon? Thanks


        “For anyone purchasing this you will want to enable the referral credit before activating the device.

        You can do this by contacting an existing Oculus Quest Owner and requesting a referral link from them. You can then follow that link and activate the offer on your Facebook account.

        When you sign into your Quest 2 with the same Facebook account you will receive the $50 credit which can be used to purchase games and apps on the Oculus store.

        You will need to remain friends with the refer on Facebook for ~90 so that you both receive the credit. The referral bonus is eligible for all new headsets regardless of where you purchased them if you activate the offer before signing into the headset for the first time.

        You can message anybody listing in the Oculus referral system to start the process.”

        • Can we set up an Oculus Referral Randomizer thingy on Cheapies?

          Ozbargain have one set up, but it'd be better if we had our own, Kiwi's helping Kiwi's and all. I feel a bit sketchy even replying to a request, but not sure what the alternative is if we don't have our own set up?

        • +1

          So you only receive the credit 90 days after referral?

        • an existing Oculus Quest Owner

          limit 5 referral per month, not sure when the rollover is

  • +6

    Another Amazon AU deal. Oral-B pro 2000 back down to AU$57ish delivered.

    Too lazy to post seperately.

  • Bought few months ago and really have been enjoying it, can't miss it with $100 credit so pulled the trigger again, going to spent the credit on the elite head strap and figure out how to deal with the new headset later…

    • +1

      Clean up the headset, take good pics put in to FB/Trademe with Xmas coming it'll go probably

    • +2

      I bought 4 on the previous oculus sale and sold all in one week =p

      • How much profit we talking about? Gst?

        • I did ~160$ per device but the deal when buying from the oculus store is over

    • Got the credit immediately after it’s been shipped!

  • +1

    I recently bought one as well. Unfortunately it has a stuck bright pixel on one of the screens. Amazon AU will only refund up to $16 for my return shipping fee…and a quick quote from DHL and Fedex both came back with $200 and $150 shipping cost respectively (from NZ to AU) Still figuring out what to do with the headset

    • 😥

    • worst case you could try to buy a new one then return it but sending your old instead

      • My old one is still eligible for returns, so worst case I return both if the new one have dead pixels. It the shipping fee will be ridiculous lol

    • +1

      Did that come from live chat?

      Tell them you want them to organise the return and to send a return label. They've sent me 3 for some returns so far. One was a DOA, one was a faulty after 3 - 4 months, one was a change of mind. They just email a DHL label, you print it out, stick it to the box, and the courier comes and picks it up. They did ask if I wanted to organise it for one of the items and I said no.

      • +1

        I requested the return from the website and that wasn’t one of the options. I will give live chat a try

        Update: they refused to organise the label because it’s an international return, but offered to refund all the shipping costs that I would pay anyway…will see how it goes

        • How weird… They emailed me labels without hesitation, it might depend on the staff member you get at the time. Just make sure to get that in writing, but they've been reliable in the past with returning shipping cost, and also refunding in the store currency (I returned an item to the US and they refunded the NZD amount in USD).

  • Anyone can share the referral code please? thanks.

    • +1

      Just send me a PM and I will add you as a Friend on FB for a referral.

      • Only joined cheapies today so can’t PM you - Just purchased one from Amazon AU - it’s for my 11 year old son - we just created a Facebook account for him - how does the referral work - would be mint to get $50 credit in the Oculus shop once it arrives

    • +1

      I've sent you a PM and I can send u a referral. Anyone else can PM me too

    • Referral credit is only valid for the first headset/per account eh?

  • PM me and I can friend you on FB to send you a referral :)

  • +2

    How much is this after import duty + shipping in NZD?

    On themarket 1-day is selling for nzd599. With 10% off with black Friday deal tomorrow, and with with free shipping from the market club, that comes down to NZD540.

    No bonus credit though. Local warranty but from 1-day.

    • Even the Oculus store in NZ sell for $569. After import duty and with the $100 promo, amazon au is way cheaper. $479 includes 10% GST[AU], so its only about 5% more, plus convert to NZD. So around $510-520. Then there's the $100 gift card.

    • +1

      $509 aud to nzd is roughly $527ish

      Items: $435.45
      Delivery: $7.45
      Total before GST: $442.90
      Estimated GST to be Collected: $66.44
      Order Total: $509.34

      • Many thanks. Don't have Amazon Au account yet so couldn't confirm the end price.

      • Purchased one today and my credit card was charged $538.09

        • Thanks for sharing.
          Ah yes, I've forgotten about the currency conversion fee charged by the credit card which is ~2-2.5% depending on the bank.

          Was going to say with cashback may buffer the above fee, but VR is under "Video game" hence 0% cashback on :(

          I guess Amazon AU credit of $100 makes it insignificant though.

    • Does Amazon AU have to honour the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act? I'd probably feel more comfortable buying from 1-day/themarket knowing that the product needs to last at least a few years else I'd get a replacement/repair/refund. If Amazon AU is still bound by NZ laws then the $100 credit makes this an easy choice.

      • Amazon is usually very easy to deal with when it comes to warranty claim, I’ve dealt with Amazon US, they paid for return shipping for a faulty mesh AP.

    • +2

      I just purchased one and my credit card was charged $538.09 - my son is trying to save up for one so have purchased this in advance for him.

  • +1

    Amazon AU Black Friday Sale begins 2AM tomorrow.

    • none of the amazon fire sticks ship to nz

  • Items: $435.45
    Delivery: $5.28
    Total before GST: $440.73
    Estimated GST to be Collected: $66.11
    Order Total: $506.84 AUD

    not sure how much nzd actual as credit card not showing yet

  • Dammit! Just ordered mine 2 weeks ago so of course it goes down in price and has a voucher attached. lol.

    If anyone orders one and wants to do the $30USD facebook referral thing before activating the device send me a pm and we can connect on Facebook. It's essentially one free game with the headset via the referral credit.

  • I guess the big question is whether we get the $100 credit before the Black Friday sales end?

    I have turned on my PMs if someone wants to friend me on facebook and send me a referral link.

    If I have an occulus account but have not linked facebook will the credit still apply?

    • +1

      Ordered last night - just this minute for confirmation it has shipped and at same time for the $100 credit email

  • Hi, what games or applications do you normally use this for?

    • beat saber + porn

    • So essentially it’s an external ‘screen’? Games on the oculus app on your mobile phone, and any video on the phone can be ‘casted’ similar to AirPlay on the iPhone to a smart TV?

      • nah. its an all-in-one system, you dont need computer or phone, everything runs inside the device, but yeah it can do pc vr as well

        • Thanks for the clarification @deadfish. Seems to have a more limited utility than I had initially thought, but good to know. Will go read more about it.

  • Is it only me can see the stack promotion on this - get $10 off only on the Amazon mobile app?

    • Is that $10 off for first purchase using the app?

      • Just saw it as well. Does look like first purchase on the app.

      • Probably, I didn't install the app before.

        • These terms and conditions apply whereby any existing customer of who has not previously made a purchase through the Amazon App (Australia store) and has either been invited from Amazon or who has clicked through on site marketing whilst signed into their Amazon customer account, is eligible to receive $10 off their first purchase of over $39 of “eligible items” made on the Amazon App (Australia store) only ("offer").

  • +1

    Hiya, if anyone wants a $30 credit to spend in the store just dm me, thanks to txf i got a code and kinda figured how setting up the whole oculus works, can also get custom songs off beatsaber (took me an hr figuring it out through youtube) if anyone needs help with it.

  • Just put an order in, if anyone wants to refer me then send a PM :)

  • +1

    Thanks again @Wakrak for this post! Decided to try this out. Seems like VR related tech skills will be among of the next useful ones to gain. Would be interesting to see what type of applications will VR bring (with the pandemic not going away anytime soon).

  • Could anyone send me a referral link? tyty

    • I tried to send you a PM but it says you don't accept conversations. If you add me on FB I can send you a link. PM me if instead if you were interested!

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