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Spin & Win Free Fuel ($2, $5, $10 or $20) @ Waitomo Fuel


Every spin is a win!

Here is the instructions on how to claim at the pump (thanks Wakrak).
Go to Waitomo.
Pick a lane and open the Waitomo app. Make sure data and location services are on.
Click ‘pay from your vehicle’.
Select pump no. & fuel type.
Click ‘own amount’. Minimum $10.
Once confirmed, get out of the vehicle and type the amount into the machine.
Fill your vehicle.
Receipt will be sent through email.

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  • Thanks man. First few $5, then $2.

    • Hi. Still a bit confused. Did you use multiple accounts or multiple filling and spin before or after filling? Thanks

      • +1

        Yes, I spin for all my family members.

  • For fam accs got
    2x $10
    2x $2
    Better than nothing 👌

    • better than nothing but nothing like before!

      • Yeah but that wasn't sustainable as a business

        • +1

          probably just the same prize pool budget, so no difference in cost to them, but this way it doesnt go to 90% cheapies members!

  • Thanks OP
    One spin and got $10

  • $2 Cha ching

    • sorry bud! i've got 4 x $10, 3 x $5, 6 x $2

      • 13 sim cards lol

        • normally keep around a years worth, 1 for each month with data. buy them on special for around $2 each last time.

          • +1

            @nachos: how to most efficiently swap sim cards between phones?

            • @simch: Having a dual SIM phone and swapping two at a time works best for me.

              • +1

                @bmc: Yes Dual sim would be easiest , although I have separate phone as it is handy to have a separate identity so you can you double your allowance with some promos in some apps.

                • @nachos: How is tacos?

                  • +3

                    @Peter Wyngarde: In queso you didn't know, We fell apart, I said I'm nacho friend anymore. Sorry I don't like to taco about it. Life is much cheddar now.

              • @bmc: I guess the same credit card is used for both accounts. Does the app track this?

                • @RedditPD: No credit card needed for waitomo fuel purchase using moolah :)

  • +1

    $20 on the first go

  • +1

    Thanks. Got $20…

  • Maybe their algorithm is 'favouring' new accounts i.e numbers which haven't registered in the Waitomo app before?

    Our 2 x new numbers each got $10. For existing accounts, we've got $2 each..

    • First time for me, only got $5

  • +2

    I got 2x $5 with old numbers
    And 1x $20 on a new one

    • That’s not how it works anymore.
      You get what you spin -$2,$5,$10, or $20 if you’re lucky.

  • Got 3$2, 2$5, and 1*$20 :)

  • $5 for me, yay :)
    How do you get notified of this promo? I never know it’s happening until I happen to see it on here and always worry I might miss it!

    • Check their Facebook and/or the ‘Go to Deal’ link everyday.

    • +1

      just visit cheapies every day and you wont miss another deal ever again

  • got 4 x $2 meh

  • The site is down?!

    • no all good

    • +1

      My router was blocking it for some reason. was pinged as a scam site on Trend Micro, worked find on mobile data

      • Yep, I think that happened to me too, worked on my mobile data.

  • Taking a break 🤣about time

  • Just got round to using mine yesterday, if you fill up with $20 or more using the Waitomo App you get to spin the wheel again immediately afterwards inside the app.

    I got $5 from this promo, put $20 in (costing me $15), span the wheel and won $5 again.

    Put another $20 in (costing me $15 again) and won $1 on the wheel.

    So got $40 worth of fuel for $30, and an extra $1 for next time.

    By my maths, next time I put $20 in (costing me $19) it will effectively bring my cost per litre down from $2.379 to $2.259 which is roughly equivalent to 0.12c off and beats everything near me on Gaspy (am in CHC). Pretty hard to find fuel any cheaper than this!

    • +1

      And if you spend $150 in the month then you get a chance to win some more.

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