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Big Mac Small Combo + Cheeseburger $6 @ McDonald's App


I guess it's the start of this year's equivalent of the McDonald's November deals, the first weekly deal is a Big Mac small combo plus a Cheeseburger for $6. Redeemable via app only, one offer per person.

McDonald's is also giving away free 6 pack Chicken McNuggets on Wednesday, 17th November. However for some reason McDonald's won't let me take a screenshot, so here's a photo from another phone. Expired.

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    Why bother you can't order in store in Auckland anyway just drive thru

    • +1

      Who knows. You may walk into a maccas from Wednesday, in Auckland. Have to wait for the PM's announcement this afternoon.

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      It does work with drive-through though, so still relevant both to Auckland and to the rest of the country

      • +1

        its true, just mention the code to the staff.easy

  • are u sure bc u can go to a MacDonald and order?

    • +2

      Yep - you can use any coupons through drive through, you just read them the code from the app.

      • Yes done it several times before. The app even lets you switch between in store and drive thru although only difference is in-store has the QR code and number under it and drive-thru only has the code but it's larger.

        Even before they changed to the new style with unique code and just had the coupon you had to show them it was possible although somewhat complicated. You needed to explain to them what it was and hopefully they would be able to find it in their POS system. Then redeem it when they were serving you, since if you redeemed it at the ordering speaker it would probably expire before you reached the window.

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    Pretty sure the anti-screen shot function on the coupon page is to try and stop you re-using their codes. They also try and prevent the app operating on rooted phones for the same reason, you need to use Magisk. Frankly with the timeout now 15 minutes and them using a unique code anyway, it seems pointless. But possibly it's a universal function of the app and some countries still use the old style.

    Note you can screenshot in the main coupon page where it shows all the coupons

    • +1

      They have really tightened down the security on their app. I've got it running with magisk and a Xposed module that allows screenshots. There are special offers for first time users like $4 big Mac.
      However it knows it's the same device, but if you are rooted you can refresh it and get the coupons again (need new McDonald's account too, but you can use the [email protected] trick)

      • AFAIK the McDonald's app is shared worldwide with a few exceptions (e.g. Australia with the MyMaccas app). And since in-app payments are a thing elsewhere, the security is super tight. My phone's rooted and I had problems on and off with the app for more than a year.

        • You're right that in-app payments are probably a bigger reason why they might want to limit rooted devices. Still don't think the screenshot limitation on the coupon screen makes sense anymore though at least for countries with a unique code like NZ and given the 15 minute time. I mean sure you can try to fool staff saying you tried it on the kiosks and had problems or something but seems a bit naff. And the chance someone is going to use remote access to steal McDonald's coupon codes seems low. Preventing screenshots on the credit card page, sure.

  • Can I claim multiple times at the same time if I have multiple phones?

    • +1

      If you have multiple phones and each have a different Mcdonald's account, then yeah. But with the free nuggets I don't think the drive-thru will give you more than one, unless you have multiple people in the same car.

  • Can I redeem this $6 combo deal and free nugget at the same time vis drive thru?

    • yup just did it :)

    • How to you claim 2 offers?

      • separately, the dude seemed fine with it

  • Never done this before but can you redeem 2 coupons by doing 2 separate transactions in store?

    • Yep, I do this all the time at self-serve. Bit trickier in Auckland L3 atm, drive through only.

      • Can u redeem both in 1 transaction?

        • yup just did it :)

  • Just redeemed both coupons for all three people in the car (drive through)- although we were advised when reading the codes out through the intercom that they only allow 3 codes per car (we obviously had 6 between us). So disgruntled we got to the window and the young server whispers "if you loop back around you can use the other 3 coupon codes". So 2 simple trips around the building and we're away laughing

  • Oh shoot, I redeemed at home because I misunderstood the redeem process. I thought the redeem would be so I kinda get the coupon to use later. But doesn't seem to be like that. I guess I just lost it then :(

    • +1

      note down the redemption code, it should still be valid for when you get to maccas .. or just make another account.

      • I'll give it a try! Thank you!

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    Protip: If you have an iPad or Android tablet you can install the app there, and use your phone's mobile hotspot to redeem at the restaurant.

    • you mean, do it on your phone and on the table too?

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