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30 Days of Deals via App @ McDonald's - Free McChicken on 11th November + More


30 Days,30 Deals is coming this November! Only on the Macca's app. Download here

November 01 - $2: 2 Hashbrowns
November 02 - $3: Cheeseburger Small Combo
November 03 - $3: Big Mac (first 30,000 sold are free).
November 04 - $8: Big Mac Small Combo + Cheeseburger
November 05 - $3: McChicken
November 06 - $5: 10pc Chicken McNuggets
November 07 - $2: 2 Hashbrowns
November 08 - $1.50: Cheeseburger
November 09 - $6: Big Mac Small Combo (some showing as $4!)
November 10 - $3: Cheeseburger Small Combo
November 11 - $3: McChicken (first 30,000 sold are free)
November 12 - $2: Medium Shake
November 13 - $1.50: Cheeseburger
November 14 - $5: 10pc Chicken McNuggets
November 15 - $2: 2 Hashbrowns
November 16 - $6: McChicken Small Combo
November 17 - $3: McFlurry
November 18 - $1.50: Cheeseburger (some will get for $1)
November 19 - $8: Big Mac Small Combo + Cheeseburger
November 20 - $1: Large Fries
November 21 - $2: 2 Hashbrowns
November 22 - $3: McChicken
November 23 - $6: Cheeseburger Small Combo + McNuggets
November 24 - $8: Big Mac Small Combo + Cheeseburger
November 25 - $3: 6pc Chicken McNuggets (first 30,000 sold are free)
November 26 - $6: Quarter Pounder Small Combo (some will get for $4)
November 27 - $3: McChicken
November 28 - $1.50: Cheeseburger
November 29 - $3: 6pc Chicken McNuggets
November 30 - $8: Big Mac Small Combo + Cheeseburger

Update: Image added, thanks to ulcerator

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  • Was wondering how you knew they were going to have McChickens for $3 but see it's in the Facebook video . Also cheeseburger for $1.50 and fries for same price. Recent deals have been more e.g. $4 or I think it was even $5 once?, so I'm happy that they seem to be having good deals again.

    • +1

      Sounds like they are similar to the 30 days Aus deals but higher price.

      $3 McChicken vs $2 McChicken
      $1.50 Cheeseburger vs $0.50 Cheeseburger.

      • +1

        Thanks! In 2018 they were fairly similar to Australia except the price but there were a few days which were different for various reasons e.g. stuff we didn't have or different norms here or unknown reasons. E.g. I expect the 18 nuggets and 2 large fries will just be 20 nuggets here. And the thick shake a milk shake or something else. There should be a similar poster in store here but don't know when or if it will leak.

        Edit looking at the 2019 deals NZ was fairly different from Australia

        Even 2018 wasn't as similar as I remembered vs… . If you can't see NZ see and

        Also possibly I was wrong about the nuggets, it might be 6x2 nuggets with 2 large fries.

        That said the burger only deals are often the same. So possibly it will be $1.50 Cheeseburger on 1st, $3 Big Mac on 3rd and $5 McChicken on 5th

      • +2

        Reminds me of house prices. NZ pays a lot more.

        • +2

          That goes for pretty much anything sadly.

        • +2

          Cost of living in NZ is too expensive. Even for NZ-made staples like milk.

          • +2

            @Avantime: Surely instead of promising tax cuts they should promise a reduction in living costs. Eg. Lower the cost of power, that helps everyone

            • @Foodie: I noticed they seem to like to tax or hike up prices for everything, and offset the extra costs thru increasing social welfare. So non-residents, like intl. students or tourist will pay more, and at the same time keeping residents (or election voters) happy.

              • @The Hound: I never qualify for social welfare, which is my point.
                Find methods that help everyone equally for once

            • @Foodie: The real big issue is lack of competition in the grocery business, and the lack of decent no-frills alternatives to brand name products. We don't have any real cheap grocers like Aldi and Lidl, which have pushed prices significantly downwards in whichever area they expand to. Hopefully Costco will give both Woolworths (previously known as Progressive) and Foodstuffs some much needed competition when they open in 2022.

              Fast food prices isn't that bad however. For example we have ridiculously cheap pizzas compared to overseas, especially if you use Domino's codes.

  • So are Maccas really only going to reveal the deal when it starts each day? Previously they at least showed the deal the day before, or worst case at midnight.

    • +1

      Guess it's not quite 10:30 but definitely fairly late. Anyway today's a small cheeseburger combo for $3.00

      • They like push marketing, or notification pop ups.

  • Today's is McChicken for $3

  • Need another picture of the staff board like last time that showed everything xD

  • +5

    Pic of all deals this month

    • Awesome. Looks like next week Wednesday may have free McChicken to the first so many people since it's highlighted in yellow then again on the 25th November :)

      • Pesky cup in the way for the deal on 25th

        • Probably filet o fish or quarter pounder.

      • +1

        yes definety a free McChicken!
        Damn Cup!!! im guessing chicken McNuggets for the 25th

    • Legend!

    • +1

      wow thanks! i've updated the post where i can identify from that picture.

  • +2

    $1.50 cheeseburgers today.

  • +1

    i have a $4 big mac combo!, looks like some people will get a cheaper price today, 18th and 26th of this month.

    • Showing as $6 for my account, as a daily deal. I did not redeem last week's free big mac, gee maybe that's why, lol.

      • Weird once I logged on it now shows as $6, possibly targeted

    • +3

      I got the $4 option too. My workmate got the $6. My first guess is it's because he redeemed for the free Big Mac the other day and I didn't. But YMMV.

      • +1

        You get $1 cheeseburger today?

        • +1

          $1.50 for me, and the workmate too who I mentioned up there ^

  • McChickens are so boring, chicken, lettuce, mayo, glad it was free :D was hoping for a quarter pounder deal one day.

    • Deal ended sometime between 2.40 and 4.20. Guess the after school crowd again and it wasn't much longer than the Big Mac or was even shorter.

      IMO the McChicken is probably McDonald NZ's best burger. Fillet o fish is maybe the second. Quarter pounders are so boring. Big Macs at least have a somewhat unusual sauce even if it's easy to buy nowadays and plenty of burger chains have clones.

      • I suspect (since last week's free big macs) that once the time reaches 1500 hours, they just flip the switch to disable the free burgers offer :D

        • Although I think technically the T&C allows them to end it at any time, I can't imagine it's worth the strife to them to advertise a deal as being for 30000 but always ending it at 1500. (I saw an advert when I opened the Stuff app so it isn't just Facebook+app either.) They could just advertise it as whichever comes first. Must be just the lunch crowd combined with too many school kids and their caregivers popping in after school.

          I have noticed that they seem to stop advertising the deal on the app main page at 2pm or so, even before it has ended. This could be time or could be number already sold.

    • It's boring because it's not real chicken ;-)

    • +1

      Try adding ketchup & cheese to make it banger.

  • +1

    This isn't to do with the daily deals but since it's something in the app, has anyone noticed Deal Mail before? They seem to give you an option of 4 deals and you can choose one. Frankly the deals aren't very good (IMO) but I'm sure they aren't meant to compete with the daily deals. I spoke to some friends and not all of them have it (so it's targeted) and some of them have different deals, as you might expect…………

  • Looks like the $1 Cheeseburger is probably not limited to certain people, unless there's a bug. For me, it shows both a $1 and $1.50 coupon. I spoke to others with and they all have the same thing. All logged in to accounts. So I'm thinking everyone may get 2 coupons, so you could treat it like 2 cheese burgers for $2.50. Sort of makes sense since except for the first week where it was Tuesday, Wednesday seems to be their special deal day. Other times it was a freebie for first 30k, this time it's 2 coupons, one is a extra special price (for NZ).

    Be warned though that unless they fixed it in the past 2 weeks or so, you cannot add two coupons to the same order on a kiosk, even completely different coupons. It asks you if you want to replace the existing one. However they seemed to have fixed the old flaw where once you scanned the coupon, it was marked as used even if you didn't choose to replace so if you do this, you probably just have to finish your order and start another one and within 3 minutes and it'll be fine.

    • Only have the $1.50 option. I think once you claim the $1 coupon the other $1.50 will disappear. No 30,000 limit as targeted anyway. Just do new order to use more than one coupon is one way to get around trying to input more than one.

      • Yeah I was mostly wrong. Checked at around 8 am and still had two coupons but now without redeeming anything it's only one, the $1 one. So seems it was a bug. Whether there was any chance to redeem both, I dunno.

    • That whole no 2 coupon thing is annoying.

      You can just do separate orders at the kiosks but sometimes the zealots in the drive through wont allow 2 coupons off the same app even if they are separate orders.

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