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Dell S3422DWG 34" Curved Gaming Monitor S3422DWG $675.35 (Save $363.65, 35% off) @ Dell


VA panel - decent ultrawide with USB hub if you don't mind the panel.

Rtings review - https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/dell/s3422dwg

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    $628.08 if you take advantage of this

  • big difference between this and the xiaomi one?

    • usb upstream, led lights and you can control the monitor with the software from dell, good to create keyboard shortcuts to switch the video input, but for me the most important is warranty, the xiaomi one is from an AU marketplace

  • This seems like a great deal but all I see online when this monitor is suggested is "shame its a VA panel" - can someone explain? The rtings review is excellent

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      Both VA and IPS panel technologies have their pros and cons. VA panels have narrower viewing angles which make them generally unsuitable for huge screens but VA generally have higher pixel response time making them good for gaming.

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      VA panels have faster response time compare to IPS but unless you really are playing competitively at 144hz or more you are not going to notice any difference. IPS have the best picture quality and a huge viewing angle, most premium monitor/laptop panels are IPS, they are more expensive but offer much better picture quality, for a regular gamer/office worker the quicker response time isn't that noticeable.

      Bottom line is price, if you can afford same size same resolution IPS panel then you should, but if money is a concern then you could conside VA panels or a smaller IPS panel.
      I have seen a top of the line large curved VA monitor from computer lounge, the bigger the panel the more you notice the narrow viewing angles, if you are seriously considering VAs you should check them out in store, play a youtube video then pay attention to the viewing angle, if that's not an issue for you then go for it.

    • I believe IPS panels also get a lot of reflections in bright conditions - which VA doesnt, and VA typically produces deeper blacks and has better contrast (IPS can often seem saturated / artificially bright) but yes viewing angles are much more limited. Definitely good idea to do your own research comparing the panels for whatever you need it for :)

  • Trying to decide between this and the Xiaomi 34 curved monitor.

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      Yeah difficult one. Both seem pretty good, good build quality, and close in specs. Although on paper it doesn't always mean much compared to how it performs, you can run a quick specs comparison here below. Few things I've noted different between them from what I've read, depends if it matters to you:

      Dell has USB ports, Xiaomi doesnt
      Dell has HDR, Xiaomi doesn't
      Dell has speakers, Xiaomi doesn't
      Xiaomi has a 1500R curvature i.e. Slightly more curved than Dell which has 1800R. The lower the number, the more curve it has closer to match the human eye
      The Xiaomi tilts left and right on the vertical, the Dell doesn't. Both have up and down tilt and height adjustment
      Apparently Xiaomi uses Super VA panel for better viewing angles, vs Dell VA panel, but haven't seen that actually confirmed by Xiaomi


      • I have both, none have speakers

        • Thanks for correcting, what do you think between them both, much difference or preference?

        • Is the difference in curve very noticeable and which do you prefer?

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          the dell have a less aggressive curve and because of that looks bigger, has leds, better warranty, better inputs, integration with windows, in terms of quality they look the same to me even Dell having HDR400.
          The downside for Dell is the delivery time, be prepared to wait 1 month at the very least… also if you have a bright room with lots of windows stay away from VA panels

      • One of the guys has had both and prefers the Xiaomi:

        Really depends what you're after, I can attest that the Mi 34 has a really good solid build quality.
        My only annoyance is they didn't use joystick controls for the OSD but rather buttons. But I don't use those much so not too much of a biggie

        • I have a monitor without joystick control, the only reason I would ever use them was to change brightness and contrast, however you can do that digitally through the app drawer in win10 using ClickMonitorDDC https://clickmonitorddc.en.softonic.com/

  • Anyone managed to receive S3422DWG monitor after purchasing through Dell website last month?

    I've ordered mine on 25/11/21. Recently sent an email enquiry in regards to my order status, and customer care came back with the following update:


    "We are currently experiencing supply constraints on this order. Rest assured, our extended team is striving hard to recover the supplies , Part short HH13J(ASSY,BASE,DIS,S3422DWG,ANZ)x1.

    I have also placed an expedite request to prioritize this order once we recover the supplies.

    Currently we do not have stock fulfillment ETA available for this order."


    Sounds like I might not receive the monitor this year.

    PBTech also sells the same Dell monitor at higher price tag : $998.99, but at least they actually have physical stock in NZ (new arrival):

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