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Sennheiser PXC 550-II ANC AptX Bluetooth Headphones $218.98 Shipped @ PB Tech


This is a record breaking deal according to the pricespy so really a good chance if you want to have a nice ANC headphone.

This is quite a competitor of Sony WH-1000XM3, Bose QC35 while price is much cheaper.

Here is the nice comparison of Sony WH-1000XM3 and PXC550-II:

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  • What’s everyone’s vibe on this. I’ve been hovering over that add to cart button since this sale started

    • Me too, I'm not sure how good this headphone is.

    • I don't know a think about this one, but the sony one Ive used extensively and I love it.

      • I love Sennheiser gear and have their wired on ear momentum style. Hard to get solid on ear gear these days.

        Had a very natural sound as a brand, but some can find that flat and boring compared to say the bass focussed beats etc.

        Loving the reports that they are comfortable with glasses.

        • +1

          I just wrote up a comment at the bottom on my experience with the original pxc 550. Not a bad bit of kit and definitely a good buy for this much. Ultimately the Sony's are better to me but it's up to you guys if you think the extra features are worth the extra cash.

          Working from home now though I just use Samson sr850 wired phones and a cheap condenser mic through a behringer interface for work instead and considering that set up cost less than these I find it sounds better both in and out and is totally faultless, but it's crap if you need to move away from the desk or have noise cancelling.

  • No LDAC/HWA or equivalent.

    • This supports BT 5.0 while Sony has BT 4.2. LDAC/HWA is only Sony/Huawei compatible codecs which will only make sense to someone who owns Sony mobile/laptop(?).

      • HWA isn't Huawei specific and the version number has no bearing on the quality as you will be using AAC or SBC codec most of the time.

  • These great have had mine for many years and NC is great, mic is good. Can't fault them. Only annoyance is use of micro USB instead of usbc

  • So I had the original pxc550 and honestly for this price I couldn't fault them. I now have the Sony wh-1000 xm4 and my partner has the xm3.

    The Sonys are a nicer pair of headphones and definitely have the better noise cancelling. They also offer quick charging from usb c. They are a bit heavy in the bass so need reigning in on the eq a bit if that's not to your taste.

    The sennheisers do have one feature I miss and that is audio over usb on a pc, it was decent quality and very reliable so when your battery died you could just plug in the usb cable. But quick charging on the Sony's really compensates for not having this. Would have been a better feature if they had usb c though as the micro usb port always feels weak if you forget they are plugged in.

    The only faults with the sennys was I had problems with teams/Skype calls at work over Bluetooth, nothing wrong when using them with the usb cable but wireless they tended to cut out after about 20 minutes in to a call. The Sonys don't do this and a couple of colleagues had similar problems with them.

    The carry case is ok but not great, it'll keep them best and tidy and stop scuffs but it's not the best case around.

    Eventually I had to return mine as they developed a problem charging where they either wouldn't charge at all or would die after only a couple of hours. I found this the day my 3 year extended warranty ran out so rushed to return them and decided I would stump up to get the Sony's instead as they were just all around better performer.

    These were a fantastic first pair for me as I didn't know for sure how much I'd use them in the office, but with regularly wearing them for 4 or more hours a day I could justify the extra spend on better headphones.

    • Oh true, I used mine recently on teams and mic/audio always cutout on these. Seems to Thought that was a me issue.

      Also seems to have like 2 or 3 device listing a in audio on windows 10 so bit confusing.

      • I got to the bottom of it in the end but it wasn't fixable, seems like it is something along the lines of the device has headphone and head set modes (the sonys also have the same thing as do most bluetooth devices I've tried). It not jsut us, multiple people in my office have these and most have reported the problem.

        When listening to music you are in headphone mode which offers good quality stereo sound, when a call comes in they trip in to headset mode, the audio quality takes a massive hit when the mic is turned on. My assumption is they can't handle more than two channels over bluetooth so headphone mode is stereo channels in and headset mode is a mono channel in and a mono channel out from the mic to enable two way audio. Listen to music in headset mode and you can hear how bad it sounds. This is why it lists multiple devices as an option in windows and if you look at your sound settings when on a call it swapped itself over to the appropriate device then takes a second to switch back when you hang up. If I use another microphone not on the headphones I can take calls in the headphone mode without any issue. I think the sennys had a habbit of tripping themselves out of headset mode after a certain time which is consistent with the behaviour I was getting with teams.

        Also worth noting, if you use certain web based calling services like zendesk these just don't work at all for calls. They never receive the signal to switch to headset mode so the mic just never enables. This is the same even using the usb cable for audio and apparently the sonys are the same. I got the sonys with the intention to get a 3.5mm boom mic off aliexpress if I was forced in to using that platform but I don't think that's happening now.

  • I got these. They are good for the price but I have a few issues with them. They will not connect correctly to my work laptop. Micro USB. You can't turn off the power if using a wired connection and if the power gets low it will yell in ya ear "power low recharge headset" eventually the power runs out and you can use the headset with a flat battery but it is so annoying using the wire when the battery gets flat. Preferred my back beat pros.

    • There is a way to turn off the voice prompts and Trowbridge it with subtle beeps. But it's all or nothing so you lose feedback on Etsy mode you are in too.

  • Tempted, these have low latency codec support which is the biggest feature missing on my Sony xm3's

  • Any recommendations for a wired headset? Currently using Sennheiser HD 380 pro and looking at Sennheiser HD 569

    $160 or under would be good. They'll be attached to my computer 98% of the time. For everything else I have the Edifier TWS 1 Pro earphones which do a good enough job.

    • Curious why you want to replace the hd 380? If you need a mic on them a mod mic could be a good option to keep the better headphones or a usb mic on the desk.

      I stopped using my Sony ANC phones at home and just use a pair of $50 Samson sr850 from Ali express with a boom arm mic. It's overkill for work but the sound is good and much better than I think a $170 headsets would offer.

      • No major reason. Just seeing if there’s a worthy upgrade (sound wise) out there at a low price. Just got new earpads for the HD380s from Sennheisier but they’re nowhere near as good as the Brainwavz version I had on em prior. Only issue with the Brainwavz is that they start peeling after 14 months.

    • +1

      Just FYI the 569 are today's pb tech daily deal and bang on your budget. I'm very tempted myself to replace the old Samson's as I think the sennys will be more comfortable for an 8 hour day and a bit more balanced than my Sony xm4s.

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